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electionlineWeekly — October 19, 2017

Table of Contents

 VIII. Available RFPs

Election Modernization Project
The Office of the Secretary of State is looking for a vendor to develop a new voter registration and election management system. The secretary of state’s office and the 39 counties have collaborated to define requirements for a statewide EMS that meets or exceeds the requirements of Washington State stakeholders.

Although currently stable and secure, Washington’s system is over ten years old and needs to be modernized in order to meet the challenges that we face today. Our current system challenges include:

  • Limited ability to exchange data between elections and voter registration applications;
  • Limited ability to address redundancy of data;
  • Limited ability to synchronize our data between all systems and our 39 counties;
  • Limited ability to adapt to changes in law or needs;
  • Limited capabilities of both the hardware and software;
  • Limited ability to offer access to services and information online and on mobile devices
  • Multiple election management solutions/systems at the local / county level; and
  • Ability to set up and proof an election in multiple systems without having to enter data multiple times (WEI, EMS, online, ballot-on-demand)

Deadline: Wednesday, November 1 at 5pm Pacific.

Ballot Delivery Services for UOCAVA Voters
The Colorado Department of State (CDOS) is soliciting proposals to select a Contractor to provide a web-based ballot delivery system for Colorado military and overseas voters secure and reliable online access to their full precinct-specific ballot which they can use to vote. Deadline to submit is 11 a.m. Mountain Time on October 27.