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Monday, 28 November 2016

November 24-28, 2016

National News: Republicans renew push for more voting restrictions | Sessions' Senate career shows mixed record on Voting Rights Act support | U.S. officials defend legitimacy of the voting system | Jill Stein seeks recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania | Secretive push underway to audit key 2016 swing-state vote totals | President-elect makes unfounded claim that 'millions' vote illegally | U.S. officials defend integrity of vote, despite hacking fears

Alabama: 'Selfless servant' honored at retirement reception

Alaska: All absentee ballots counted and accounted for

Arizona: Citizens speak out at county canvass

Arkansas: Election commission certifies election

California: Vote count continues post-election throughout the state | Get ready for new voting system in 2018 | California still ballot counting | Nevada Co. part of an election change pilot program | Santa Clara Co.: Automatic recounts set for 10 election contests | Ballots dwindle as counting nears end | Voter fraud charge 'absurd' says secretary of state | No evidence to back-up claims of widespread voter fraud

Connecticut: Republican registrar of voters will retire after nearly 20 years | Montville registrars set to move

Florida: Voting numbers look promising to election officials | Batman, the Pope received Osceola write-in votes

Georgia: Secretary of state's office certifies results of record-breaking election | County sees fix for slow returns

Guam: GEC prepares for final recount | Handful of ballots remain to be counted

Idaho: Printing issue attributed to delayed election results | Secretary of state reflects on Election Day as a poll worker

Illinois: Rezin proposes voter registration legislation

Kansas: JoCo election office says recount leaves vote unchanged

Kentucky: Vote-buying allegations were determined to be unfounded

Louisiana: Low turnout for first day of early voting

Michigan: Michigan elections official casts doubt on vote-hacking concerns | Michigan prepping for potential hand recount of 4.8M presidential votes | Secretary of state's office responds to talk of potential election hacking | Michigan election director: No evidence of hack | Michigan GOP ready for statewide recount of votes in presidential election

Minnesota: Woman charged with voter fraud | Early voting challenged Hubbard Co. auditor's office | Small marking on ballot may change local election's outcome | Coin toss still doesn't settle election contest | Absentee voting numbers up in region

Mississippi: 1.2M voted in Miss., 560 lacked photo ID at polls

Nevada: Three from Nevada tribes win awards for fight for voting rights

New Hampshire: Hudson officials praise voting process

New Jersey: Poll worker saw big changes in 70 years on job

New York: Rockland's GOP election chief may be out of job | State Assemblyman found guilty of ballot tampering

North Carolina: Advocacy groups join fray over NC governor votes | Election canvass delayed due to DMV registrations | Watauga Co. election results official, no changes | Governor's race battle slows Buncombe election results | State officials in limbo over McCrory protest until Durham produces documents | App State students may play role in voting rights fight | Republicans claim 43 voters are ineligible felons. Many of them aren't | McCrory will withdraw recount demand if Durham votes recounted | State board of elections hosts emergency meeting | SBOE could consider key ballot appeal this week | Elections officials: Need more than a news release to act on McCrory's recount deal | Election board to hear case of double voting | Despite massive early voting figure, overall turnout down slightly | Election protest in Bladen Co., Part Deux | State GOP seeks Durham Co. absentee ballot signatures | Canvass adds 198 votes | State elections board agrees to hold hearing on GOP appeal | NCSBOE wants more info before ruling | New Hanover commission race set for recount | Carteret Co. BOE expected to finalize election this week | Durham ballots caught up in statewide recount issue

North Dakota: Kathy Jaeger, wife of ND secretary of state, dies

Ohio: Election board raises pay approves provisional ballots | Trumbull Co. certifies election, gives day and a half off | Cuyahoga Co. certifies election | Tied race determined by chance

Oklahoma: Norman to proceed with February election

Oregon: Oregon's voter participation is impressive--but it's not Minnesota

Pennsylvania: Recount will take place in Wisconsin; Pa. deadline next

Rhode Island: RI State Police: No crime committed in Mattiello race

South Carolina: SC voter-law oddity allows undocumented address change

Texas: Phillips set to lead elections office | Tarrant Co. election official leaving, heading back to Denton | Tight legislative race gets another recount Monday

Utah: After an unusual election, lawmakers draft pile of bills seeking to make changes | Growth prompts record election year | Some Utah counties had record-breaking turnout

Vermont: Secretary of state's office to audit election results from 6 towns

Virginia: Surovell: Expand early voting now in Northern Virginia | Smyth Co. conclude canvass | Board of elections certifies results

Washington: Connecting the arrow on your ballot a thing of the past for Pierce Co. voters Whitman Co. auditor's office still counting votes | E-Day at the election-central 'beehive'

Wisconsin: LeMahieu: Election hacking claims unlikely | Historic recount will have to move quickly | Here's why some votes won't be counted in Wisconsin | Elections commission to hold special meeting Monday | Jill Stein files for recount in Wisconsin | Elections officials see no proof of hacking | Election officials expected to discuss voter recount timeline | Election recount starts this week | Recount expected to start Thursday| Election officials prepare for statewide recount

Wyoming: Recount cost $3,900

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

November 23, 2016

(Editor’s Note: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, electionlineToday will not publish on November 24 and 25, but will return on Monday, November 28 with all the news. Happy Thanksgiving!)

National News: Clinton has grounds to challenge election results, activists say

Alabama: State leader pushes for early voting in upcoming legislature | Upgrades improve usefulness of secretary of state website | Judge declares signature requirement unconstitutional for short special elections

Alaska: Final votes to be counted today

California: Statewide vote count continues post-election | 2016 election set record for highest ever SF voter turnout | San Diego Co. vote count slowing as more tedious phase begins | 7 races in Santa Clara headed for automatic recount

Colorado: Republicans again dissent from certifying Boulder Co. election

Florida: State leaders certify general election results | Call for costly redo of PBC state senate race now before judge

Georgia: Georgia confirms record-setting voter turnout this year

Guam: Vote gap narrows

Hawaii: State high court to hear election complaint

Illinois: State group rejects District 204 polling place ban request

Indiana: Democrat sues over election results | Some Carmel parents express concern about Election Day polls at schools

Kansas: Statistician to discuss voting machine irregularities

Kentucky: AG selects counties for post-election audits | BOE certifies results

Louisiana: Recall Mike Yenni group loses lawsuit for closer access to polls

Maryland: Ballot counting ends in Queen Anne's Co.

Nevada: Nevada closing the books on election results with canvass

New Hampshire: Recount upends results

New Mexico: A convicted felon's first vote

New York: Commissioner post remains in play | Ballots still need to be counted in two Senate races | Bronx pol pleads guilty to absentee ballot scheme

North Carolina: Forsyth elections canvass continues | Durham Co. reviews more election protests | Felon voter protest fails on no-show | Craven Co. vote totals awaiting three protests | McCrory files for statewide recount | Civitas Institute leader sues to halt tally of same-day registration votes | State board to counties: Keep counting | BOE pulls convicted felon's ballot | Area election protests dismissed, withdrawn | Scouts help on Election Day | Election canvass finalized with few changes

Ohio: Stark Co. BOE makes election official | Elections boards scrambling to finish vote counts

Oklahoma: Tulsa Co. BOE has several unclaimed items from Election Day | State 'obliterated' records for early and mail-in voting

Pennsylvania: Springdale judge of elections charged with misdemeanor | Pa. House candidates take ballot fight to election board

Rhode Island: RI state police wrapping up mail ballot investigation | Ballot count is in, but issues remain in RI House race

Texas: Officials tabulate returns a third time | Texas, rights groups prepare for voter ID showdown | Democratic state lawmakers want automatic voter registration

U.S. Virgin Islands: 2016 election certified

Utah: Recount expected in House race | Some Utah counties had record-breaking voter turnout

Vermont: Recount a dead heat so far | Result in ballot recount raises questions about process

Washington: Thousands of new ballots counted each day in Snohomish Co.

Wisconsin: Discrepancies in unofficial Outagamie Co. election results explained | At least 399 votes not counted because voter did not have proper ID | State officials say all counties have reported election totals | Recount requested in Senate race | Medina town clerk resigns | Few provisional ballots cast, counted in Wisconsin

Wyoming: Recount confirms result | Bill would let voters become 'permanent absentee' voters

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

November 22, 2016

(Editor's Note: Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, electionlineToday will not publish on Thursday, November 24 and Friday November 25. We'll return with all the news on Monday, November 28. Happy Thanksgiving!).

National News: Hundreds of thousands of Americans cast a ballot without voting for a presidential candidate

Alabama: Commissioners vote to offset election costs

Arkansas: County hoping for voting machine funding

Arizona: Supervisors consider canvass Tuesday | Arizona not alone in being perceived as slow ballot-counting state | Fewer Maricopa provisional ballots rejected this election

California: Santa Cruz Co. election ballots whittled down, some results shift | 76 percent of Alameda Co. voters turned out this election | Ballots still being counted in Orange Co. | Tuteur: 20K ballots still need counting | Updated Nevada Co. election numbers will be released Wednesday | Why California takes so darn long to count its votes | Record number of San Francisco voters cast ballots | Campbell City prepares for possible special election | Election count: No changes as only provisional ballots remain | County continues counting ballots | Big update brings races closer to closure

Florida: Write-in votes for non-qualified candidates wasted in Florida

Guam: Election commission to hand-tabulate ballots

Illinois: Winnebago Co. voting machines get double checked | GOP files voter registration bill

Kansas: County clerk explains election delay | Recount underway | Elections official explains potential special election

Massachusetts: Early voting popular, stressful election addition

Minnesota: St. Paul PAC formed to repeal ranked-choice voting for mayor in 2017 | State-mandated hand count confirms election results

Mississippi: Hosemann: State has 'turned page' with elections | 1.2M voted in Mississippi, 560 lacked photo ID at polls

Nevada: Washoe Co. registrar recounts votes, outcome the same

New Hampshire: Recount up in the air

New York: Albany Co. Dems looking for a new elections commissioner

North Carolina: Durham Co. moves forward with second election protest hearing | North Carolina criticized for potential voter suppression | Legislature could revisit election laws in wake of McCrory loss | Election protest filed | BOE review finds 339 ineligible felons who voted. Will their votes count? | Post-election mayhem in North Carolina | NCSBOE takes Bladen Co. protest, not others | Cumberland Co. BOE votes 2-1 to dismiss complaints | Election officials seek advice on pending ballots | Mired in protests, Durham board still counting | Questions raised at Rowan Co. certifies election

Ohio: Hundreds of provisional ballots may swing race

Oklahoma: Election Day lost and found | City election hits state-mandated snag

Oregon: America's first test of automatic voter registration has mixed results

Pennsylvania: Election board hopes to finish review today

Rhode Island: Secretary of state seeks study on election improvements | In recount, 208 votes lost, and then found

Tennessee: Hamilton Co. election officials certify 2016 vote

Texas: Brown Co. reports record number of voters | Paxton, U.S. spar over intent of voter ID law | DOJ: Texas voter ID law intentionally discriminates | Fate of Texas ID law may hinge on incoming administration | Three election office employees leave amid Election Day issues

U.S. Virgin Islands: Losing candidates again sue to stop election certification

Vermont: Secretary of state to audit election in six towns

Washington: Presidential ballot snubbed by more than 11 percent of state voters

West Virginia: Former secretary of state fondly remembered following weekend death

Wisconsin: US court overturns Wisconsin legislative maps | Man accused of sexually assaulting poll worker on Election Day

Wyoming: Murray says voting went well on Election Day

Monday, 21 November 2016

November 19-21

National News: Could Russia have actually hacked the election? | Rep. John Lewis looks back on the struggle for voting rights | MALDEF's Thomas Saenz talks civil rights

Alabama: Voter fraud case in Alabama shaped Sessions career

Arizona: Newly elected AZ Latino pledges to fix voting issues, access | Apache Co. closes in on final vote tallies | Phoenix mayor eyes secretary of state run in 2018 | Most Pima provisional ballots validated; counting continues | ASU campus opens voting precinct

Arkansas: Holiday limits early voting in runoff

California: County continues counting | Pasadena forum on non-citizen voting rights | Passage of San Francisco measure authorizing noncitizens to vote in school board elections spawns movement in Pasadena | SF vote counters pushing to finish by Thanksgiving

Colorado: Unaffiliated turnout lagged | Colorado crushes national turnout averages but mail ballots aren't a huge factor

Connecticut: Canton voting precinct picked for post-election audit | State to probe wide disparities in same day registration counts | Ansonia registrars want polling places and voting wards reduced to streamline elections

Florida: Machine problems delay recount | Report: Felon voted illegally from jail

Georgia: Cost of election still unknown to county officials

Illinois: New citizens relish chance to vote

Kansas: Johnson Co. Dems seek answers for election night delays

Louisiana: Jefferson Parish voter registrar may recuse himself in recall effort

Maine: South Portland recount confirms winner | Officials move in and correct vote count | Voter turnout highest in years | More Mainers voter on referendums than presidential election

Massachusetts: Early voting popular in Dover and Sherborn | Early voting deemed a success in Valley | Falmouth precincts selected as part of post-election audit

Michigan: On-campus voter turnout up, registration down from 2012 | Williams Twp bids farewell to retiring clerk

Minnesota: Rosemount voter turnout higher than state average | Voter turnout at a 12-year high in Washington Co. | Voters return high number of mail-in ballots | Election costs Douglas Co. 158 hours of OT

Missouri: St. Charles election director investigating potential ballot error

Nevada: Tribal plaintiffs in voting rights suit to be given award from state

New Hampshire: Governor-elect 'would love to do away with' same-day voter registration | Secretary of state completes recount

New Jersey: Election long over, ballots finally counted

New York: Dems vote to replace elections official who claimed voter fraud | Di Blasio appeals for support in pushing Albany on voting reform

North Carolina: Elections board says 'no' to recount | More election protests filed in Durham | McCrory campaign request on election complaint review rejected--for now | Things to know about the GOP election complaints | Election officials considering consolidation of vote fraud complaints | Cleveland Co. board to hear felon voter fraud case | Brunswick elections board postpones canvass | State elections board to address complaints at Tuesday meeting | Forsyth elections board rejects additional complaints | Statewide election complaints reach into Gaston Co.| Craven Co., like many others, still counting | NC motor vehicles: Don't blame us for vote-count delay

North Dakota: Election results certified with nearly 350K ballots cast

Ohio: 42 duplicate provisional ballots tossed | Proposal would remove uncontested races from ballots

Oklahoma: Inactive voters turned out for election

Pennsylvania: Spanish translation assistance at Hazleton polling place questioned | Dissatisfied Lackawanna Co. voters got creative with write-ins

Rhode Island: State, town staff resolved voting error in NK

South Carolina: Long lines frustrate voters, some officials

Texas: Dems lament first election without federal oversight | Ballot error leads to recount | Ballots might be to blame

Utah: Election hindsight | Washington County updates election totals

Vermont: Senate recount delayed despite 5-day rule

Virginia: Lawmakers propose stricter rules for party voter registration | Election Day less than smooth for local voter | Staunton seeking new registrar  

West Virginia: County completes canvass of record turnout | Former WV secretary of state dies after cancer battle | Election officials prepare for recount

Wisconsin: Man frustrated in attempt to help shut-ins vote

Friday, 18 November 2016

November 18, 2016

National News: Civil rights advocates brace for radical shift at DOJ

Alabama: Recount complete

Arizona: New Maricopa elections chief lays out goals

Arkansas: Yell election commission enjoys firsts

California: Ballot count continues in Sonoma, turnout may reach 86 percent | Ballots still being counted | Ballots dwindle, about 12K more to go

Florida: Early voting ballots recounted | Florida Supreme Court to review felon voting restoration amendment | Brevard recounts confirm winners in 2 races | Election season isn't over in these Miami-Dade municipalities | Officials will need until Friday or later to determine race

Georgia: Recount confirms results in Gwinnett | Jones chosen as new elections supervisor

Illinois: AVR override | Election judge pleads not guilty in Madison Co.

Iowa: Voter turnout down in 2016

Kansas: Hundreds more ballots counted in Reno Co. | Douglas Co. certifies election | Upwards of 700 provisional ballots tossed at vote canvassing today

Kentucky: Review of 3 House races does not change results | Coin flip settles race in Grayson

Maryland: Board of elections director to request additional early voting centers

Massachusetts: Groups look for easier ways for students to pre-register

Mississippi: Forrest Co. board of supervisors explain election debacle

Missouri: County clerk certifies elections | Springfield Chamber president will help with secretary of state transition

Nevada: Nevada DMV could automatically register voters

New Hampshire: Recounts unlikely to change results, but get lots of attention

New Jersey: Final Wayne BOE election results will be known Monday

New York: Broome Co. elections rely on absentee votes | Hours-long wait during election spark push for more polling sites

North Carolina: GOP official alleges illegal voting in Forsyth | Voting complications delay outcome in NC | McCrory campaign expands ballot complaints to 52 counties | McCrory announces possible voter fraud in NC | County election canvass will be delayed | Africa-American voter outreach programs face scrutiny from McCrory | Hundreds of ballots under review | Local vote counts delayed until Tuesday | Counties meeting to decide which votes to allow | Cumberland Co. BOE to count about 2,700 provisional ballots | Watauga NAACP seeks voters who cast provisional ballots

Oregon: Oregon tests AVR with mixed results

Rhode Island: BOE to investigate speaker's race

Tennessee: Election commission to study Baneberry vote

Texas: Trial in Houston suburb voting rights lawsuit to begin | Latino voters sue Pasadena, charging discrimination | Three on way out of county elections | Election canvassing complete in Cameron Co. | Denton Co. elections administrator to retire

Utah: Why Salt Lake Co. is still counting ballots

Vermont: Middlebury gym gets mostly thumbs up as new polling place

Washington: Voter turnout shatters 1M in King Co.

Wisconsin: County officials prepare for possible recount | Voting process went smoothly in Columbus

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

November 17, 2016

National News: Many people who wanted to vote could not | Newly Republican-led states more likely to adopt voter ID laws

Alabama: Elections officials: Trust process | Madison Co. voters cast three times more provisional ballots than in 2012

Arizona: Elections department continues to work long after the vote | Election lines in Wilcox | A rise in provisional ballots is seen| Incoming county recorder says elections cannot be done 'on the cheap' | Still thousands of ballots left to tally | 3K early ballots still need to be counted

Arkansas: Election commission accepts absentee ballots

California: Latest Santa Cruz Co. election canvassing results show little change in results | Voters swarm polls on election night | SoCal election officials respond to Issa's allegation of vote count interference | Issa seeks to challenge ballots in close race | Close races, long waits for results the norm, experts say | Still lots of votes to count | 20K additional ballots to count, 3 races too close to call

Connecticut: Voting on campus hindered by technical difficulties | Absentees, same-day registration popular for 2016 voters

Colorado: Boulder, other counties continue to count ballots | Vote counting done until Nov. 22 canvass meeting | Nearly 1K ballots with signature issues

Florida: LWV studying possibilities for increased voter turnout | Early voting begins this weekend in runoff

Georgia: Recount set for Thursday | Early voting could make Election Day history

Illinois: Senate overrides automatic-voter reg veto | Few Election Day complaints in Kane Co.

Indiana: Court documents: Employees admit to voter registration fraud

Kansas: Software problem slowed Johnson Co. vote counting

Kentucky: Recanvass requested for three House races | Lackey requests recanvass

Maine: Maine voters can now rank their choices on the ballot | Recounts in ballot questions underway

Maryland: What do Bugs Bunny, Gov. Hogan and Megatron all have in common?

Massachusetts: Local voting civil amidst heated election

Michigan: Rev. Jesse Jackson calls for protection of voting rights at UM speech | Grand Rapids clerk calls for better training for election challengers at the polls

Minnesota: Student voting experience | Cass sees more voters using mail, absentee ballots

Missouri: Student-led 'Vote, dammit.' outreach campaign worked to increase registration, turnout

Nebraska: Election results remain unofficial | All-mail voting leads to high voter turnout in Cedar Co.

Nevada: North Las Vegas council considering move to even-year city elections

New York: Elections official caught blasting de Blasio's ID program to be replaced | Police see no criminal intent in voter fraud case | de Blasio takes up voting reform

North Carolina: Durham Co. BOE to hold hearing Friday on election protest | North Carolina's war on voters is heating up | McCrory campaign files 11 new protests over potentially fraudulent absentee ballots | County to tackle remaining ballots | What's next in sorting out close NC elections? | Counties reviewing provisional ballots ahead of canvass| State BOE looks into fraudulent absentee ballot requests

Ohio: BOE seeks pay increases for employees | Most county ballot issues nixed

Pennsylvania: 69 percent of voters went to the polls

Rhode Island: Six recount requests filed

South Carolina: Absentee voting begins for runoff

Texas: New equipment could have sped up vote count | Texas voter ID law faces uncertain future | Ballot recount complete

Utah: No, voter turnout was not down this year

Vermont: Legislature to decide race

Virginia: Results show 81 percent turnout in Powhatan Co.

Wisconsin: 19 ballots rejected over voter ID

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

November 16, 2016

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Alaska: Election worker acts as town crier

Arizona: Yavapai Co. leads AZ with 84 percent turnout | AZ Dems cry foul over Maricopa Co. election officials' inaction | Purcell loses re-election bid | Discarded early votes prompts Maricopa lawsuit | How many ballots are left to be counted in Maricopa Co. | Helen Purcell concedes election

Arkansas: Scott Co. overlooked hundreds of early-voting ballots

California: Election chief explains late count | Marin Co.: 52K ballots still to be counted | 4.1M ballots left to process in California | Election officials across California still face as many as 4M uncounted ballots

Colorado: Ballot styles vary across state; Pueblo in-person voters add to results delay | Tests didn't find limits in system

Delaware: After recount, 11-vote margin confirmed

Florida: UF developed voting machine for disabled used on Election Day | After two recounts, Seminole City council election still up in the air

Georgia: Chatham Co. voting numbers up, percentages down | New voting trend could change operations in Richmond Co. | Bryan Co. poll workers retiring

Indiana: Warrant: Indiana workers submitted bogus voter registrations | Judge unseals new search warrants in voter registration investigation

Kentucky: Three defeated House candidates request recanvass of vote totals

Louisiana: Early voting begins November 26

Maine: Secretary of state says recounts would take at least 30 days, cost $500K

Maryland: Absentee votes don't change results | Washington Co. BOE canvassing begins tomorrow

Massachusetts: Election officials recount ballots under state audit | Early voting saw challenges, triumph in North Andover | Barnstable's Precinct 13 selected for post-election audit

Mississippi: Incumbent election commissioners hold on to vote lead

Missouri: Some students unable to vote after attempting to register through TurboVote

Nebraska: Sarpy Co. sets early voting record

Nevada: Carson City board of supervisors accept canvas | Washoe Co. commissioners canvass returns from election

New Jersey: Burlington Co. mail-in ballot tallies released | Rutgers law students assisted voters on Election Day

New York: Police investigating voter fraud case in Watertown | New York City turnout around 56 percent

North Carolina: Durham elections chair: No evidence of inaccurate reporting on 94K votes | Durham election officials, NC GOP to meet Wednesday over polling problems | Protest filed in Bladen Co. over alleged fraudulent absentee ballots | Kids Voting Durham: Durham students follow parents' vote lead | Scotland Co. vote count on hold | Lenoir Co. gets to work sorting provisional ballots

Pennsylvania: Provisional ballots rejected, approved

Rhode Island: Officials demand answers for 'historic failure' on Election Day | General Assembly candidates seek recounts

South Carolina: Beaufort Co. BOE to fill 2 vacant seats

Tennessee: Shelby Co. election commission could face penalties if state deadline missed | Some Tennessee students had voting program mishap

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections officials still investigating one potential double-vote attempt

Utah: More than 5,500 vote in larges election in county history

Vermont: Vermont's Vote: Record-breaking early ballots

Wisconsin: Professors begin researching how voter ID played a role in turnout | Madison sees record-breaking voter turnout on Election Day

Wyoming: Wyoming county sees 100 percent voter turnout

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

November 15, 2016

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National News: DHS Secretary: No Election Day cyberattacks | Jesse Jackson: Must protect voting rights

Alabama: Mobile Co. officials admit election night counting error

Arizona: Maricopa Co. officials move closer to finishing vote count | Pima Co. officials expected to count ballots through the week | Democrats slam election officials for early ballot decision

Arkansas: Uncounted early voting ballots could change outcome of Scott Co. races | 2018 election topic for Quorum Court | Commission to run election totals again

California: Voter turnout hits lowest point in 2016 | Elections office working to verify signatures, sort ballots | Some challenges, but smoother election than primary | Several SF election results still up in the air | 4K ballots still to be counted

Colorado: 'Anomalies' add to Pueblo Co. election day

Florida: Dade elections: Still 475K ballots away from declaring winner |Recounts in 2 Polk races get underway | More than 19K kids participate in Leon Co.'s kid voting initiative

Georgia: Georgia breaks all-time voting record | High school students volunteer on Election Day

Idaho: Idaho secretary of state: Stop harassing electors

Illinois: Lawmakers to try for veto override on automatic voter registration

Iowa: Early voting underway for special election

Kansas: Riley Co.: Nearly 50% of provisional ballots rejected | County canvasses; finalizes election

Louisiana: NO voters are still driving further to vote than before Katrina

Maine: LePage wants to change the way Maine citizens sponsor ballot questions

Maryland: Scanner shortage caused lines and long waits Election Day | Write-in votes up three times more than 2012 election

Massachusetts: Early voting a big success in Amesbury | Audit underway | Joke write-in votes no laughing matter, poll workers say

Michigan: Lenawee Co. canvassers work to certify election results | Clerks, GVSU reps to tackle problem of long lines at polls

Minnesota: Election law complaint filed in Olmstead Co. | Rice Co. voter turnout increases thanks to no-excuse absentee voting

Mississippi: Affidavit ballot voters face deadline | ID scanners called into question by voters | Connie Cochran's era could end on election commission

Missouri: Amendment 6: Will this cure election fraud?

Montana: Final ballot count could change result in Gallatin Co. | County elections office to count provisional ballots

New Jersey: In election court, motivated voters plead their cases | Teens get election close up

New York: Supreme Court candidate files lawsuit to impound ballots

North Carolina: Public keeps close eye on final election results | SBI investigating mishandled primary ballots in Durham

Ohio: Woman feared fraud after polls mistake | Numbers up at BOE

Oregon: Turnout for automatically registered voters tops 40 percent

Pennsylvania: Monroe Co. wraps up ballot count | Emergency hospital stay? A newborn? It didn't stop these patients from voting

South Dakota: Frayed belt on voting machine slowed results in Brown Co.

Tennessee: Two voter fraud cases sent to Knox DA

Texas: Bill filing begins for 2017 | State Legislators file 500 bills for 2017 session | Some totals went up, some totals went down

Utah: Election Day turmoil in Utah portion of Navajo Nation

Virginia: Apparent record turnout in Fairfax Co., and what voters forgot at the polls | Arlington turnout a record? Depends on how you add it up | Millwood precinct to have new polling place

West Virginia: Commission begins long process of canvassing, final certification could take days | Election results unchanged as officials wrap up canvas

Wisconsin: UW researchers to study voter ID effect | At least 590 provisional ballots cast last week because of ID law | Chippewa Co. town vows to speed up counting after slow Election Day effort

Monday, 14 November 2016

November 12-14, 2016

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National News: Election officials say there is 'no basis' to rumors that Russia rigged election | First steps to fixing long lines at the polls? Knowing where they happened | On Election Day, Google tracked nationwide voting issues on a real-time map | After a fraught election, questions over the impact of a balky voting process | This year, laws with roots to the Civil War prevented 6.1M from voting | Voter turnout lowest in 20 years

Alabama: Thousands of Alabama voters did not choose anyone for president

Arizona: 112K ballots still need to be counted

Arkansas: Election commission rejects 73 provisional ballots

California: Election headquarters officials explain LA Co. vote counting process | Registrar releases statement on voter issues | 80 percent turnout possible in San Diego | Ballots still to count after surge of voters | Yolo teens peek behind the scenes of election | Millions of ballots still uncounted | OC on pace to post highest turnout since 1976 | Election complaints increase this year | Confusion at the polls

Colorado: Ballots remain up in the air | Summit Co. voters show up in record-breaking numbers| Cause for Colorado's election results delay explained

Connecticut: Bethel man arrested for disturbance at polling place | Stamford group leaves mark with election stickers

Florida: Poor cellular service delays results | New machines key to 'smooth' Volusia election | 108K voted early, mailed ballots | Does mail voting save money, increase turnout? | Broward voters lament vote-by-mail shortfall | Manatee canvassing board accepts most of Anna Maria ballots after challenge | Florida orders recount in Miami-Dade House race

Georgia: Two of every three Paulding voters cast ballots early | At Issue: Crying child vs. voting rights

Idaho: Voter turnout likely 75 to 80 percent | Secretary of state reflects on Election Day as poll worker

Illinois: Illinois broke early voting record

Indiana: Some voters may have been turned away on Election Day | NWI experienced a voting high this year

Iowa: Sioux City man wants to force special election to fill council vacancy

Kansas: Voting location maps taken off county website during election

Louisiana: Officials verify voting results | LSU issuing voter ID compliant credentials | Hessmer 'lock out' was innocent error

Maine: Logistics could put RCV on hold in 2018

Maryland: Havre de Grace to hold special election on Dec. 27 | Voter turnout well below projections | Provisional and absentee ballots counted after Election Day

Massachusetts: Criticism emerges around ballot question in Holyoke | Plymouth: Early voting equals late results

Michigan: More voting problems for blind people; state promises fix | Livonia woman, 99, has voted in-person in each election | Lack of 'I Voted' stickers disappoints some

Minnesota: A peek behind the scenes on Election Day| Software glitch to blame for county's late election results | Dakota Co. didn't report a single ballot until 2am. Why? | The vote must go on! Frazee fire, police help out when power outage hits on Election Day

Montana: With just a 2-vote difference, Lake Co. waiting to count provisionals

New Hampshire: College towns have big impact on NH election

New Mexico: New secretary of state will have her hands full

New York: Voting issues pop up in Silver Creek

North Carolina: NCGOP attorney demands recount after Durham voting machine error | Durham elections board defends election-night count | Durham Co. elections officials outline problems | 60K provisional ballots unlikely to change outcome

Ohio: Long-time women voters relish the opportunity | Senior voter, poll worker savor involvement in the process | Woman reports someone used her name to vote

Oklahoma: Challenger to seek recount

Pennsylvania: Few poll problems reported in county | Voter registration problems sent students in circles on Election Day | Volunteers grateful for hospitality of St. Mary's Church polling site

South Carolina: Poll worker shortage leads to challenge in mayor's race

South Dakota: Female student pulled fire alarm on Election Day

Tennessee: Absentee ballots stalled Shelby Co. election returns | Shelby Co. commissioner on election results delay

Texas: Montgomery Co. has ID'd steps to speed election night results | County works on new tallies

U.S. Virgin Islands: Absentee ballots being counted on St. Thomas

Utah: Salt Lake Co. clerk blasted over long lines on Election Day

Virginia: Registration mix-up causes issues for first-time voters | Canvass of Election Day ballots underway

Wisconsin: Lisbon ballot mystery solved

Wyoming: Putting in the time for the sake of freedom

Friday, 11 November 2016

November 11, 2016

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National News: European poll watchers report myriad flaws in U.S. elections | Voter suppression laws likely tipped scales, rights groups say | Effect of voting laws seen, but not enough to sway outcome | For pro athletes, voting can require extra effort

Alabama: Preparation work for next election begins | Judge calls vote process a success | Voter registration mishap

Alaska: Voters use an app to submit vote | Alaska's cash cow now comes with automatic voter registration

Arizona: More than 400K mail-in ballots still not counted | Lawmaker seeks more poll centers after voters saw long lines

Arkansas: Lakeview voters run out of paper ballots, go electronic

California: Dead city treasurer wins re-election | Roll of election observers redefined | Uncounted ballots mean Sonoma Co. election results may not be final until December | More than 200K Merced ballots still to be counted | How the vote is counted in California after Election Day | At least 4M ballots left to be counted | Polling issues minimal

Colorado: An inside look at ballot counting | Secretary of state address Pueblo ballot counting problem | Newly created primaries a challenge for election officials

Connecticut: Close vote will trigger a recount | Glitches plague state election results website

Delaware: Race with 11-vote difference to be recounted

Florida: Recount looms in two races | St. Augustin to take up issue of 'sham' write-in candidates | Brevard man voted in every election since 1936

Georgia: School board still to consider student voter registration drive policy | Paper ballots slow Floyd count

Hawaii: Voter turnout the largest since 2008

Idaho: Illegible ballots were cause of delay for Canyon election results | Election Day saw record turnout in Southeast Idaho| A day in the life of a poll worker | Election judge says no issues with inaccessible polling place

Illinois: DuPage NAACP turns focus on voter registration, education | Officials: Election Day ran 'smoothly' | Computer problems snarl access to vote totals in DuPage on election night | DuPage officials disappointed in software roll out | Central HS students assist at the polls | For wheelchair users, Chicago's polling places could use some improvement

Kansas: Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck slow down election | Computer snafu causes long line for Johnson Co. election official

Kentucky: Six calls from Floyd Co. made to election hotline

Louisiana: Livingston Parish voter turnout exceptionally high on Election Day

Maine: South Portland mayoral candidates request recount | What ranked choice voting means for Maine

Maryland: Clerical error moved woman's registration

Massachusetts: Voting went well, overall, but officials look to iron out wrinkles | Voting machine malfunctions, forcing a hand count | Student poll workers bring diversity to voting centers | Human error cased ballot mix-up

Minnesota: Jackson Co. results in just a little bit later | Mayor revises retirement plan to avoid special election | Voter turnout fell | Software glitch to blame for delay results

Missouri: After Missouri approves photo ID, legal battle likely

Montana: Late registration reached an all-time high | Missoula boasts 71 percent turnout

Nebraska: Close races coming down to provisionals

New Hampshire: Secretary of state says number of ballots cast in election shattered 8-year record | Paving project caused traffic problems at Dover poll

New Jersey: Registration address mix-ups prohibit students from voting in campus polling booths

New Mexico: Challenges await new secretary of state

New York: Walker pleads not guilty to election-law charges | Woman go groped at Upper East Side polling place | Susan B. Anthony's gravestone a sad place 2 days after election

North Carolina: Candidates gird for legal fight over votes | Voters returned to the rolls | Provisional ballots higher than usual in county, but not state | Election staff work to review thousands of provisional ballots

North Dakota: Long lines plague voting | Voter turnout lower than expected

Oregon: New voting record set | Breaking down Oregon's voter turnout | Oregon turnout record high number, but not record high percentage | Oregon couple creates Election Day-themed baby announcement

Ohio: BOE receives complaint from one voter | Some Norwalk voters got wrong ballots | Provisional ballot totals fall short of 2012

Pennsylvania: Luzerne Co. reviewing election polling place needs | Poll: Should Pennsylvania have early voting? | 86-year-old woman votes with help from hospital staff | Action mulled on Westmoreland election gridlock

Rhode Island: BOE considers fraud complaint

South Carolina: Early rush at polls creates some long waits | High turnout, few problems for Lakeland officials

Tennessee: Johnson waiting till Monday for provisional vote | Shelby vote count delay caused by 'technical and human' errors

Texas: Bandera Co. voters voice early voting concerns | Mistake forces Denton Co. to recount ballots | County elections officials dealt with record turnout

Utah: County Clerk: Long lines caused by turnout, insufficient outreach| Election officials still processing ballots | Utah GOP: Voters in Salt Lake City disenfranchised by long lines at polls | GOP bashes Salt Lake for long lines | Lawmaker seeks more poll centers after voters saw long lines

Virginia: Ex-felon votes for first time | New record for absentee ballot use | Thousands in VA were forced to cast provisional ballots

Washington: Kim Wyman re-elected as secretary of state | Election results still filtering in

West Virginia: County processed paper ballots more quickly than primary | Turnout was 57.2 percent

Wisconsin: Chippewa Co. clerks write Election Day off as success | Milwaukee elections head says voter ID law hurt turnout | Turnout near 20-year low | Roughly 80 city employees help process election| Polls were busy

Wyoming: Recount confirms election night results | Voter turnout set state and local records