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Law & Order: Elections division
A snapshot of the plethora of elections-related litigation

These days, how, when and where people cast a ballot is determined as much by the legal system as it by legislators.

Electionline doesn’t purport to be Rick Hasen’s Election Law Blog or an elections law expert like the folks at the Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University, shoot, electionline doesn’t even have a law degree (although we wonder whether maybe we should), but one thing we can do is read and summarize the news.

And so here is a snapshot of some of the litigation that is currently pending — or has recently been decided — throughout the country.

Obviously in these litigious times there is a lot more out there that we didn’t include, but this should give you an idea of the current legal landscape. Read More…

Apr 29, 2011

Arizona: Awaiting governor's decision, Tucson's mail-in election hangs in the balance

Arkansas: Election commission reviews '10

Colorado: Meyers, clerks present briefs in Gessler case

District of Columbia: Students encounter problems at the polls

Florida: Voter rights' advocates oppose elections bill

Georgia: Kemp: Election changes will help voters, officials

Illinois: Woman denies vote fraud charges

Indiana: Lawmakers drop plan tied to White case  |  Judge won't halt Democrats challenge to Charlie White  |  Highland saves $32K by not holding primary vote  |  Russian visitor sees vote center

Kansas: Brownback signs military voting bill

Louisiana: Schedler: Reduce number of elections

Minnesota: Senate Republicans advance elections ID bill  |  Minn. Senate passes voter ID on party-line vote

New Hampshire: Committee endorses requiring photo ID to vote

New Jersey: Some sample ballots left behind at post office  |  Postal service investigating delay in delivering sample ballots

New York: FBI probes scope of Troy vote fraud case

Ohio: Tuesday special election in Lucas County  |  County won't force voters to wear ponchos at polls

Pennsylvania: Westmoreland buys more voting machines  |  Pike voting machines get a dry run  |  Montco questions voter affiliations

South Carolina: Early voting bill moves forward

Tennessee: Election commission ponders vastly different budgets

West Virginia: Election preparations continue  |  Early voting begins Friday  |  Accessibility reviewed by commissioner, clerk staff  |  Mineral changes polling places for special primary

Wisconsin: Milwaukee County expects to finish recount on time  |  Rock County halfway through recount

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