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electionlineWeekly — November 16, 2017

Table of Contents

III. Election Day 2017

Kansas: As happens in every major election, one contest in Kansas came down to coin toss. In the Mission Woods council race two candidates tied with 35 votes apiece. Even after provisional ballots were added, the contest remained deadlocked leading to the coin flip. Tails was the winning side.

Also in Kansas, polling places experienced problems scanning driver’s licenses on the state’s e-poll book system. Apparently the scanners cannot read the barcodes in the state’s new Real ID licenses.

Maine: More than a week after the election, a set of dentures left in a Portland voting booth still have not been claimed. City Clerk Katherine Jones is beginning to wonder if they really are someone’s dentures or if it was just a practical joke.

Michigan: Anita Belle, a candidate in last week’s Detroit election, has filed suit in the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan claiming that absentee ballots were not processed correctly and they are therefore susceptible to election rigging.

Ohio: Secretary of State Jon Husted is ordering the Mahoning County board of elections to conduct a formal review of what went wrong when a mistake led to more than 6,000 early vote ballots being double counted. In a letter to the board members, Husted wrote the report “must document how the tabulation error occurred and what steps the board plans to implement to ensure that a similar error is not repeated and that the media and the public are notified of any amended unofficial election results.”

Oregon: In Lane County, election staff had to be sent out to two drop boxes to retrieve ballots that people had tried to stuff into the drop boxes after they were locked at 8 pm on election night. “We certainly have the boxes locked,” County Clerk Cheryl Betschart, told Oregon Public Broadcasting. “I’m not sure why they tried to stuff them in there.”

Pennsylvania: It took 22 county workers five hours, but York County has completed its review of 59,000 ballots. The review was prompted by a voting machine error that would have allowed voters to cast their ballot for more than one candidate in a race. In addition, an outside auditor is doing an independent verification of the recount. The county hopes to announce the final results next week.

Utah: In Utah County, Clerk/Auditor Bryan Thompson had to have staff fill in ovals on ballots after a write-in candidate provided pre-printed stickers with his name and an oval filled in for voters to attach to their mail ballots. On election night, the machines could not read the ballots with the stickers so Thompson had staff fill them in.

Virginia: While Election Day in Virginia went off with relatively few issues controversy is swirling after the fact in Stafford County after the county board of elections refused to count 55 late-arriving absentee ballots in a House race that is separated by 82 votes. The Democratic caucus of the House of Delegates has filed suit.