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Monday, 08 August 2011

Aug 06-08, 2011

National News: Dems, GOP cite '65 law in remapping fight

California: Irony for Riverside County elections chief  |  Mental status of ballot thief to be determined  |  Ballot changes mean voter education push

Colorado: Spanish ballots required in 16 counties

Florida: Debate rages over Florida's election law

Idaho: Kootenai County making effort to verify every voter registration

Illinois: McLean County fair exhibit offers history of elections

Kentucky: Grimes, Johnson spar over homeless voters issue

Maine: Same-day registration supporters turn in signatures

Massachusetts: Framingham may get hands-on with new voting system

Minnesota: Long-time volunteers retire after two decades of service

Mississippi: Hinds vote count incomplete  |  Hinds County election officials find another ballot box  |  Problems continue with Hinds ballot count  |  Election results could be headed to court  |  Hinds County ballots counted, awaiting certification

New York: Inmates now counted at home address for redistricting

Ohio: New procedures for absentee ballots  |  Shorter lines possible for Warren County absentee voters

Oregon: Mark Hatfield dies

Pennsylvania: Voter photo ID opponents allege agenda

South Carolina: South Carolina groups ask Justice Dept. to block voter ID law  |  Spokesman: Governor proud of new voter ID law  |  Municiaplities consider handing over elections to county

Texas: Cities and school board forced to change election procedures

Virginia: New voter registration cards are headed to homes  |  Many Stafford voter cards contain errors  |  Attention Culpepper voters: Changes galore to elections  |  County to open poll for one voter  |  Manassas Park granted bailout by three federal judges

Wisconsin: Voter IDs not required for August elections  |  Group files complaint, says opponents intimidating voters

Friday, 18 March 2011

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mar 16, 2011

Arizona: Senators vote to produce government documents in English only

California: SF ranked-choice foe gets rough reception  |  Governor sets date for special election to replace Harman  |  42K outstanding ballots remain to be counted in LA council race

Colorado: Meyer denies Gessler access to ballots  |  Aspen to require photo ID at the polls  |  SOS to review ballots from Saguache election  |  SOS, clerks battle over Saguache ballots

District of Columbia: Schwartz nixes D.C. elections board seat  |  Patterson fails to qualify for D.C. ballot, Mara survives

Florida: Citing costs and turnout, Palm Coast approves voting and election-cycle changes

Illinois: New judge eto hear lawsuit about county clerk recount

Indiana: Staff shake-up at secretary of state  |  Polling places in St. Joseph County approved

Maryland: City wants to Facebook elections

Minnesota: Paper trail: Photo ID fiscal notes  |  Sen. Kelash: Where's funding for voter photo ID coming from?

Nebraska: City to pay $355,504 for recall

New Jersey: Walton sworn in to elections board

New Mexico: Committee blocks Brown's voter ID bill  |  Duran reveals possible voter fraud

New York: Pols push to hold primaries in June

North Carolina: Voter ID bill fuels passion and questions  |  City attorney: Council's early vote poll wasn't official  |  Officials spend about $2.5M on new offices for election board

Ohio: Board of elections OKs $89K service contract  |  Poll worker's hiring drawing opposition  |  17-year olds may vote in Lorain, Elyria primaries

Rhode Island: Lawmakers focus on election laws

Texas: The panhandle prepares for elections

Virginia: K.G. seeking voting variance

West Virginia: Voting bill receives mixed reactions  |  Legislature changes early voting time  |  Some still question cost of satellite voting

Wisconsin: Clerks brace for costs of potential recall elections

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011

Mar 12-14, 2011

National News:

U.S. Virgin Islands: Board of elections will close Harris Court poll

California: County clerk cites 'human error' for ballot miscalculation  |  $15.85-a-vote special election criticized

Colorado: Meyers explains missing ballot stubs  |  Aspen election group discusses ballot transparency

Connecticut: Kane supports online voting for millitary personnel

Florida: Caragiulo wins after recount, Clapp wants ballot review  |  Anti-fraud unit ready for Miami recall election  |  Lawsuit seeks to block results of mayor's race

Illinois: County preps for upcoming April election  |  Appointments lag to state board of elections  |  April 5 election goes electric

Indiana: White pleads not guilty  |  White's second in command quits  |  Secretary of state speaks out after indictment  |  Voting centers not coming to Vigo County

Kansas: Legislator offers 'voter ID light' bill  |  Kansas Senators review alternative to Kobach bill

New Jersey: Senate panel OKs bill to cut election posts  |  Bill would streamline county election posts to save costs

New Mexico: Plenty of contention, but no solution yet in debate over voter ID

North Carolina: Lawmakers to take up voter ID  |  High court upholds ballot access law

Ohio: Polling places, sign changes may come

South Carolina: Sumter nonprofit warns against requiring photo IDs to vote

Tennessee: Steakley files new complaint  |  Burns could be next town to move election  |  Polk readies for voter verification, redistricting  |  New appeal filed over August vote

Virginia: Manassas Park seeks control over voting process  |  Police chief on panel advocating for restoration of felons' rights

Wisconsin: Voter ID bill sparks concern

Friday, 11 March 2011

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mar 10, 2011

California: SF ranked-choice voting confusing, poll says  |  Vote by mail tally reaffirms election results  |  Accessibility to Cerritos polling places questioned

Colorado: Voter registration loophole causes concern  |  Gessler wants to purge voter database

Florida: Election recount set for Friday  |  Q&A with Vicki Cannon, Nassau County's supervisor of elections  |  Florida Republicans make it harder for ex-felons to vote  |  Low turnout makes election expensive

Georgia: Battle continues for elections board

Indiana: Where is Secretary of State Charlie White?

Kansas: Senate committee hears from supporters of voter ID  |  Senate panel hears claims of voter fraud from poll worker

Kentucky: Election worker retires after 50 years

Maine: Lawmakers presses for election changes

Michigan: Two polling places relocate

New Jersey: Another day without a verdict in AC vote fraud case  |  Borough will have one polling place

New York: Election changes could be costly  |  Three villages will switch to fall voting  |  Redlich sues elections board over narrow ballot loss  |  Orange County DAs office reviewing voter-fraud case  |  Cuoma sets May 24 for special election  |  New bill ensures service members votes count

North Carolina: Early voting changes coming to Greensboro

Ohio: Three ask for consideration as deputy director

South Carolina: Bluffton council moves to reclaim election control

Tennessee: House Republicans advance bill to kill voter confidence act

Wisconsin: Special election will have voters in one location  |  State works on overseas election ballots

Wednesday, 09 March 2011

Mar 09, 2011

Alaska: Felon voting rights bill passes first committee

Arizona: Scottsdale pair indicted on 15 counts of voter fraud  |  Tucson councilman proposes vote-by-mail election in 2011

California: Turnout increases in Redondo's first all-mail election  |  Meet poll inspector Nick Garcia

Colorado: Another voter ID bill pushed  |  County clerk responds to secretary of state non-citizen voter claim  |  Bill would require proof of citizenship to vote  |  Secretary of state: More than 11K registered voters may not be citizens  |  Secretary of state seeks approval to cross-check voter rolls for non-citizens

Florida: Curbside voting discontinued, not legal  |  Runoff and recount in Sarasota  |  Recount ordered in St. Pete's mayoral race  |  Waiting for West Palm Beach  |  Voting continues to be a no-waiting experience

Georgia: County requests election changes  |  Battle continues for elections board

Indiana: White faces inquiry over handling of own case

Kentucky: Former Clay officials get long sentences in vote-buying case

Minnesota: Voter fraud allegations made anew

New Hampshire: Senate weighs requiring voters to have photo ID  |  Panel to hold voter fraud hearing

New Jersey: Jury in Atlantic City vote fraud case deliberating  |  Butler, Waddington reappointed to board of elections

New Mexico: Voter ID bill as good as dead, committee chairwoman says

New York: Some villages can use old voting machines into 2012

North Carolina: Greensboro won't have citywide early voting locations this year

Ohio: Polivka can serve on elections board

Pennsylvania: Bipartisanship in Bucks County  |  Three judges to sit as elections board

Tennessee: New voting machines nixed  |  County balks at paying for more voting machines  |  New paper ballot system to be postponed due to lack of funds

Texas: Voter ID bill likely to become law in Texas  |  Cameron County elections administrator keeps job  |  City council ruling affects voting locations

Virginia: Paper trail  |  1,100 felons regain rights

Wisconsin: Going nowhere for a while? Taylor wants absentee ballot

Tuesday, 08 March 2011