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The Voting Information Project moves to Democracy Works, Inc.

This week, following a months-long process, The Pew Charitable Trusts and Democracy Works, Inc. announced that Democracy Works will be the new organizational home of the Voting Information Project (VIP). The transition was effective Monday, June 18.

“We are honored to follow The Pew Charitable Trusts as the new stewards of this important program, and excited to build on the work that’s been done for the past 10 years,” said Maria Bianchi. Bianchi previously served as the project manager for VIP within Democracy Works, she will now serve as the program director. “

Democracy Works has been working on VIP since 2014, and Bianchi said Democracy Works is committed to preserving the great partnerships that have been established with states. The experience for participating states will not change. Additionally, the data will continue to be a free resource available through the Civic API.

“In the four years that we have managed the project’s data and technology components, Democracy Works has embraced VIP’s future as our own,” Bianchi said. Read more…

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