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electionlineWeekly — June 7, 2018

Table of Contents

VI. Tech Thursday

Cybersecurity: Synack announced Tuesday its offering free crowdsourced remote penetration testing services to state and local governments until November. Synack co-founder Jay Kaplan told CyberScoop the idea came together after a series of meetings with government officials, including top executives at the Department of Homeland Security, that discussed how the private sector could be doing more to ward off digital meddling. After Synack’s services are completed, states and localities can harden their systems based on the test’s results.

California: Yolo County debuted new interactive maps on the county’s elections website this week. The map is a pilot project partnering the elections office with esri, a mapping software and spatial data analytics technology company. Users will be able to click on individual precincts throughout the city and county to view exact vote counts for seven races.

Maryland: The Maryland State Board of Elections had to temporarily pull down the state’s online voter registration system this week on registration deadline day. The system was taken offline after reports slow response on the site.