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Jan 20, 2009

Alabama: Absentee ballots drive Sulligent mayor challenge

Alaska: Voter registration records under review

California: Vote-by-mail balloting becomes more popular

Colorado: Buescher sworn in as secretary of state

Florida: Hillsborough finds uncounted ballots  |  High court wants to hear more about Sarasota election case

Georgia: Voting precincts may be combined

Indiana: Commissioners approve voting machine contract  |  County to tell state vote centers worked well  |  Lake Central election could cost $105,000

Kansas: Kiowa County clerk retires

Minnesota: In Minnesota, another bid for a recount  |  Coleman camp wants one more look at absentee ballots  |  Townships consider election date switches  |  Voters ballots rejected  |  Minnesota officials seek election improvements  |  Senate recount: Franken ratchets up legal fight

Mississippi: Voter ID likely to die in House  |  House proposes voter ID, early voting bill; Hosemann objects

Montana: Secretary of state opposes move to local authority over accessible voting  |  Montana legislation to support post-election audits of voting machines  |  Rep. wants better ID for voter registration  |  Legislative committees mull voting changes

Nebraska: Second Nebraska bill targets same-day registration

Nevada: Nevada district board seat picked by luck of draw

New Mexico: Same-day voter registration advocated by Common Cause

North Carolina: Election winner may be fraud  |  Hearing set for possible voter fraud case  |  Challenge to voting law causes concerns

North Dakota: Bill opposes mail-in voting

Oklahoma: Bill would require funeral directors to report deaths to election board  |  Bill aims to recast elections

Pennsylvania: Votes secure, but machine stolen  |  Elections play big role in woman's life

Rhode Island: Court fight continues on election

Texas: Groups oppose voter ID bill  |  Voter ID issue brings partisan struggle back  |  Texas legislature may ban straight-ticket voting  |  Voter registration problem stop one woman from voting

Virginia: Early voting bill quickly tabled by House, not likely to return  |  Delegates toss early voting, redistricting bills  |  Va. senate panel backs early-voting measure

Washington: Huff to stay in race for elections director  |  King County's first all-mail election  |  Voting starts for vote counter

Wisconsin: State AG drops lawsuit

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