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electionlineWeekly — February 15, 2018

Table of Contents

 VII. Tech Thursday

California: According to Gizmodo, back in January, the Sacramento Bee left more than 19 million voter records exposed online. According to the Bee, a firewall protecting its databased was not restored during routine maintenance. “We take this incident seriously and have begun efforts to notify each of the individuals on the contact list and to provide them resources to help guard against potential misuse of their personal contact information,” the paper said in a statement. “We are also working with the Secretary of State’s office to share with them the details of this intrusion.”

Pennsylvania: Gov. Tom Wolf (D) announced that all counties that plan to replace their electronic voting systems must now purchase voting systems that leave a paper trail. According to the Associated Press, the state is not requiring counties to discard their old equipment. The directive only requires them to buy machines with a paper backup if they decide to switch systems.