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Jun 16, 2010

National News: Few states change rules post-Blagojevitch

Alabama: Madison County prepares for recount  |  Concerns are brewing about recount  |  Bentley disputing primary recount methods  |  Recount yields 3-vote difference

California: Delayed vote count prompts probe  |  Supervisors order review of vote tally  |  Polling places have evolved into costly dinosaurs  |  Post office mistake is to blame for delayed election tally  |  Mail ballots too late to be counted  |  Special election is one week away

Colorado: PitCo needs citizens' help to correct voter rolls

Georgia: Coweta's early voting, registration smooth  |  Democratic candidates for secretary of state  |  Republican candidates for secretary of state

Indiana: Election board again reviews possible switch to centralized voting

Iowa: Culver says state won't repay Help America Vote funds  |  Culver counsel defends disputed election spending

Minnesota: Visiting GOP push for photo ID law

Missouri: St. Louis County council drops election-troubleshooter bill

New Jersey: Attorney general asked to investigate election irregularities  |  Information aided voter fraud case against Atlantic City councilmember  |  New Jersey senators want police chief off county election board

New York: Hispanic apparent winner in unusual New York election  |  A new place for polls

North Carolina: Early voting sparse

Ohio: Former elections board director cleared of wrong-doing

South Carolina: Legislators question voting machines  |  Election commission says voting machines are accurate, secure  |  House OKs photo ID bill  |  Charleston County BOE changing 9 polling locations

Tennessee: Grant will be used to train poll workers

Texas: Electronic pollbooks latest in voting technology  |  Debate on ID voting system  |  Critics seek ouster of Medina County elections official

Monday, 14 June 2010