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Wednesday, 08 September 2010

Sep 08, 2010

Arizona: Rural mail changes cause voting problems

California: County reviews voting system  |  Alameda County braces for ranked-choice voting

Colorado: District attorney won't share election ballot cost

District of Columbia: Gray to ask Lanier for police presence on primary day

Florida: Fort Lauderdale delays vote due to cost

Georgia: Top Ga. court considers voter ID law  |  Voter ID supporters, critics hit high court

Illinois: Students raise call of polling place at USI  |  Experts say 'open' primary unlikely in Illinois

Indiana: Vanderburgh County is bringing back early voting

Kansas: County election commissioner gains another term

Massachusetts: Proposalwould allow non-U.S. citizens to vote in local elections  |  Town clerks gear-up for write-in balloting

Mississippi: Used voting machines could save county money

New Mexico: Dog registered to vote  |  Secretary of state fires two employees  |  Secretary of state axes critics

New York: New voting machines are primed for the primary  |  Lawmaker warns of possible 'massive voter confusion' on primary day  |  Assemblyman voices concerns about new voting system  |  Nassau loses bid to continue losing lever-voting machines  |  Onondaga County BOE to consolidate offices

North Carolina: Looking for an absentee ballot? You'll have to wait  |  State effort targets young voters

Ohio: Low voter turnout leaves questions about bilingual ballots  |  Security cameras approved for voting location  |  Email ballot adds convenience

Wisconsin: Milwaukee County ballot designs confuses some voters

Tuesday, 07 September 2010

Sep 07, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: Candidate files suit over electronic voting  |  Preparing for Sept. 11 primary

Arkansas: Election commission preparing for election

California: Agreement nears for vote-handling procedures  |  Inland vote-counting procedures set for November

District of Columbia: Neighborhood early voting sites open

Georgia: State ID law challenged in court

Guam: 14 percent of ballots spoiled

Hawaii: Absentee voting sites open  |  New ballots sent to 1,600 voters

Idaho: State works to remind voters on new ID requirements

Illinois: Changes to early voting law could spur more young voters  |  Voting machine aids visually impaired

Indiana: Online voter registration slow to catch on in Northwest Indiana

Kentucky: Boone buys voting privacy booths  |  Kentucky voters lose absentee claim  |  State will email ballot to voters overseas

Maryland: Early voting begins in Maryland  |  Few cast ballots on first day of early voting  |  Early voting starts smoothly  |  Early voting brings big crowds to Prince George's  |  Ehrlich, an early voting critic, to vote early

Minnesota: Minnesota pushes back on partisan extremes

Montana: Montana voters have many ways to register

New Jersey: New Brunswick police officer accused of voter fraud  |  New Jersey lawmakers push for Internet-based voting plan for overseas voters

New York: Insider's guide to New York primary  |  Roosevelt instructs how to use new voting machines  |  As election season draws near, towns offering new voting machine tips

North Carolina: Instant runoff coming to November  |  16 sites to host early voting

Ohio: Election board move delayed  |  15 delayed voters still registered  |  State investigates dead on voter rolls  |  Betras asks state 2nd time to probe elections board  |  Elections board member asked to quit  |  41 voting locations to close in Lucas County

Oklahoma: In Oklahoma and elsewhere, cost of elections under scrutiny

Pennsylvania: 2 months to election, poll workers wanted

Tennessee: Debate over paper vs. electronic ballots heats up after primary mistake

Texas: Voters will be able to choose paper or eSlate

Vermont: Secretary of state candidates spar campaign disclosures

Virginia: Program set to train student poll workers

Friday, 03 September 2010

Sep 03, 2010

Colorado: Election commission seeking to allow more time for voters  |  Candidate: Colorado needs to fix voting rules  |  State says Arapahoe County not following law on mail-in ballots  |  Araphaoe County sued over ballot drop-off stance

Delaware: Officials test machines before primary

District of Columbia: Dear Votemaster: is there a paper trail?

Florida: Rule change will let voters keep quiet

Georgia: State to launch probe of mishandled absentee ballots

Hawaii: Ballot error distresses candidates  |  Oahu absentee voters to get new ballots

Kentucky: Email voting to be made available in Kentucky

Maryland: Early voting begins today, impact remains unknown

Nevada: Online voter registration launched in southern NV

New Jersey: Retiring clerk plans to do some traveling

New Mexico: Secretary of state emails reveal questionable activities

New York: Citizens test drive new voting machines  |  Nassau County seeks to block use of evoting systems in upcoming primary

North Carolina: Instant runoff voting debuts in state, county elections

Ohio: Election board prepares for general election  |  Suit challenges Ohio's absentee voting system  |  Suspensions not served

Pennsylvania: Lebanon polling place may change  |  County mislabels 90 candidates on absentees

Rhode Island: Volunteer for candidate charged with tampering voter registration cards

Texas: Texas county scrambles to replace evoting machines destroyed in fire  |  Democrats again sue tax office over voter registration

Virginia: Ex-official alleges improper behavior

Washington: Battle brews over state's deadline for overseas absentee ballots

West Virginia: Special election costs ring up bills for W.Va. counties

Wisconsin: Election officials push for absentee ballots

Thursday, 02 September 2010

Sep 02, 2010

National News: Foreclosures could cause trouble on election day

Arkansas: Election cost dispute continues

California: San Joaquin County looking at absentee-only voting ballots  |  County, postal service nearing deal on ballots

Colorado: Most counties deny Marks ballot inspection

Connecticut: Bysiewicz joins secretaries in declaring September National Voter Registration Month

District of Columbia: Voting card error affects 7,500 voters

Florida: Sheffield not satisfied with recount

Georgia: Former sheriff being investigated for voter fraud

Guam: Ballot tabulators being tested

Hawaii: Absentee ballots printed incorrectly

Iowa: Mauro lauds new voting process

Kansas: Newby reappointed as chief of Johnson County elections  |  Arizona fame propels Kobach's Kansas hopes

Maryland: Early voters can start casting ballots on Friday  |  State officials push early voting  |  Voters cool to early option?

Massachusetts: County clerk lays blame for ballot snafu

Michigan: Holly resident is candidate for secretary of state

Minnesota: Continuing 2008 election fall-out

Montana: Secretary encourages eligible voters to get registered this month

Nevada: Online voter registration now available in Clark County

New York: Primaries to test new voting machines  |  Nassau County introduces new voting machines

Ohio: Election board to rethink voting site  |  Cuyahoga elections board agrees to limited bilingual ballots

Texas: Harris County plans for electronic voting  |  Tax assessor, non profits spar over Harris County voter rolls

West Virginia: Officials canvas primary votes  |  Mineral consolidating precincts for fall election

Wednesday, 01 September 2010

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Aug 31, 2010

Alaska: Alaska Senate candidate raises voter fraud concern  |  Senate race heats up over ballot counting

Arizona: Arizona Dems allege voter fraud

California: San Joaquin considers response to grand jury report  |  Ballots redesigned for machines to verify them

Connecticut: New Web feature facilitates voting process

District of Columbia: DC residents start early voting for primary  |  Nearly 1,100 voters cast first-ever early votes in District

Florida: Close win triggers election dispute

Georgia: Ga. policy halts voting by illegal immigrants backers say  |  New elections manager starts job in Cobb County

Guam: More residents casting their ballots early

Illinois: Kendall clerk looks at cutting election judges

Indiana: Board rejects satellite voting for second time

Iowa: Mauro: Election law changes shape campaigns

Maryland: Early voting starts Friday in Md.

Massachusetts: Poor voter turnout prompts change to central polling place

New Mexico: Herrera calls for secrecy of ballots

North Carolina: Several candidates for judge mean ranked voting

Tennessee: Firing of Rutherford administrator rescinded  |  Rutherford County elections administrator put on paid leave

Texas: Harris County OKs $13.6M to purchase new voting machines  |  Plan to avert catastrophe after fire  |  Voter fraud vs. voter suppression debate returns to Texas  |  County enters agreements with voting machines supplier  |  Back to paper ballots for some of Harris County

Virginia: Statewide computer glitch still causing problems

West Virginia: Election cost $20.50 per vote

Wisconsin: Clerks prepare for primary  |  More than 66,000 voters don't match  |  18,000 could be cut from the voter rolls

Monday, 30 August 2010

Aug 28-30, 2010

Overseas News: DOD denies four states military ballot law waiver

Alaska: New ballots could boost Murkowski  |  More than 20,000 votes still to be counted

Arizona: Election night glitch delays vote count

Arkansas: Commission: No offsite early voting in November

California: Illegal voting feared

Colorado: State sues Arapahoe County over ballot drops

District of Columbia: Early voting starts today in DC

Florida: Glitch holps up results in Lee County race

Georgia: Georgia's voter ID verification law now one of the toughest in nation  |  Disputed election: Voter says he was following instructions  |  Feds approval of voter verification law could affect future elections  |  Cobb names new elections director

Hawaii: Federal law could delay November election tally

Indiana: Primary to see new voting machines  |  Dems draft plan to consolidate Lake precincts

Louisiana: Lafourche gets new registrar of voters

Maryland: Early voting: Fear vs. the facts  |  Md. withdraws military voting waiver request

Massachusetts: Mass. gets deadline waiver on military ballots

Michigan: Runoff needed in GOP secretary race

New Mexico: AG confirms probe of Herrera's office

New York: Counties ready for new voting machines  |  Voting finally enters modern age  |  Experts fear new voting process may cause confusion  |  Poll workers train, prep for primary

Ohio: 5,800 dead still on Ohio voter rolls

Tennessee: Lakewood sues, claims fraud in one-vote loss  |  Penuel's attorney blasts firing process

Texas: Officials still investigating cause of fire that destroyed voting machines  |  Emergency meeting to address elections  |  10,000 voting machines burned in fire  |  County clerk makes plans for election despite fire  |  Tarrant may send voting machines to Harris County

Washington: Washington gets waivers for overseas ballots

West Virginia: Special election nearly problem free  |  Special primary pulled off with few problems

Wisconsin: Wisconsin officials to discuss ballot waiver denial

Friday, 27 August 2010

Aug 27, 2010

National News: Penny-pinching at the polling place

Overseas News: States struggle to comply with absentee ballot rules for military voters

California: Lengthy ballot cost voters time and money  |  Bill to ease voting for college students sent to governor

Connecticut: No irregularities found in audit  |  Greenwich registrar recommends audit of absentee ballots

District of Columbia: Watch for the lawyers in D.C. primary

Florida: Elections boss seeks new site  |  As voting-by-mail grows in popularity, some worry about effect  |  DeLand to investigate election

Indiana: Counties to lobby for voter funding  |  Hill calls for satellite voting

Maryland: Md. withdraws military voting act waiver request

Minnesota: Fair booth lets ovters check their registration

New Jersey: Judge won't dismiss ballot fraud charges

New Mexico: Secretary of state denies wrong-doing

New York: Nassau County displays new optical scanner voting machines  |  New voting machines to be used in Sept. 14 primary  |  Paper ballots making a comeback  |  Camillus moves village election  |  Planner wants Knapp's job as election chief

Rhode Island: Residents cleared to vote in primary

Tennessee: Program to engage students in election day  |  Marion elections chief defrauded county  |  Election panel to revisit firing

Texas: Fire destroys Harris County voting machines

Utah: Cache ending mail-in voting

Vermont: Vermont vote reporting messy

West Virginia: County begins preparation for general election

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Aug 26, 2010

Arizona: County still tallying votes  |  Pima County counting last minute absentee ballots  |  Phoenix area storms delay election results  |  Vote count may drag into weekend

Arkansas: Early voters must use machines in Sebastian County

California: Effort underway to switch Chico election to June  |  Bill allowing voters to verify ballots sent to governor

Colorado: Aspen changes course on voting system  |  Denver lawyer stumps for state secretary job  |  On Aspen's November ballot, IRV vs. runoff elections

District of Columbia: New voting machines get final test before early voting begins  |  No registering as Democrat on day of election

Florida: Technical issues delay vote count  |  Heavy rains delayed voted count in Hillsborough  |  Despite rain delay, votes get counted in time  |  Volusia elections office tasked with 2 recounts  |  Poll workers protest over pay

Georgia: Reactions on voter ID ruling falling along party lines  |  State investigates alleged voter fraud  |  Cobb asked to retain retiring elections chief at $800 per day

Indiana: Warrick County may soon have satellite voting  |  Rejection of satellite voting stirs frustration

Maryland: Early voting comes to Maryland

Michigan: Candidates for secretary of state crisscross state

Minnesota: Voter registration status available online

New Jersey: Judge rejects motion to dismiss vote fraud charges

New York: New voting system gets mixed reviews

Ohio: Adding early voting hours divides board  |  Negotiations on Spanish-language voting materials continues  |  No agreement announced as talks end  |  No criminal activity in primary website crash

Oklahoma: Oklahoma was among first in U.S. to allow women's voting rights

Rhode Island: Man cleared to vote after filing new signatures

Tennessee: Democrats ask court to void August election  |  Firing vote may have broken law

Texas: County considered for one-stop polls

West Virginia: Routine test for election personnel  |  Several counties struggle to find poll workers for special election

Tuesday, 24 August 2010