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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Nov 18, 2010

Alaska: Alaska is not Florida  |  Murkowski claims victory in Alaska

Arkansas: Benton County OKs election changes

California: Vote count tight, messy in AG race  |  AG candidates monitor tally closely  |  State GOP will go after Contra Costa election officials

Colorado: Over votes the latest wrinkle in House race  |  Final election results expected by Friday

Connecticut: Two weeks after election, Bridgeport voters still frustrated

Florida: Clay County elections office has massive rebate for county  |  Commissioner to be arraigned for voter fraud  |  Clem saw a lot of change during 14 years as elections supervisor  |  Interview with Palm Beach County elections supervisor

Georgia: Secretary of state to create election reform panel  |  Twiggs election case referred to AG

Guam: Gutierrez camp begins review of registration lists in preparation for lawsuit

Indiana: Recounting of ballots delayed

Iowa: Mosiman named to secretary of state's transition team

Maine: Nader loses election tampering lawsuit

Massachusetts: Town meeting backs giving voting rights to noncitizens

Minnesota: GOP sues gubernatorial race claiming discrepancies in ballots  |  GOP asks high court to act before recount  |  County's ballots headed to Madison for recount

New Jersey: Recounts set for South Amboy, Linden elections

New York: In tight local races, focus is on absentee ballots  |  Dem cries foul after Republican question's his father's absentee ballot  |  New wrinkle in Senate race  |  Cumo asks court to expedite Senate election challenges  |  Addabbo seeks to increase ballot type size  |  New York ranks last in voter turnout

North Carolina: Recounts underway, Warner calls for new election  |  Polston files protest alleging votes cast illegally

Tennessee: Board delays search for elections administrator

Texas: Birdwell files photo ID measure  |  Fraser files photo ID measure  |  No criminal wrongdoing found in recount

West Virginia: Vote calls rise

Wisconsin: Voting in schools is a tradition, but is it safe

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Nov 17, 2010

Alabama: Election officials plan recount

Alaska: Sitkan sees no wrongdoing in Fairbanks precinct  |  Miller gets access to some voter registers  |  Judge denies AFN in election lawsuit  |  State to provide Miller with voter rolls

Arkansas: Voters, candidates no-shows for testing, elections coordinator not surprised

California: Activist gets probation for voter fraud  |  Riverside names acting registrar  |  Registrar continues to count remaining absentees  |  Tally of provisional ballots underway

Colorado: No election results change in El Paso County with count of provisionals

Connecticut: Complaints fly before Election Day panel; answers harder to come by  |  Bridgeport decides to keep controversial election-day ballots away from audit  |  Local polling places picked for audit

Florida: Indian River elections supervisor resigns, citing health

Iowa: Republican Doug Struyk named to secretary of state post

Maryland: Race hinges on final ballots

Massachusetts: Northampton likely to have special election with one candidate

Minnesota: Little change after Hennepin County vote review  |  State GOP drops gubernatorial election data lawsuit

New Jersey: No proof jury tainted in ongoing voter fraud trial  |  FBI investigates New Brunswick primary election

New York: New voting machines questioned in tight races  |  Senate seat may be undecided for months  |  Dems call for hand-count in 60th state senate race  |  Consolidating voting sites discussed  |  Commissioners offer solutions to Election Day problems

North Carolina: Canvas doesn't change election outcome  |  Vote investigations in Madison and Yancey  |  'Instant' court of appeals decision takes a while

Ohio: Judge denies Wilson's vote request  |  Cost of early voting sites divides Summit elections board  |  Board of elections hopes to find answers to budget problems

Oklahoma: Voter ID measure challenged  |  League of Women Voters sues to stop voter ID  |  Henry sets special election date

Tennessee: Two election commissioners resign in pension snafu  |  Pies from the polling place

Texas: Arguments hearing in Boerne election feud  |  Early voting catching on in Bexar

Vermont: Recount set in race divided by 1 vote

Virginia: Despite delays, voters should remain 'confident in the proces'

West Virginia: New way to cast ballots in Morgantown  |  Kanawha wants new satellite voting rules  |  Succession questions remain, answers unlikely till January  |  City council considers a vote-by-mail system

Wisconsin: Area election recounts continue

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nov 16, 2010

Alabama: Madison County wants to send voters back to school

Alaska: State allowed spelling mistakes in 1998 write-in campaign  |  State urges rejection of voting lawsuit  |  State files opposition to Miller lawsuit  |  AFN seeks to intervene in Senate voting lawsuit

Arizona: Prop. 112 recount triggered

California: Provisional ballots starting to be counted  |  After election, ranked-choice voting gets mixed reviews  |  Election reform, local style: Changes coming to the way you vote in LA  |  Registrar's office grinding away at provisionals  |  Ranked-choice voting sets stage for new tactics  |  Elections website hacked  |  Poll inspector fired on Election Day

Connecticut: Post-election audit to be conducted  |  Bysiewicz to audit ballots in 9 towns

District of Columbia: Can the D.C. election be done on the cheap?

Florida: Palm Beach County elections office had wrong results on website most of Monday  |  Century to consider charter amendment to change elections

Georgia: Kemp files lawsuit to enforce voter ID  |  State files suit to require new voters to prove citizenship

Guam: GEC will manually count overseas ballots today

Indiana: Elections board throws out complaint, certifies 2010 election  |  What went wrong in Gibson County on election night?

Louisiana: Cao consdiers secretary of state run

Massachusetts: A new shape to city voting?

Michigan: Election results still uncertified

Minnesota: Hennepin County post-election review shows voting machines are pretty good  |  Legal battle over election data may be avoided  |  Governor's race recount to get uniform start date  |  Post-election review in Ramsey County shows no changes  |  Secretary of state schedules recount

New Jersey: Candidate files for recount due to concerns of irregularities

New York: Three Long Island races still undecided

North Carolina: State GOP seeks photo ID to vote  |  Election officials confident recount will go smoothly

Rhode Island: Disability law group probes stance taken by poll watchers

South Carolina: Commission to hear Florence County election protest

Tennessee: Putnam election results certified without incident

Texas: Bell County commissioners address election news  |  Confusion reigns in Cameron County judge's race

Virginia: McDonnell to set January date for special election

Washington: Clark County's vote count slowed by ballots cast elsewhere  |  Rest of the country still confused by how Washington votes  |  Stray ballots keep election workers busy

West Virginia: Voters split on special election for governor  |  Poll shows voters split on special election

Wisconsin: Ballots for legislative recount studied carefully

Monday, 15 November 2010

Nov 13-15, 2010

Alaska: Alaska elections director thrust into spotlight  |  Miller: Ballot fight unlikely if math doesn't work  |  In Alaska spelling bee, Fenumiai is queen

Arkansas: Changes ahead for early voting

California: Monitors say Bay Area could improve voting accessibility for non-English speakers  |  'Grinding on,' registrar's office continues to sort through ballots  |  After election, ranked-choice voting gets mixed reviews  |  Voting group demands grand jury look

Colorado: County election procedures under fire

Connecticut: Elections panel wants residents to air their grievances  |  Clemons drafts bill requiring one ballot per registered voter

Georgia: 'Godmother of voter registration' dies

Indiana: Judge grants GOP request for hand count

Maryland: McKay may ask for recount

Michigan: Incoming secretary of state picks transition team

Minnesota: Layers look ahead in tangled governor's race  |  Counties conclude canvas of governor's race  |  Recount part 2: Fewer absentee ballots rejected in 2010  |  Republicans sue St. Louis and Pine counties

New Mexico: System for voting machine audits in place  |  Voting rights at issue for Conservancy

New York: No kinks to work out next election  |  Key New York races remain undecided  |  New ballots create potential for long, suspenseful count

North Carolina: Board closes book on election

Ohio: 87 percent of paper balllots ordered not used  |  Ohio counties spent $155K on unused paper ballots  |  Unused paper ballots a big waste for Ohio  |  Provisional ballots get proven in Wood County  |  Lucas County validates 4,145 provisional ballots

Oklahoma: Election board secretary reappointed

Tennessee: Broken seals on voting machines could lead to voter distrust  |  Senate race called into question

Texas: State approves Ortiz's recount petition  |  Some who cast ballots in local option elections weren't local

Washington: Wandering ballots trickle in

West Virginia: GOP sets up site calling for special election

Wisconsin: Judge to rule on voter discrimination case  |  Aide: Falk will avoid $300K special election

Friday, 12 November 2010

Nov 12, 2010

Alabama: DeKalb County to hold special election

Alaska: Miller strategist alleges voter fraud  |  Miller campaign plans to file suit over alleged voter fraud  |  New help for Miller campaign  |  Miller challenged in wrong court, state says  |  Murkowski camp cries foul in ballot count

Arizona: Appeals court won't force ballot count from citizenship dispute  |  Ballot counting won't be finished by Friday

Arkansas: 66 election ballots turn-up missing

California: The winning strategy in Oakland: Concentrate on being 2nd or 3rd choice  |  Count of provisional ballots begins  |  More than 18K ballots still uncounted

Colorado: State to investigate Sagauche County election  |  Provisional ballots may reverse some election results

Connecticut: Panl to look into ballot shortage

Florida: Box of uncounted absentee ballots could affect 3 races

Kentucky: Three candidates request re-canvassing  |  Recanvass called for in two elections

Louisiana: State Rep. Walker Hines mulling run for secretary of state

Minnesota: Emmer says he won't stretch out the recount  |  Watching the vote counters watch the election  |  County prepared for expected recount  |  County election officials wading into document requests

Missouri: Voting advocates question students' removal from voter lists

Nevada: Supervisors approve vote count

New York: Election Day problems inspire push for fixes  |  More than 10K absentee ballots could hold key in tight race

North Carolina: Madison County voting irregularities investigated  |  Commissioner's slate elections explanation  |  Election survey finds errors on some ballots

Tennessee: Motion to dismiss election count suit filed

Texas: Ortiz seeks funds to help pay for recount

Wyoming: State canvassing board releases Haynes' vote total

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Nov 11, 2010

National News: Nine Congressional and governor's races not-yet-decided

Alaska: Write-in ballot count begins  |  Judge asks for more filings in Miller suit  |  Count of write-ins underway in Juneau  |  Judge denies injunction in election lawsuit

Arizona: Election officials seek to ignore unregistered voter ballots

California: Quan is mayor-elect, Perata considers lawsuit  |  AG campaigns watching registrar firing  |  Officials pledge accurate final vote count  |  Group pleads to Tulare County elections officials to count all votes

Colorado: Bid to start ranked voting in Fort Collings falls short

Connecticut: Republican registrar Goff resigns

Florida: Election office moving to Kenilworth  |  Newly found box of ballots throws wrench into recount  |  Hanging chads make a comeback at reunion  |  Supervisor of elections finds box of 500 uncounted absentee ballots

Georgia: Georgia 'ladybugs' serve poll workers

Illinois: Early voting program considered a success despite small turnout

Indiana: Vanderburgh vote counting moved up  |  Provisional ballots have little impact on margin  |  Not done with this year's election, Tippecanoe looks to next year's

Iowa: Three Iowans tapped to help secretary of state-elect Schultz

Kentucky: Candidate says voting machines may have been tampered with

Maryland: McKay may ask for recount

Massachusetts: Gloucester officials consider changes to voting locations

Minnesota: Recount: The prolonged process

Nevada: Eureka County clerk's race goes to recount

New York: Vote counting goes on, no results  |  Cayuga County starts counting absentees  |  Board of elections blames old state law for tiny type on midterm election ballot  |  Election Day difficulties reviewed

North Carolina: Judge race nearing the end  |  County commissioners await for answers into Election Day errors

Ohio: Local pioneer in politics and public service Virgil Brown Sr. passes away  |  Judge issues ruling in election board lawsuit

Pennsylvania: Judge says she overslept on Election Day

South Dakota: No prosecution coming in food for votes complaints

Tennessee: ACLU asks for rehearing on felong voting rights

Texas: Confusion reported at polling places  |  Straight party voting in Texas could go away  |  Special election to fill House seat  |  Oritz asked to redo request for recount

Virginia: In Fairfax, no room for Florida-style recounts  |  Augusta County reviews voting procedures

Washington: Feud erupts in Franklin County auditor's race

Wisconsin: Milwaukee man charged with voter fraud

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nov 10, 2010

Alabama: Registrar Harriette Ford dies at 81

Alaska: Miller still trails but makes some headway  |  Absentee tallying underway  |  Miller files complaint before write-in count  |  State regulation does allow misspelled names on some ballots

Arizona: Attorneys: Unregistered voters should have heeded state law  |  State, county lawyers warn of chaos in provisional ballot count

Arkansas: State and federal authorities staked out polling places to watch for potential bombs

California: Alleged ballot thief remains behind bars  |  Riverside registrar dismissed for slow ballot count  |  Registrar fired  |  Registrar takes heat and responds to criticism from supervisors  |  More than 18K ballots to be counted  |  Election workers make checks ballot by ballot

Colorado: Eagle County clerk working overtime to hand-count ballots  |  Hand-count of undervotes to continue

Connecticut: 68 ballots cast for wrong race due to voting mix-up  |  Connecticut's week-long election  |  Merrill, Bysiewicz to meet over ballot blunder

Delaware: Nov. 2 uneventful for elections commissioner, thankfully

Florida: Florida recount 10 years later  |  Three missing ballots bedevil election  |  Hernando recount heads into second week  |  Village Square reunites players in 2000 recount  |  Recount participants hold 10-year reunion

Hawaii: Special election slated for Honolulu city council

Illinois: Election hotline handles 60 calls  |  Voters say they were handed the wrong ballots

Indiana: Election offices will soon be allowed to resume counting

Iowa: Voting laws could change under Matt Schulz

Maine: Casino foes seek recount

Massachusetts: First Hispanic elections chief chosen

Minnesota: Students may face felonies over illegal voter vouching  |  Absentee ballots: By the numbers

New York: Court battle looms in outcome of NY House race  |  BOE auditing voting machines  |  Post-election hand-counting of ballots gets underway  |  Supervisors want election results posted sooner  |  Quinn calls out board of elections for incompetence  |  Voting was smoother on Election Day, council finds  |  Ballot by ballot, the ground war begins in absentee count  |  Election Day difficulties reviewed in Thompkins  |  Polling worker attacked, stays on job

North Dakota: Investigation looking into allegations of double voting  |  Cass County ballot count may prompt change in law

Ohio: Tea party says preliminary ruling regarding polling place rights a victory

Oklahoma: All election results except one approved

Pennsylvania: No-show election judge overslept, hired jitney

Texas: Senator files bill requiring photo ID to vote  |  Election violationin Ector County

Vermont: With election results now official, vote goes to the legislature

Washington: Ballot counting becomes an issue of speed  |  State not ready to take on online voting

Wisconsin: 2 men get weeks in jail for voter fraud

Tuesday, 09 November 2010

Nov 09, 2010

Alaska: Absentee ballot validation remains point of contention between Miller campaig, DOE  |  Alaska's Senate race: How will the votes be counted?  |  Absentee vote count today

Arizona: Bennett denounces MALDEF emergency motion

California: Oakland's ranked-ballots: Least hated tops most-liked  |  Registrar of voters: No results in mayor's race  |  Count goes on in San Leandro and Oakland mayor races  |  Riverside registrar declares that election process was 'well-executed' and 'trouble-free'  |  County registrar: 'I should keep my job'  |  Races remain same after latest mail-in update  |  No special election to replace mayor  |  County ballots still need tallying

Colorado: Group pushes for ranked voting in Fort Collins  |  Clerks to hand-count undervotes in House race

Connecticut: Lawmakers to tackle ballot problems in state  |  Thrus into the glare of a race she isn't running in

Hawaii: Apo resigns city council post, special election set for December 2

Illinois: Kane voter gripes kept election officials busy

Indiana: Friday late vote count crucial to end of election

Kentucky: Johnson files to run for secretary of state

Massachusetts: Provisional ballots could overturn election results

Minnesota: Canvassing board approves election results  |  Recount or transition: It's a split screen

Nevada: Secretary of state website received 34.6 million hits on election night

New Jersey: Jury picked in vote-fraud trial

New Mexico: Post-election audit begins

New York: New voting machines could complicate legal challenges  |  Long Island Dems demand recount after election errors  |  Election officials: System needs to be changed  |  Process today involves separating ballots

Ohio: Cuyahoga's first experience with bilingual ballots a smooth one

Oklahoma: Attorneys fight over state questions that overwhelmingly passed  |  No challenges filed over election results

Oregon: Sen. Morse eyes ballot collection change

Tennessee: Computer error changes outcome in Calhoun City election

Texas: Rep. Riddle pre-files voter ID legislation  |  Bills on immigration, voter ID among first for upcoming legislative session  |  Mail-in ballots could affect race  |  Ballots to be recounted in tight Cameron County race

Washington: Justice Sanders questions rejected ballots  |  Election workers still counting Spokane ballots

West Virginia: Board completes canvass of election  |  Tomblin to call special election only if residents express 'overwhelming desire' for one

Monday, 08 November 2010

Nov 06-08, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: Races unchanged after first count of absentees

Alaska: Murkowski confident with strong write-in count facing Miller challenges  |  Elections chief responds to Miller complaint  |  Division of elections gearing up for write-in count  |  Election official refutes Miller write-in count claim

Arizona: Hispanic group seeks to force provisional ballot count

California: Alleged ballot thief pleads not guilty  |  Workers sift through mountain of Marin ballots  |  Legal move could delay ballot results  |  Perata knew ranked-choice voting posed a problem for him  |  Registrar: Mail-in ballots counted  |  Registrar on hot seat over smudged ballot delay  |  Solano ballot count continues  |  Better communication needed election chief says

Connecticut: Election snaufs may tarnish Bysiewiz's stature  |  Lawmakers will try to fix ballot problem  |  Ballot bungle puts registrars in unaccustomed spotlight

Florida: Voting process has undergone big changes in last 10 years  |  Tale of two counties on election night  |  Palm Beach County faces ever increasing glare, but is it fair?

Idaho: Ysura to tackle absentee ballot rules

Maryland: Frederick election officials receive kudos

Massachusetts: The results may have been typical, but Election Day wasn't

Minnesota: Familiarity with voting machines plays a part in smooth election  |  Students may face felonies over illegal voter vouching  |  Howe win triggers special election  |  Security, emotions high on road to recount  |  Students seek on-campus polling site

Montana: Mills explains error in returns

Nebraska: Teens work at polls

New Jersey: Big jump in mail-in ballots in two counties

New Mexico: Incoming SOS Duran won't abandon Otero County roots  |  Duran talks about plans for office  |  Quintana picked as deputy secretary of state

New York: Monroe County voting machines are audited  |  Error in tally upends Congressional race  |  Election official: System needs to be changed  |  State seeking feedback from voters with disabilities

North Carolina: Election results could change

Ohio: Akron student captures voting booth problems on his iPhone

Pennsylvania: Recalibration of voting machines needed during election  |  Bucks County GOP ends absentee ballot application challenge  |  Bake sales, cramped quarters among few polling place complaints

Rhode Island: Secretary of state candidate Taylor's undoing was Mollis' strength in urban areas  |  Nine candidates ask for recounts

South Carolina: Human error possible cause of voting machine problems

Virginia: DMV voter registration problems

West Virginia: Voters have mixed opinions on special election

Wisconsin: Elections run relatively smoothly  |  No surprises in fall election

Friday, 05 November 2010

Nov 05, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: Mapp camp continues to question vote counts

Alabama: Special election plans set  |  Poll worker enjoys civic duty; and the coffee

Arizona: Law broken when voters went unidentified  |  Lovejoy urges voters to file election complaints

Arkansas: Computer glitch skews Baxter County vote count  |  Marion County polls swamped with voters  |  Workers help local elections happen

California: Investigation follow-up: No charges in suspected voter fraud  |  Supervisors review vote delay, registrar  |  Lack of ballots, power outage made for unique election night  |  Solano registrar says vote counting probably won't resume until Friday  |  Ranked-choice vote tallying starts today  |  Missing ballots found in pond  |  Lawyers watch carefully as Kern counts its votes  |  Voting by mail on the rise  |  Vote counting will take longer than expected  |  Election workers still have hands full  |  Ballot interpreter fired for giving opinion to voter

Colorado: 'Family-style' voting at courthouse draws criticism

Connecticut: Cost cited with Bridgeport ballot blunder  |  Bridgeport not only place with ballot problems  |  Snafus snarl some voting in West Haven  |  Cops pulled vote-counters out of bed

Florida: Canvassing board sets recount today  |  Voting glitches like St. Lucie's miscount not uncommon  |  Walton County election process continues to change  |  Recount will cost up to $100K  |  Write-ins colorfully populate Lee County ballots  |  Voter turnout could tweak polling places  |  Indian River County voter alive and well

Georgia: Voter increase keeps BOE busy

Illinois: County waiting for late ballots  |  York students run the show on Election Day

Indiana: Vanderburgh election office impounded

Iowa: Voter ID plan a key, Schultz says  |  Mauro's home hit by burglars

Kansas: Kobach to jump on 'mandate'

Kentucky: Barr requests re-canvass in Congressional race

Maine: After two-vote loss, candidate seeks recount  |  Election results rewnew calls for election reform

Maryland: Still counting

Massachusetts: Winshester ballots inadvertently sent to Melrose polling site

Michigan: Late tallying a persistent problem in Pontiac voting  |  Voters say they were harassed at the polls

Minnesota: GOP leader: Vote-report glitch 'doesn't smell right'

Missouri: Boone County voters cite poll woes  |  A smooth end to Saline County election officials' career

Nevada: Woman ponders plea deal in election misconduct case  |  Election accomplished without major problems

New Jersey: Hudson County BOE to make criminal referrals for some mail-in ballots

New Mexico: Student voices may go unheard

New York: The issues with the new voting machines  |  Voting machines slow count  |  Ballot length the culprit for Tuesday's voting problems  |  New voting system draws praise, criticism  |  Work underway to certify results  |  Re-canvassing, counting of absentee ballots two weeks away  |  Voting ways  |  Despite doubts, new voting systems a hit  |  Nearly half of NY's counties put sample ballots online

North Carolina: Election glitch still under investigation  |  Court of Appeals race whittled from 13 to 2  |  Elections chair to face commissioners

Ohio: Voting machines suffer glitches on Election Day  |  Elections board fires convicted sex offender

Oregon: Voters weigh-in on mailing ballots vs. voting in person

Pennsylvania: Absentee ballot counting starts  |  Poll worker: Cookies in bad taste

South Carolina: Cause of voting glitch a mystery

Tennessee: Commissioners voice concern over timeliness of election results

Texas: Collin County vote method under scrutiny after delay  |  Odd polling places

Utah: 30K ballots still uncounted in Salt Lake

Washington: No ballots were counted early

West Virginia: Commissioners to push rural voting measure again

Wisconsin: Ballot shortage causes lines in Ellsworth