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Friday, 18 February 2011

Feb 18, 2011

Colorado: SOS may have played a role in escalating Saguache election snafu

Connecticut: Norwich to consolidate voting precincts  |  Merrill, elections enforcement committee join forces for upcoming elections

Illinois: Early voting could reach 85K ballots

Indiana: Election board discusses past, future voting policy  |  Officials mull vote centers  |  Grand jury convenes in voter-fraud case

Iowa: Auditors oppose voter ID bill

Kentucky: Three charged with vote fraud

Maryland: Bill focuses on voter registration upgrades

Michigan: Arenac County election machines updated

Missouri: Senate approves voter ID bill  |  Senate approves photo ID to vote

New Hampshire: Dartmouth students protest bill limiting voting rights

New Mexico: Dems block voter ID bill  |  County clerk, state police clash

New York: Voting machine legislation awaiting governor's approval  |  Lake Placid may be able to use lever machines  |  Village officials still wrestling with voting machines

North Carolina: No widespread voter fraud in Forsyth County

Ohio: Lucase County BOE to upgrade voting machines

South Carolina: Election officials want 'checks and balances'

Tennessee: Roe introduces legislation to protect soldiers' rights  |  Planned return to paper ballots has election administrators calling for change

Texas: Location of polling places still up in the air

Virginia: Guilty plea in Arlington voter-fraud case

West Virginia: Cutting down on vote-by-mail confusion  |  Mon County searches for early voting location

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Feb 17, 2011

Overseas News: Lawmakers: Must troops sue for voting rights?

California: Bill would allow Californians to register online  |  Surprises loom as election debate picks up steam

Colorado: November ballots go through the mail

Guam: Lawmakers ponder possibility of repealing early voting

Hawaii: Instant runoff voting gains traction in Hawaii

Indiana: Grand jury probing vote by White  |  No charges filed in ballot probe

Kansas: Election commissioner forming study committee for voting places

Louisiana: Rep. Walker Hines plans to run for secretary of state

Maine: Bill would require voters to show ID at polls  |  Lawmakers considering bill that would require change in election rules

Maryland: Counties ask for more early voting sites

Nebraska: Vote by mail election gets an 'aye'

New Mexico: Committee vote on voter ID bill postponed  |  Voter ID bill unlikely to pass  |  Feds halt purge of 60K voters

New York: Villages prefer reliable older lever voting machines  |  Croton voters asked to move elections to November

North Carolina: Requiring voter ID: Good or bad for democracy?  |  Opponents speak out against voter ID  |  FSU students lobby against voter ID

Oklahoma: Bill's passage would help military voters

South Carolina: 1,127 voters not counted in Richland in November

Tennessee: Rutherford County elections administrator steps down  |  Walker resigns from post as administrator of elections  | County receives bill for election commission audit

Texas: Commissioners introduce new elections administrator

Virginia: Judge's ruling expands access to Virginian's voting records

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Feb 16, 2011

Overseas News: Absentee voting problems still irk troops

California: Debra Bowen enters race to replace Jane Harman  |  County requests vote-by-mail option

Connecticut: Election reforms proposed

Florida: 17,601 Jacksonville voters must renew absentee ballot requests

Georgia: Costs mount for special election  |  Election board looking ahead

Hawaii: Should residents be forced to register to vote

Illinois: Feds to monitor next week's election

Indiana: Local GOP alleges voting violations  |  Software firm may reap vote center perks

Iowa: Des Moines to look at tweaking election schedule

Maine: Secretary of state seeks to expand powers

Maryland: Some counties seek more early voting centers  |  Frederick County pushes for more early voting sites

Missouri: Required voter ID amendment endorsed by House committee and Senate  |  Lawmakers eye early voting, voter ID |  House panel approves photo ID, early voting  |  Senate says 'no' to paying young election judges

New Mexico: Voter ID bill doomed?  |  Duran: Voter rolls 'inflated'

New York: Legislation extending village use of lever-voting machines passes both houses  |  St. Johnsville to contract with county for use of new voting machines  |  Workers struggle with voting machines at libraries  |  Villages may get voting machine reprieve  |  Russell supports bill to extend deadline for villages to comply with election requirements  |  Voter fraud probe flawed, officials say

North Carolina: Elections chair: Williams not upset with county

Ohio: Polling places to change in Norris

Tennessee: David Edwards, Ransom Jones appointed to election commission  |  Election commission has two new members

Texas: Shouting match abruptly ends commissioners meeting  |  County settles lawsuit

Virginia: Councilman pushing for a change in election day

West Virginia: Charelston municipal elections early voting starts Wednesday  |  Council prepares vote-by-mail pamphlet  | Tennant testifies on MOVE Act  |  Morgantown aims to educate voters about vote-by-mail

Wisconsin: Polling places calm statewide due to low voter turnout  |  More ballots ordered in Waukesha County  |  Threat at McKinley forces relocation of polling place

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Alaska: Write-in bill passes state Senate

Arizona: Election day polling places listed

California: Playa del Norte election results could come quickly  |  Mail-only balloting possible for county  |  Kehoe bill would test out all-mail voting in San Diego County

Colorado: Council, mayor to decide changes to Aspen eleciton code

Connecticut: Bill gives Conn. official more election oversight  |  Merrill proposes voting by mail

Delaware: Estimated cost to implement Dewey electronic voter records lowered

Illinois: Residents vote early for mayor

Iowa: Iowa's county election offiicals oppose bill to require photo ID  |  Changes eyed for city elections in Des Moines

Massachusetts: Handicapped access ramp pitched for polling place

Missouri: Extended hours for absentee voting in postponed election  |  Absentee voters can cast ballots on Saturday

New Hampshire: Students oppose voting restrictions

New York: Lever machines may return for village elections

North Carolina: NHC elections director gives two weeks notice  |  Election critics bring case to county board

South Carolina: Voting machines at issue

South Dakota: Changes proposed for food for votes law

Tennessee: Committee to meet on Steakley/Burks election  |  Photo ID passes state Senate  |  Senate approves voter photo ID

Virginia: First shift of Lynchburg electoral board in eight years

West Virginia: Tennant to testify on MOVE Act

Wisconsin: Unusually high number of poll workers canceling ahead of Tuesday primary

Monday, 14 February 2011

Feb 12-14, 2011

National News: Harper introduces bill to terminate EAC

Overseas News: Expatriate US voters finding it easier to receive ballots

Alabama: Election Center director resigns

Arkansas: Election errors? 'You betcha'

California: Fresno County clerk says votes in danger

Colorado: Clerk's office deleted crucial data from laptop  |  Lawmakers vote to spend Gessler's money on schools

Connecticut: Clemons' ballot bill faces uphill battle  |  Alternatives emerge to assure sufficient ballots at next city polling  | Merrill, lawmakers to unveil election reform

Delaware: Area commission will allow mail-only voting

District of Columbia: D.C. voters might get no notice of special election

Florida: Tampa's election could cost almost $1M  |  Boca Raton's $100K civics lesson  |  In Lee County, an effort to rock the vote  |  Record number of Tampa voters request mail-in ballots  |  Watson wins special election after recount

Georgia: Analysis: Voting too early may not be such a good idea, legislators say  |  Special election money on hold

Indiana: Governor signs voting center bill into law

Kansas: Voter ID bill on hold in committee  |  Area election officers favor Kobach bill

Michigan: Dearborn Heights city clerk and most of staff resign

Minnesota: Andover woman charged with 2008 voter fraud

Montana: Poll: Stop same-day registration

New York: New ballots a catalyst for Staten Island voting trend  |  WFP, Conservatives sue over ballot configuration  |  Third parties lawsuit moves forward  |  18 cited in voter fraud case  |  Special election means added cost to county

Ohio: Polivka seeks to fill election board seat  |  Election board realigns city precinct over voting concerns  |  Revised precincts, polling locations for May vote

Pennsylvania: Polling places moved

Tennessee: Council ponders runoff voting system for Clarksville elections

Texas: Richardson council honors former Dallas elections administrator  |  New Dallas County elections administrator talks

Virginia: Local campaigns on hold till elections calendar set

West Virginia: Officials decide appointments for primary election workers  |  Two precinct changes approved

Friday, 11 February 2011

Feb 11, 2011

Overseas Voting: Report: One-third of overseas voters couldn't cast a ballot last fall  |  Justice Department pushes states on voting rights

Alabama: Montgomery elections director resigns

California: Brown considers voting by mail for potential special election  |  Election survey raises red flags

Colorado: Mesa County wants voters to mail it in  |  Mail-in only bill withdrawn  |  New bill would compel secretary of state to check voter rolls for non-citizens  |  City considering mail ballots for April election  |  Not this session: Three voter bills die early death

Connecticut: Students may register to vote  |  Special election cost to top $100K

Delaware: Dewey Beach considering e-voter registration

District of Columbia: Instant-runoff voting: Does it make sense?

Florida: FBI: Buddy Johnson committed no federal crime  |  Broward elections supervisor is running for re-election

Illinois: Voting assistance available at the polls

Indiana: No voting centers for Vigo until at least 2012, clerk says  |  Vote center concept getting a closer look  |  Duke Bennett aims to reduce election costs

Iowa: Voter photo ID requirement may prove costly

Kansas: Seward County clerk testifies for new voter registration  |  Critics say election fraud bill too drastic

Kentucky: Legislation allowing felons to vote clears House  |  Carroll wants spare paper ballot reader

Minnesota: Bill requiring voters to show ID advances

New York: Alfred town officials against any BOE polling changes

Ohio: Precinct change delayed

Oregon: West Linn mayor, others ordered to pay fine for breaking state elections law

South Carolina: Timmonsville turns over elections to Florence County

Tennessee: County seeking private option to allow for special election option

Texas: Committee votes on polling locations

West Virginia: Voting site alternatives examined  |  Charleston to offer free parking for early voting  |  Commission moves around $1M to prepare for special election

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Feb 10, 2011

Alabama: County gets grant to upgrade polling places

Colorado: Schriever opens voting assistance office  |  House panel to consider vote-by-mail

Connecticut: Fire house collapse will mean changes in polling place for election

Florida: Gov. turns Voting Rights Act rule on its head  |  Recount possible in exceedingly low turnout special election

Georgia: Flemington hired by secretary of state

Illinois: Back to the future for Kendall voting

Indiana: County clerk supports switch to vote centers

Iowa: County officials don't like voter ID

Kansas: Kansas House hears voter ID concerns  |  Critics say Kansas election fraud bill too drastic

Maryland: Tensions arise over election board bill

Massachusetts: New registrar looking to bring bi-partisanship to town  |  Nuns banned from voting

Minnesota: Another voter ID bill passes House committee  |  St. Paul shapes new voting system

Nebraska: Probe sought into voter fraud

New York: Election officials: County not set up for instantaneous results  |  How much will a special election cost?  |  New lawsuit filed in Rochester mayoral process

North Dakota: House gives small-town ND polling places a boost

Ohio: Ballot investigation continues

Oklahoma: County election board closed on final day to file for office  |  Richland County ready for primary

Pennsylvania: DA still probing voter fraud

South Dakota: Secretary of state adds social media to voter education

Tennessee: Committee to meet on Steakley/Burks election

Texas: City elections set for May 14  |  Euless legislator is no longer House elections committee chair  |  Dems, GOP pass resolution thanking former Dallas County elections administrator

Washington: Added ballots fail to change outcomes in Valley elections

West Virginia: County officials prepare for upcoming election

Wisconsin: Possible benefits, drawbacks of voter ID on UW campus

Wednesday, 09 February 2011

Feb 09, 2011

Alabama: Polling places to get makover

California: Riverside County hires Kari Verjil as registrar  |  Registrar of voters switches counties--again

Georgia: Low turnout, high cost for special election  |  Saturday requirement removed from early-voting bill for local elections

Indiana: Senate OKs vote center option  |  Indiana voting centers established

Kansas: DOJ fights release of vote fraud emails

Kentucky: Felon voting rights amendment clears committee

Louisiana: Federal officials approve La. open primary law

Maryland: Snow Hill to set next election reform meeting

Minnesota: GOP voter ID measure passes first Capitol hurdle  |  Dayton cool to photo ID for voters

Missouri: Groups to testify at photo ID hearing today in Jefferson City  |  Opponents rail against voter ID proposal in House  | St. Louis election board wracked with turmoil  |  Earl: Turnout would have been lower if election postponed

New Jersey: Defense begins in voter fraud trial

New Mexico: Proposed measure would allow use of vote centers

New York: Westchester County, villages at odds over use of new voting machines

Oklahoma: Road conditions prompt change of polling places

South Carolina: Voter ID bill rallies right, riles left  |  Franklin County commissioners say no to polling place consolidation

South Dakota: Senate won't shorten early voting period

Tennessee: Vote centers face costs  |  Voter ID bill passes state Senate committee  |  Senate panel OKs rule requiring voter photo ID  |  Jones, Gardner miss final meeting

Texas: Dallas County commissioners reject consulting contract for former elections administrator

Washington: New election mail rates hopefully leave some wiggle room  |  Democracy Live shifts ballots from polling place to digital age

West Virginia: Tennant maintains 'educational value' of poster

Wisconsin: Council votes to push for changes to voter ID bill

Tuesday, 08 February 2011

Feb 08, 2011

Arizona: County OKs move of Bullhead polling place

Arkansas: Elections staff talks locked doors

California: Debra Bowen eyeing Harman's congressional seat

Colorado: Campaign for ranked voting kicks off Sunday  |  ArapCo clerk supports bill requiring all-mail elections

Delaware: Dewey Beach eyeing electronic voter registration

Florida: City OKs early voting for 2011 elections

Georgia: Early voting too long, too costly Southeast Georgia election officials say

Indiana: Vote center bill gets final approval  |  Bill to consolidate Indiana voting sites moves to governor

Kansas: NAACP has concerns over Kobach's voter ID bill

Massachusetts: Judge rejects bid to halt Boston special election

Minnesota: Voter ID not only troublesome issue in Kiffmeyer bill, election group says  |  Legislature takes up ID bill  | Legislators propose changes to voting

Mississippi: Lowndes absentee ballots scrutinized

Missouri: State seeks to expand early voting  |  Springfield election rescheduled due to weather  |  Elections board sends voters to wrong polling place

North Carolina: Bill would require photo ID to vote  |  Election law allegations heard at stormy meeting

Tennessee: Last meeting for Rutherford County election commissioners

Texas: Controversy over former Dallas County elections administrator's resignation lingers

Virginia: AG to investigate Montgomery County election controversy

West Virginia: Educational poster creating a buzz in state capital  |  Senate wraps up $8M for special election

Wisconsin: Alderman wants city to weigh in on voter ID

Monday, 07 February 2011

Feb 05-07, 2011

U.S. Virgin Islands: Joint elections meeting draws only one member

Arkansas: Poll worker joins commissioners in election complaints

California: Brown's budget cuts could jeopardize vote-by-mail  |  Bill would return primary to June

Florida: Florida citizens ask court to enforce voting rights laws  |  Absentee ballot requests in Tampa are double the total from 07 election

Georgia: Lawmakers split on shortening early voting

Illinois: Polls reopen for early voting

Iowa: Auditor's office gets new look, more security

Kansas: Kobach, Mah square off again at delayed hearing on voter ID  |  Voters speak, lawmakers listen

Maryland: Pocomoke elections guided by new written, unwritten codes

Massachusetts: Durant to forgo appeal, gears up for new election  |  Bolton polling location moved

Minnesota: County receives grant for new voting equipment  |  Voter ID could disenfranchise voters, group tells committee  | Rochester Republican pushes for voter  |  Supreme Court to hear absentee ballot case March 1

Mississippi: Circuit clerk working to crack down on absentee ballots

Missouri: Appeals court opts for delay instead of cancelation  |  Judges postpone election two weeks rather than cancel it

Montana: House OKs bill putting end to same-day registration  |  Commissioners consolidate polling places

New Hampshire: Taking aim at the student vote  |  Bill may limit voting

New York: March election in LP will be first with new voting machines  |  Using lever voting machines in village elections still possible  |  New voting machines come at hefty price for villages  |  County election commissioners urge state to move primary |  Wayne County election commissioners retire

North Carolina: 1M registered voters don't have ID  |  Forsyth elections board continues probe

North Dakota: Bill would require polling sites

Ohio: State plans to probe Lucas County board of elections  |  Early voting on the rise

South Dakota: State to use social media

Virginia: House allows counting of deceased absentee vote  |  Montgomery County's electoral ways being examined  |  Janis discusses bill to create a state elections director

Washington: Bill allows e-ballots for overseas voters

West Virginia: Clerks weigh in on election date  |  City begins voter education campaign

Wisconsin: Moore addresses voter ID on anniversary of 15th Amendment