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electionlineWeekly — May 24 2018

Table of Contents

 VII. Tech Thursday

California: A software error has affected approximately 77,000 voter records generated through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Some, although it’s unclear how many, of those 77,000 affected records show a voter being registered more than once. County elections officials are reaching out to the affected voters. "We believe it's fixed," Secretary of State Alex Padilla told The Los Angeles Times. "We feel we have our arms around it. We've rectified it, and we've given proper guidance to the counties."

Tennessee: According to Knox County IT Director Dick Moran, the election night attack on the county’s elections website was an effort to distract the county while another, simultaneous attack was happening behind the scenes assessing county information. The attackers had hacked into a county server and looked around. No personal or confidential information was in the server, only publicly available information like court dockets, Moran told the Knoxville News. Once Sword and Shield, a cyber consultant, found the other attack, they performed, with the county’s permission, a similar attack to see if they could replicate it. They, too, were successful. “They (did it) and brought us right to our knees (even) with all of the resources we had,” Moran told the paper. A patch has been created for the problem.