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electionlineWeekly — June 21, 2018

Table of Contents

V. Legislative Updates

Federal Legislation: Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) have introduced a bill that will amend the National Voter Registration Act to clarify that a state may not use someone’s failure to vote or respond to a state notice as a reason to remove them from active voter rolls.

Michigan: Gov. Rick Snyder has signed legislation into law that will require ballot secrecy sleeves to include the addition of the Libertarian Party, as well as changing ballot voting instructions due to new voting machines.

New Jersey: Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney (R-Bergen) has introduced a bill that would prohibit the use of schools as polling places. Rooney introduced the bill after a poll worker was arrested for possession of heroin during the June 5 primary. “This incident underscores the vulnerability of our schools when used as polling places,” Rooney told the Parsippany Focus. “We don’t need to take unnecessary risks by leaving our doors wide open. This bill is a reasonable and necessary security measure to help protect our students and staff.”

North Carolina: Following party line votes in the House (61-40) and Senate (23-11) a bill that altered early voting schedules, eliminating a popular half-day of voting on the Saturday before an election, was approved by the General Assembly on Friday, less than 48 hours after it was unveiled.

Also in North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper (D) vetoed Senate Bill 486 that would have required background checks on state and county election workers, set parameters for vendors of e-poll books and barred losing primary candidates from switching parties and running as a third-party candidate in the general election. On Wednesday, by a 74-42 vote, the House voted to override Cooper’s veto.