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electionlineWeekly — November 9, 2017

Table of Contents

 VIII. Tech Thursday

National Tech: U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) released a new Civic Data and Hosted Systems Products and Services website: http://civicdata.usvotefoundation.org. The new site enables civic tech developers, voter outreach organizations, and elections specialists to review and request access to the datasets and systems that US Vote offers.

The datasets include Election Dates and Deadlines, State Voting Requirements, Local Election Official Contact data, and Voting Methods and Options. The site also presents US Vote’s custom Hosted Systems Solutions, widely used for overseas voter outreach.

“This new civic data site will streamline the systems, data and API requests we receive. We enjoy working closely with new developers and encouraging innovation in civic engagement and outreach. The new site is a way to exponentially expand our reach to US citizens at home and abroad,” said Josh Greenbaum, Chief Technology Officer, US Vote.

US Vote qualifies every licensee to confirm that their purpose aligns with US Vote’s mission: Every Citizen is a Voter. A new developer starter package is also being offered. Qualified developers are supported directly by US Vote.

[Editor’s Note: Democracy Fund, which provides funding for electionLine.org, provided a network grant to U.S. Vote Foundation in 2015 for a Civic Data API Extension and Voter Alerts Project]

Arizona: City and state government officials have told The Arizona Republic that Russian hackers didn’t target the state’s statewide voter registration database, they actually targeted the Phoenix library.