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electionlineWeekly — December 7, 2017

Table of Contents

 IV. Legislative Updates

Florida: State Rep. Cord Byrd filed a bill Wednesday that allows those who’ve served prison and probation sentences for felonies to seek to have their voting rights restored by petitioning judges instead of waiting for clemency from the governor.

Georgia: The House Science and Technology Committee heard testimony from three election system vendors as the Legislature considers replacing the state’s aging voting equipment. There is no timeline for replacing the equipment.

Guam: A bill that would have eliminated primaries on Guam for cost-saving reasons was defeated 9 to 4 with two senators excused.

Kentucky: Sen. Reginald Thomas has pre-filed a bill that would allow in-person early voting for three Saturdays preceding any primary, general or special election. Under this legislation, county clerks will designate a location within his or her office where the early voting ballots shall be cast privately and secretly. The county board of elections, with approval of the State Board of Elections, may establish other locations in which the voters may execute their early voting ballots with approval and public notice.

Tennessee: The Memphis City Council voted unanimously to seek a referendum in 2018 to amend the city charter to repeal instant runoff election. Voters first approved ranked choice voting (by 71 percent) in 2008.

North Dakota: According to the Grand Forks Herald, the city council will wait another two weeks to decide on where voters will vote in 2018. The vote was tabled in order to give councilmembers who were not able to be at the meeting this week a chance to vote.