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Necessity is the mother of invention
Elections bring out creative ideas to get voters registered and to the polls

With Election Day less than two months away and for many states, voter registration deadlines even closer, elections officials and advocacy groups are working hard to get voters registered and then to the polls.

This hard word often comes in the form of some creative ideas. This week, we’ll take a look at just a few of the many creative ways advocacy groups and elections offices are working this year to get out the vote.

A polling place on every corner
In Ada County, Idaho, the county elections office will be rolling out a “food truck” polling place for the first time this cycle to allow early voters to cast their ballots from a number of remote locations throughout the county.

According to Phil McGrane, chief deputy clerk, the initial idea for the mobile polling place came from the need for a back- up solution in the event of an emergency on Election Day. Read more…

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