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Washington launches updated, accessible version of MyVote
Despite possible risks, state makes improvements during presidential election year

Accessible [ak-ses-uh-buh l]; adj.— able to be reached or approached; able to be used or obtained; easy to appreciate or understand

Earlier this month, the Washington Secretary of State’s Office re-launched an updated version of the state’s elections portal MyVote that is mobile-friendly, easy-to-use and importantly, accessible.

The secretary’s office worked with Statewide Disability Advisory Committee, the Washington Talking Book & Braille Library — which is a division of the secretary’s office — elections experts and designers and application developers.

According to Lori Augino, director of elections the secretary’s office had already been hard at work on a modernization effort set to launch in late 2017/early 2018, but with the importance of the 2016 election cycle weighing heavy they decided to move more quickly with some changes. Read more…

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