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electionlineWeekly — December 28, 2017

Table of Contents

I. In Focus This Week

The List
What’s In & Out in election administration for 2018

You’ve waited all year for it, so without further ado, here is electionlineWeekly’s annual list of what’s in and what’s out in election administration for 2018.

And as always, a hat-tip to The Washington Post that began its version of The List 40 years ago in 1978 and inspired us to start ours.

Happy New Year!

Out: Elections that are decided by one vote
In: Elections that are tied

Out: Older OVR systems or outdated registration systems
In: Pushing for enhanced motor voter, dare we call it automated registration

Out: Automatic Voter Registration at the DMV
In: Automatic Voter Registration at birth

Out: No-paper record DREs
In: Paper ballots ("back to the future")

Out: Worries about individual fraudsters (although of course not entirely out) 
In: Worries about nation-state bad actors

Out:  USPS
In:  24-hour ballot boxes

Out: Sexual harassers in office 
In: Renewed interest in special election and vacancies--what are the rules, precisely?

Out: Cybersecurity as an election issue just for experts
In: Cybersecurity as an election issue for everyone

Out: Election geeks pulling their hair out on Election Day
In: Election geeks wanting to use the same hair stylist as Dr. Charles Stewart & Brian Corley 

Out: Election Day
In: Election Season

Out: DREs
In: Tablets as ballot marking devices

Out: Paper petitions
In: eSign electronic petition app.

Out: Voting systems with proprietary technology
In: Voting systems using off the shelf technology

Out: Louisiana state election commissioner Angie Rogers
In: Louisiana state election commissioner Sherri Hadskey

Out: Delivering ballots by mail
In:  Delivering ballots electronically

Out: Amateur DIY electiongeekery
In: MIT Election Data and Science Lab

Out: Presidential candidates making unsubstantiated charges of massive voter fraud
In: Presidents making unsubstantiated charges of massive voter fraud

Out: Bearing full cost of unbudgeted special election.
In: Counties ask state to reimburse for special election or seek ways to reduce costs of special election.

Out: Worrying what the Presidential Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity will do
In: Wondering what the heck PACEI is doing

Out: Utah state election director Mark Thomas
In: Utah state election director Justin Lee

Out: Complaining that no one does risk-limiting audits (RLA)
In: Complaining that your jurisdiction, not Colorado, did the first RLA

Out: Boring #electiongeek Twitter
In: Wild, GIF-filled #electiongeek Tweets from the likes of Harford County, Md. and Minneapolis, Minn.

Out: Long lines at polling places
In: Better data about lines (of all lengths) at the polls

Out: Election officials adroitly avoiding engaging their social media friends on the politics of the 2016 elections.
In: Election officials adroitly avoiding engaging their social media friends on the politics of the 2018 elections.

Out: Voters regretting not voting in an election that ends in a tie.
In: Voters remembering the regret and showing up for the 2018 elections.

Out: Ranked-choice voting in Maine and Santa Fe, NM (or maybe not)
In: Ranked-choice voting in Maine and Santa FE, NM (or maybe not)

Out: “I don’t know – ask the IT guy“
In: Election officials as information-system managers

Out: Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro Cortes
In: Acting Secretary Robert Torres

Out: 2017 EAC Chair Matt Masterson
In: 2018 EAC Chair Tom Hicks

In: Email encryption and other cybersecurity vigilance

Out: Early Voting only at permanent locations
In: Early Voting at Mobile Voting Units

Out:  VVSG
In:  VVSG 2.0

Out:  Election Center as NASED Executive Director (with thanks to Doug Lewis and Tim Mattice)
In:  Amy Cohen (and Democracy Works) as NASED Executive Director

A special thanks to all of this year’s contributors: Kim Alexander, Lori Augino, Doug Chapin, Rebecca Connors, Brian Corley, Alton Dillard, Michael Ertel, Michael Haas, Rick Hasen, David Levine, Katy Owens Hubler, Angie Rogers, Stacey Scholl, Charles H. Stewart and Wendy Underhill.