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What to watch November 4
From voter ID to lava, variety of issues to watch on Election Day

Well this is it! We are finally less than a week until the 2014 general election.

Voters are busy casting their final early and absentee ballots, candidates are shaking one last hand and kissing one last baby and elections officials are busy dotting I’s and crossing T’s and planning for every possible contingent.

In our final newsletter before the election (but don’t worry, this isn’t our final newsletter!) we’ll take a look at some things to keep on your radar in the final days leading up to November 4, what to watch for on Election Day and what to watch in the days following the election.

If you’re watching something that’s not on our list, please let us know so we can keep an eye on it and report back next week. Read more…

Feb 17, 2011

Overseas News: Lawmakers: Must troops sue for voting rights?

California: Bill would allow Californians to register online  |  Surprises loom as election debate picks up steam

Colorado: November ballots go through the mail

Guam: Lawmakers ponder possibility of repealing early voting

Hawaii: Instant runoff voting gains traction in Hawaii

Indiana: Grand jury probing vote by White  |  No charges filed in ballot probe

Kansas: Election commissioner forming study committee for voting places

Louisiana: Rep. Walker Hines plans to run for secretary of state

Maine: Bill would require voters to show ID at polls  |  Lawmakers considering bill that would require change in election rules

Maryland: Counties ask for more early voting sites

Nebraska: Vote by mail election gets an 'aye'

New Mexico: Committee vote on voter ID bill postponed  |  Voter ID bill unlikely to pass  |  Feds halt purge of 60K voters

New York: Villages prefer reliable older lever voting machines  |  Croton voters asked to move elections to November

North Carolina: Requiring voter ID: Good or bad for democracy?  |  Opponents speak out against voter ID  |  FSU students lobby against voter ID

Oklahoma: Bill's passage would help military voters

South Carolina: 1,127 voters not counted in Richland in November

Tennessee: Rutherford County elections administrator steps down  |  Walker resigns from post as administrator of elections  | County receives bill for election commission audit

Texas: Commissioners introduce new elections administrator

Virginia: Judge's ruling expands access to Virginian's voting records

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