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electionlineWeekly — May 10 2018

Table of Contents

 VIII. Tech Thursday

Alaska: According to documents released by Gov. Bill Walker, in 2016, a hacker gained unauthorized access to the server that hosts the state’s public elections website. The documents, obtained by the Anchorage Daily News through a public records request, outline an incident that drew the attention of federal law enforcement but had not been publicly revealed by Alaska election officials.

Maine: The Maine Secretary of State’s Office has updated its website to include information about ranked choice voting in the upcoming June primary. The site includes a FAQs section, a printable fact sheet, an implementation plan, draft rules and sample ballots.

Mississippi: Harrison County has joined a growing list of localities and states relying on texting to keep in touch with voters. Harrison County Circuit Clerk Connie Ladner old WXXV the ‘Reach A Voter’ texting tool will make communication stronger between the county and residents who want to make a difference. “It’s to help increase voter registration and voter participation. It’s so simple to register to vote, but you have to be educated, make the effort to go out to the polls and cast your ballot because your voice is your vote and that’s the ultimate goal, to get people out to the polls June 5th.”