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electionlineWeekly — January 4, 2018

Table of Contents

 V. Legal Updates

California: The City of Redondo Beach plans to file a lawsuit against the state challenging the law that creates uniform dates for elections. Cities, school boards and special districts had had until Jan. 1 to come up with a plan to streamline their elections. Instead of coming up with a plan, the Redondo Beach city council decided to challenge SB 415.

Michigan: Michael Gilmore, a candidate seeking to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Rep. John Conyers has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the 11-month delay in holding a special election to fill the vacant seat is unconstitutional.

In Macomb County, Clerk Karen Spranger has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that three Macomb officials have violated her constitutional rights in a conspiracy with the county’s chief judge, the head of an AFSCME union local and two reporters she claims are biased against her.

Missouri: Cole County Judge Jon Beetum has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and the state’s voter ID law. The suit claimed that the state had not provided enough voter education and poll worker training.

New Jersey: A losing candidate in the Hillside mayoral runoff has filed a suit challenging the election results. The suit alleges that there were errors in the vote count. According to New Jersey Advance Media, the lawsuit alleges illegal votes, destruction of provisional ballots and errors in counting the votes.  The suit alleges at least 18 provisional ballots were stolen by the current mayor, her council or their representatives before they could be counted. In total, the lawsuit questions more than 95 votes and lists the names and addresses of the voters as part of an exhibit.

North Carolina: Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway ordered the Pitt County BOE to certify the election of Ricky Hines to the Winterville Town Council. According to The Reflector, Ridgeway said the county board did not have the authority to revoke a certificate it has previously issued.

North Dakota: U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Miller has granted the plaintiff’s motion to file an amended complaint in the challenge of the state’s voter ID law.

Pennsylvania: An Office of Open Records decision says that state law allows anyone with a valid ID to obtain your voter registration information, but blocks the voter from finding out who’s looking. The decision came after Quincy Twp. Supervisor Kerry Bumbaugh filed a right-to-know request to find out who received copies of the county’s voter registration list in 2017. The county denied the request.

Texas: The Texas Tribune has an article by Alexa Ura on what we can expect in Texas’ voting rights court fights in 2018. It’s a good primer to catch readers up on where we are at this point.