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Friday, 28 September 2012

September 28, 2012

National News: Voter ID laws in all 50 states —in 1 map | Courts push back against voter ID law | RNC cuts ties with voter-drive firm accused of fraud | Should partisans be in charge of our elections?

Overseas Voting News: Military absentee voting picks up

Alabama: Secretary of state forwards Pinson election complaints to attorney general

Arizona: County, state leaders expect few problems on Election Day | Nine new voter fraud cases found since 2008

California: Governor signs Feurer turnout bill | Barbara Boxer calls for enforcement of voting rights laws

Colorado: Gessler spars with voter registration group over website  

District of Columbia: DCBOE posts partisan tweet, renounces it

Florida: Pasco schools ensnared in voter registration imbroglio | State attorney investigating possible forged voter registration forms | Ex-felons fight tough battle to restore voting rights | Elections supervisor checking eligibility against new list | New noncitizens voter purge has its own problems, county elections officials say | Big ballots could cost county

Georgia: Fulton racing to ready elections office after shake up

Guam: Primary election workers can pick up checks

Hawaii: Workshops prepare workers for the general election

Illinois: Resident worried voting machines could be hacked | Southern Ill. counties cull more than 4K voters from rolls | DuPage to have bilingual ballots | Elections officials culling duplicates in state's registration rolls

Iowa: New voting equipment in KMAland

Kentucky: Voting machines certified in preparation for November

Louisiana: Redistricting suit filed against Jindal

Massachusetts: As Election Day approaches, town clerk prepares

Minnesota: Amendment may jeopardize mail-in balloting

Mississippi: Military ballots sent late

Nevada: New enrollments double with online voter registration | Washoe County voter registrar inundated by faulty voter registration forms | Elections officials brace for flood of absentee ballots

New Hampshire: Professor's app seeks to empower voters

New York: Grant supporters question election process | Nearly 16K new voters use DMV's online voter registration service

North Carolina: Voting preps under way in Mecklenburg County | NC GOP parts ways with firm linked to voter registration fraud

Ohio: Tea party questions Ohio voter rolls | Ohio elections board sets own early voting hours | Secretary of state awaits court decision before ruling on Summit County early voting hours | Improvements to BOE website

Oklahoma: EC picks tribe's new election service company

Oregon: Brown, Buehler camps debate number of debates in secretary of state race

Pennsylvania: Pa. judge backs most of voter ID law | Judge must rule next week in Pa. voter ID case | Poll: Pa.'s voter ID law has solid support | Absentee ballots to get ID checks | Retirement leaves void at election bureau | Settlement on table in Post-Gazette effort to observe elections | Newspaper, county to settle voting dispute

Rhode Island: Elections board to 'audit' Pawtucket poll with unexplained vote

South Carolina: Another general election suit filed

South Dakota: Senator calls for secretary of state to resign | Yankton county plans vote centers

Tennessee: Party representatives inspect voting machines; early voting starts Oct. 17 | Sen. Ketron pleased chancellor affirms state voter ID law

Texas: Grant to make polling places more accessible | Concerns over lack of military absentee voting in Fannin County

Virginia: New Va. voter ID laws aimed toward phantom fraud | New polling places a reality for many Virginia voters

Wisconsin: WI Supreme Court takes pass for now on voter ID | State high court declines to take up voter ID for now

Wyoming: Absentee voting begins for general election

Thursday, 27 September 2012

September 27, 2012

National News: NAACP goes to the UN in attempt to secure voting rights for felons | Provisional ballots could be hanging chads of 2012

Overseas Voting News: Military voting threatens caucuses

California: Oakland readies for election with National Voter Registration Day

Colorado: Elections office conducts logic and accuracy test | Software glitch nixes registrations of nearly 800 Coloradans

Connecticut: Connecticut high court sides with GOP on ballot dispute

Florida: Fla. Gov. Rick Scott's voter purge efforts start anew | State names 198 noncitizens illegally registered | Voter-registration firm paid $1.3M by RPOF turns in 'questionable' registration forms | Residents get info, help at Daytona voting workshop | Absentee ballots draw scrutiny

Georgia: In some Georgia cities, voters will vote twice Nov. 6

Guam: GEC needs more money to pay for primary

Iowa: Polk County auditor counts on early votes | Iowa secretary of state wrapped up in voter fraud lawsuit | 'Revolutionary' change for some voters | Auditors see increase in absentee voting & satellite voting petitions | Investigation under way involving requests for absentee ballots in Floyd County

Louisiana: Volunteer help sought by Jefferson Parish registrar

Massachusetts: Holyoke's 6,554 inactive voters urged to get active in time for presidential election

Michigan: Voters facing huge November ballot | ACLU lawyer on voter citizenship question: Secretary 'is not above the law' | Council debate citizenship check box on voter applications | Detroit will remove citizenship box from ballot applications

Minnesota: Other states offer only limited guidance for Minnesota voter ID | $226K DOD grant will update state military and overseas voter service website

Mississippi: Absentee voting already under way | Voter ID not required in November

Nebraska: Nebraska counties pushing for more mail-in ballots

New Hampshire: House, Senate counsel weigh options for appeal of ruling on voter registration

New Mexico: Probe turns up 19 likely illicit voters

New York: Grant wants justice to oversee recount of 500 votes | Defeated candidate sues city board of elections

North Carolina: Group says Forsyth has 550 dead registered voters; state questions number | Controversy looms in Craven County over two early voting Sundays

Ohio: Ohio lawmakers requests federal election monitors | People thought it was junk mail and threw it away | Officials don't sweat decrease in polling locations | No extra requirement for naturalized citizens at ballot box

Pennsylvania: Witnesses to detail barriers to Pa. voter ID law | State official confident voter ID law will stand | Nine witnesses expected to testify about trouble getting Pa. voter ID | IHM nuns lacking voter ID; call law 'unfair and ridiculous' | Pa. voters battle bureaucracy ahead of ID law ruling | State says 12K voter ID cards issued so far | Montco delays unveiling of voter ID details

Rhode Island: Tobon-San Bento vote should head to Supreme Court | Election officials to audit votes at Pawtucket poll site | Church dropped as Smithfield polling location

South Carolina: Election turnout figures to mirror 2008 in Florence, elsewhere

South Dakota: Yankton County voting changes discussed at area meeting

Tennessee: Despite concerns, Roane early voting to stay in courthouse | Judge rejects challenge to voter ID law | Democrats call for hearing on primary

Texas: Students try to navigate voting laws, registration hassles | Texas voter registration laws stay

Virginia: Virginia voting machines have 'vulnerability' to wireless sabatoge | Elections office trying to gauge staffing needs for Election Day | McDonnell administration updates ongoing voter-restoration efforts | Falls Church teens represent good numbers at the polls

Washington: Spanish ballots designed for Adams and Franklin counties, not SJC | Unfair campaign tactics probed in race for secretary of state

West Virginia: Candidates at odds over voter ID laws

Wisconsin: Subtle changes made to general election absentee voting process

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

September 26, 2012

National News: New voter ID laws could delay outcome of close election | Sarah Silverman talks about voter ID ad | Facebook lets users announce voter registration | Dave Matthews Band release 'Mercy' video for first National Voter Registration Day | Conservative veterans of voting wars cite ballot integrity to justify fight

Alabama: DOJ asks Supreme Court to reject Shelby County voting rights case

Arizona: Bennett notes apparent voter-fraud cases

Arkansas: Election commission prepares for Nov. 6 | Five more people arrested in Crittendon County voter fraud

California: Online voter registration draws critics | Tulare County voters registering online | SF State community pushes for on-campus polling location

Colorado: Voting centers coming soon

Connecticut: Wilton registrars set up camp at Village Market during National Voter Registration Day | New Haven initiative helps ex-cons with registering to vote

Florida: UF partners with TurboVote to get students registered | State joins with LWV to register new voters | 'Questionable' PBC voter registration forms forwarded to state attorney for review

Guam: GEC awaits cash to pay workers

Hawaii: Hawaii County gets new elections administrator | Council cancels meeting over lawsuits

Indiana: New law allows guns at polling places

Iowa: Cerro Gordo election system to be tested Oct. 2

Kentucky: First batch of absentee ballots mailed for Clark County voters

Massachusetts: Debate erupts over readiness of overseas ballots

Michigan: County voters will receive two ballots in November | Secretary of state defends citizenship question on ballots | St. Clair city clerk hiring election inspectors

Minnesota: Some concerned what voter ID means for elderly | Voter ID equipment could cost Moorhead $65k

Missouri: County clerk provides Nov. 6 election update

Montana: Candidate Brad Johnson proposes voter ID law for Montana | Political groups accused of sending absentee ballots

Nebraska: Early voting gains popularity in Nebraska | Program promotes youth workers for November election

Nevada: Voter registration day pushes people to the polls | New voters increasing via online registration

New Hampshire: Ruling in NH voter registration law will be appealed | House speaker: State will appeal ruling on voter registration law

New Jersey: Court upholds election outcome

New York: Groups push to register NY voters | Board votes for bigger type on city ballots

North Dakota: Secretary of state: Calls about absentee voting a hoax

Ohio: May I bring my iPad into the voting booth? | TARTA sues elections board over exclusion | Republican elections board member walks out of meeting | Don't try to vote from a vacant lot | Franklin County rejects voter-roll challenges

Pennsylvania: Judge hints he may block Pa. voter ID | Voter ID available to all voters with one trip to PennDOT | Pa. simplifies process to getting voter ID | Voter ID meeting questions rationale for state's law | Delco not following lead of neighbors on voter ID | Election workers swamped | County denies open-records request for emails

Rhode Island: Tobon may skip court challenge due to lack of money

South Carolina: Are you ready to vote? | Little voters simulate election process | Graham, Gowdy seek documents in voter ID case | Federal suit challenges special state primary

Tennessee: Election official wants more poll workers | Election reform advisory board approved | 9th district precinct moved

Texas: County commissioners aruge over today's voter registration drive in area high schools | Voter purging may cause concern | Drive-thru booth registers Comal County voters

Vermont: Romney camp decries Vt. absentee voting preparations

Virginia: Va. officials to spen $2M on voter ID compliance

Wisconsin: Voter registration to get help from special deputies | GAB ready for any voter ID surprises

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

September 25, 2012

National News: Could new voter ID laws really disenfranchise 10M Latinos? | GOP search for voter fraud turns up little

California: Brown signs election-day registration bill into law | Gordon bill modernizing vote-by-mail ballot drop-off signed by governor

Colorado: County denies employing woman conducting partisan voter registration

Connecticut: Conn. to mark National Voter Registration Day | Darien GOP seeks candidate fro Republican registrar of voters

District of Columbia: Board of elections plans citywide registration drive-in

Florida: Civil rights groups fight Florida voting restrictions | Florida early voting cuts survive | Town hall discusses city elections date | County election supervisors pushing vote-by-mail

Georgia: Unique billboard voter registration campaign in Ga. | Fulton elections office in flux as election looms

Hawaii: Kawauchi names another temporary elections administrator

IndianaTippecanoe County BOE pushes early voting

Iowa: Election officials in Iowa, other states finding little evidence of voter fraud | Requests for absentee ballots soar

Kansas: Envision to sponsor clininc on using audio ballots

Maryland: Online voting could emerge, university center has studied options

Massachusetts: Millbury honors two poll workers for 93 years of combined service

Michigan: States start early voting, but not Michigan | Ballot citizenship checkbox irks some Farmington Hills officials

Minnesota: Voter ID amendment foes frustrated with DFL | Kittson County officials express concern over voter ID amendment

Missouri: Election do-over for some St. Louis county residents

Nevada: Nevada elections chief hosting voter registration drive at health clinics | Washoe County clerk's office moving | Millers says all ballots to overseas voters are in the mail

New Hampshire: Strafford County judge orders NH to revise voter registration form | Licensed voter forms rejected

New York: In reversal, BOE has Reslter down by 31 votes | Elections board recount ballots in state primary

North Carolina: Popularity of early voting growing in NC

Ohio: Early voting for presidential election | Voter-roll challenges dismissed | Group gives Husted failing grades | More than 723K absentee ballot applications received

Oklahoma: Oklahoma law shakes up ID requirements for voters — especially out-of-state students

Pennsylvania: A drive to help nursing home residents vote | Report: Voter ID could stop nearly 1 in 6 Pa. Latinos from voting | Pa. voter ID law heads back into court today | City decides against issuing voter IDs from homes, colleges | Voter ID opponents, state file final briefs | Commissioner's authorize senior care center to issue voter ID cards | Should Bucks County issue its own voter IDs? | County refuses to release Pizano emails

South Carolina: Closing arguments for SC voter ID law | Voter ID laws in court: Now it's South Carolina's turn | Judges tough on both sides in voter ID case

Tennessee: Rally encourages citizens to learn voting requirements, get equipped

Texas: Ballots in the mail for Nov. 6 'Super Bowl of elections'

Utah: Group seeks to bolster turnout with National Voter Registration Day

Vermont: With six weeks until Election Day, in-person voting picks up in Vermont | A modest proposal: Abandon Vermont primaries?

Virginia: Homeless discuss difficulty of getting a voter ID card

West Virginia: Vote fraud gun pulling man gets 8-yr sentence

Wisconsin: Wis. election head to encourage voter registration | Wis. at center of national voting rights storm | Voter fraud convictions in state don't match claims

Monday, 24 September 2012

September 22-24, 2012

National News: In voting, the early bird skips the line | Study: Voter roll purges, citizenship proof demands, photo ID may affect 10M Hispanics | Activists use education to overcome new voting laws | States' voter ID laws are underlying issue in 2012 presidential race

California: Online registration could increase young voter turnout | Postal Service clarifies rule, allows voter registration materials in offices | New voting system may impact November mayoral election

Colorado: Touch screens making voting easier | YouTube video spurs voter registration flap | Judge tosses ballot privacy lawsuit

Florida: Elections hopefuls square off | Ballot brokers also target Haitian vote | Elections officials hope to avoid logjam | Amid fraud concerns, absentee voting shrouded in secrecy | Veterans call for elections supervisor's resignation over survey | After 24 years, elections supervisor seat up for grabs | Susan Bucher target of race discrimination suit

Georgia: NGCSU joins initiative to ease voter registration

Hawaii: County council to meet over lawsuit

Indiana: Voters warned of scam calls

Iowa: Schultz to discuss voter ID rules | Iowa voter fraud cases may hit roadblock of intent

Kansas: County clerk sheds light on voter laws

Maryland: Voting online is the future | Cleaning up voter rolls won't happen till after election

Massachusetts: No investigation yet on election-day shenanigans

Michigan: West Wing cast draws attention to non-partisan elections

Minnesota: More than half of those polled back voter ID, but support is down

Missouri: Neeley explains ballot sticker concerns | Schoeller banking on area in his bid fro secretary of state

New Hampshire: No settlement in voter registration suit

New Mexico: Group plans voter registration drives across Indian Country | NM residents curious about voter centers

New York: Ballot counting continues | Mock presidential elections coming to 11 school districts | New service aims to make voting easier | Albany inaction means two wave of ballots to overseas voters

North Carolina: Voter ID battles churn in key states | Tribe must find election dollars | Pre-registered teen voters now eligible to make a difference

Ohio: Official: Voter lists as accurate as possible | Two counties move ahead with early voting | Election officials try to clean up voter rolls | Board of elections confident in voter lists | Elections officials ready for Nov. 6 | Some voters in Medina face new polling places

Pennsylvania: Under voter ID, provisional ballots could loom large | Other counties may join in using Pa. voter ID law loophole | Lazy people can't get voter ID Pa. lawmaker says | Emails sent among Luzerne County officials shed light on firing of director of elections

South Carolina: Voter ID gets judges' scrutiny | SC online voter registration awaiting federal OK | SC's voter ID case could close with legal fireworks

South Dakota: League gives nudge to potential voters | Early voting gets underway | Changes in voting to be reviewed at meeting

Tennessee: Memo reveals for disciplinary action against election official | Impact of election woes may linger

Texas: Abbott moves to lift 'dead voter' injunction | Purge of voter rolls in Texas hits snag

Vermont: Secretary of state urges Vermonters to register

Virginia: Voters confused over valid IDs

Washington: State misfires on some voter registration mailings

West Virginia: Sentencing today in voter fraud case | Savilla brings security to secretary of state office | Secretary of state to critics: 'I did my job'

Wisconsin: Wisconsin among 10 states battling over voters' photo ID | Election officials launch online ballots for overseas, military voters

Wyoming: Wyoming is one of the toughest states for ex-felon voting rights | Voting baffles Fremont County residents

Friday, 21 September 2012

September 21, 2012

National News: Deadlines approaching for ballot mailing, voter registration and litigation | Voter ID laws provoking black women to turn out voters

Alabama: Lawsuit contests Tuskegee election results

Arkansas: November ballots going out to military, overseas voters

California: Group meets with county registrar about voter fraud | Monterey County begins online voter registration | OC registrar continues prepping for November election

Florida: LWV launches new voter hotline | Revised try at purging noncitizen voters draws legal fire | Special election could cost $183K | Hialeah absentee ballot scandal attraces FBI

Hawaii: Council to hold special session to discuss lawsuits

Idaho: Ysura says 'absolutely no truth' to claim Obama has ordered U.S. votes counted in Spain | Idaho Supreme Court hears election dispute case

Indiana: Clark elections board rejects abotu 2 dozen absentee ballot applications | Plea deal reached in voting fraud case

Iowa: Voting wars flare up across U.S. | Three Iowans charged wtih voter fraud; all are permanent residents, but not citizens | Armstrong to have satellite voting station | Campaigns preparing for eletction challengs

Louisiana: Strickland addresses Rotary on voting process

Massachusetts: New Mansfield town clerk ready for election season | State to oversee November election in East Longmeadow

Michigan: Citizenship box dispute intensifies | Coalition asks judge to prohibit voter application checkboxes

Missouri: Missouri's 87th District preps for special election | Schoeller, Kander spend big in secretary of state race

New Hampshire: Compromise sought on NH voter registration law | Judge sets Friday deadline for voter registration agreement | Portsmouth poll worker: Councilor Kennedy's comments out of line

New Jeresey: Ventnor election results upheld in court

New York: Close race goes before judge | Headaches at the polls for Queens voters | Glen Oaks votes limited by polling site changes | Prior to November, council members say voting issues remain a concern

North Carolina: Analysis: More than 60K teenage voters added to rolls through pre-registration

Ohio: Latest facts on absentee ballots, early voting and provisional ballots | Ohio lawmaker's quest to fight voter disenfranchisement | Colley quits local elections board | Husted was aware of conflict of interest when voting on ballot issue | Judge to hear arguments in firing of two Democratic officials

Pennslyvania: Voter ID law up in the air | Questions abound at voter ID law forum in Harrisburg | Hearing set for Pa. voter ID law | Montco to issue voter IDs through nursing home | Pa. waives license-forfeiture rule for some college students wanting to vote

South Carolina: New voter ID law should be rejected, ACLU director says | Clyburn to hold National Voter Registration Day event in Columbia

Tennessee: Shelby County election administrator faces suspension

Texas: GOP accuses Dallas County of partisan voter drive | Judge halts part of efforts to purge dead voters | Judge orders Texas to halt purge of suspected dead voters | County voters receive letters asking if they're alive or dead

U.S. Virgin Islands: Seven candidates file primary complaints

Washington: Secretary of state candidates cite need for election reforms | County sending 4K ballots overseas

Wisconsin: Election officials launch online ballots for overseas military voters

Thursday, 20 September 2012

September 20, 2012

National News: House Democrats offer their solution for voter ID | Unique obstacles for Asian Americans in voting | Voter purges under review ahead of Election Day | Amid court challenges, early voting begins

Alabama: Mobile County probate judge continues legal fight over voter registration

Alaska: Voter registration mostly steady so far

California: No vote counting in Spain | 'Everyone wins' with new online voter registration | Voter cards return to post offices | SF State gets polling place after all

Colorado: Denver clerk sues Gessler over mailing ballots to inactive voters | Election activist claims she's broken Boulder's ballot code

Connecticut: Judge orders new election

Florida: Voting law opponents tell judge black voters hurt disproportionately | Some counties planning on even fewer hours of early voting | Leon County supervisor of elections speaks on new voting laws | Judge weighs request to block early voting law

Georgia: Savannah NAACP offers free rides to get voter ID | Fulton elections chief jailed

Hawaii: Elections commission frustrated by Big Island clerk

Indiana: Vote centers get nod from public | Voters may see more guns at polling places

Kansas: Group launches high school voter registration | Kansas ballot preparation

Kentucky: Grimes proposes letting overseas troops vote by email

Maryland: Early voting faces crucial test in November

Massachusetts: Brookhaven may foot $30K bill for run-offs | Councilor: Time to get voters active

Michigan: Federal lawsuit won't impact city voting | Voters to face two-page ballot

Minnesota: Divisions persist on need for voter ID amendment

Mississippi: Hosemann: Miss. voter ID law will go to court

New Hampshire: Law modifies voter registration | Judge seeks compromise on voter law

New York: McDonald picks up 16 votes in recount | It's not easy, or that hard to be a poll worker

North Carolina: Some Lumbees wonder how tribe will pay for council elections

Ohio: Early voting makes elections more expensive | Cuyahoga County officials encourage early voting to avoid long lines on Election Day | Civil rights group launches Ohio voter hotline

Oregon: Oregon secretary of state candidates trade tough words

Pennsylvania: Study questions students' access to valid voter ID | Panel picks apart voter ID law | Duquesne IDs to be allowed at polls

South Carolina: Hardeeville election chief warned, fined for conflict of interest

Tennessee: Election administrator says 4 early voting sites enough

Texas: Texas pays a pretty pennty for Hockley County's primary elections | Voter ID law awaits appeal, won't affect Nov. 6 | Dispute resolved over 'dead' voter issue in Harris County

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections challenges Maduro suspension

Utah: Salt Lake county to provide bilingual ballots

Virginia: Nelson County gets 20 new laptops for elections | State board of elections launches new website ahead of election

Washington: A new kind of voting machine visited campus over the summer | Larsen leads the charge to stop voter suppression

West Virginia: Tennant says voter fraud not an issue

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September 19, 2012

National News: Dems aim to dismantle state voting restrictions | Battles over voter ID laws heating up in Congress | First official Voter Registration Day approaching | Smartmatic International sues Dominion Voting Systems for licensing breach

Overseas Voting News: DoD announces Absentee Voting Week for service members, families

Alabama: Power outage doesn't stop voting process at Red Oak | Few Alabama voters head to the polls | Poll workers use iPads to help direct voters | Differing polling places confuse some voters

California: California begins online voter registration | Lawmakers work to boost voter turnout

Connecticut: Malloy: Tighter voter restriction laws 'un-American' | Windsor voter thought to be dead is alive

Florida: Supervisor of elections demonstrates voting machine for blind | US Rep. asks court to keep more early voting days | Miami-Dade to provide pre-paid return postage for absentee ballots

Georgia: Habersham consolidating from 14 to 2 polling places | Secretary of state encourages students to vote | Brookhaven may have to pay for runoffs

Hawaii: Hawaii has no recourse as Kawauchi again resists colleagues' help | County staff attend elections workshop; clerk a no-show | State elections panel frustrated by Hawaii County election troubles

Indiana: Commissioners spar over contract extension with elections consultant | Munster man draws fire for attempting to 'True the Vote'

Iowa: Official: My voting system preferable to photo ID law | Armstrong satellite voting petition rejected | More Iowans choosing to vote early

Kentucky: Secretary of state returns from mission to Middle East

Maryland: Montgomery needs election judges | Police decide against adding officers at Eastport polling place | Construction triggers polling place move for two Towson precincts

Massachusetts: City solicitor says Rushford not the authority on elections

Michigan: Johnson: Estimated 4K registered voters in Michigan aren't U.S. citizens | Shelby Township Navy veteran denied ballot, has citizenship questioned

Minnesota: New My Ballot site offers 'one-stop shopping' for Minnesota voters

New Hampshire: NH court hears challenge to voter registration law

New Jersey: County superintendent of elections urges residents to check voter registration

New Mexico: NM short of money for general election costs

New York: Camps agree on schedule for counting absentee ballots | All eyes centered on 994 primary ballots

North Carolina: Early voting site to return to campus

Ohio: New BOE members focus on efficiency | Husted suggests 'more strict' voter ID law | State gets nearly 500K absentee ballot requests | Severance Towers voters moved back to original polling location | Election officials ready for Nov. 6

Pennsylvania: Pa. voter ID law sent back to lower court | Pa. Supreme Court punts on voter ID law | Pa. high court tells judge to check voter ID access | Pa. colleges move to ensure students have valid voter IDs

Rhode Island: Tobon seeks manual recount in epic House race

South Dakota: Gant details options for military & overseas voters

Tennessee: 'Goose-chase' ends: Knoxville woman gets free photo ID on second try | Metro council purchases controversial voting equipment

Texas: Voter registrars do their part on list | Cherokee Co. won't purge death list

Utah: Davis and Weber counties expected high amount of absentee ballots for general election

Vermont: Election officials want to move primary up

Washington: Secretary of state candidates differ on voter registration ideas

West Virginia: Lincoln County continues purging voter rolls

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

September 18, 2012

California: Lawsuit filed over voter registration arrest | Registering to vote will soon be paperless for Calfornians | Some question tactics of election integrity project in San Diego

Florida: Preparing for Election Day | Voters brace for extra reading on November ballot | Judge rejects ballots for recount | Miami-Dade commissioners debate prepaid postage for absentee ballots

Georgia: Little demand locally for free voter ID | Judge denies Moon's request for new Hall Co. elections

Hawaii: League of Women Voters weighs in on Big Island election snafus

Idaho: Ysura promotes National Voter Registration Month | Idaho election officials gear up for early voting

Indiana: County reports upswing in absentee voting | Election board approves Chesterton early voting site for general election | Tippecanoe County part of voting scam | Ind. secretary of state: No such thing as over the phone voting | Vote center hearing to begin Tuesday | Voting sites set in Tippecanoe | Voting centers may replace county voting precincts

Iowa: Schultz: Voting rule changes are on hold in wake of Judge's ruling | Absentee ballots popular in Scott County

Kansas: Andrew Howell named Shawnee County elections commissioner

Kentucky: Ky. among 16 states needing excuse for early voting

Louisiana: New citizens register to vote in Nov. election

Michigan: Rights groups sue over citizenship checkbox for Michigan voters

Minnesota: Voter ID has broad support; studies suggeset fraud is rare

Missouri: East. St. Louis to vote again on dissolving elections board | Secretary of state race heating up

Nevada: State increasing voter registration efforts in wake of federal lawsuit | Sec. of state debuts new ad campaign for voter registration

New Hampshire: Selectmen get voter ID law explanation

New York: Voters annoyed by hard-to-read ballots | Woodstock Town board considers fewering polling places for primary voting | Voters complained: Mass confusion at polls

North Carolina: NCCU panelists see voter suppression in state | State elections chief addresses voter fraud | Elections board working on list of dead 'voters' | Not dead, but still voting | 2010 NC law could swell ranks of voters

Ohio: Election challenges find one suspicious registration in Fairfield County | Ohio elections chief seeks to update voter rolls | Butler County voter challenge comes up empty | Lake, Geauga election boards don't know hours, costs for in-person absentee voting | Absentee ballot requests rolling in | One-on-one with top elections official

Pennsylvania: Sisters navigate new Pa. voter ID law | Clearfield County reviews guidelines for voter ID law | Chesco official proposes giving seniors rides | PennDOT won't send Pa.-born voters home and back | Carbon County worries over voter ID law | Advocacy groups pushing colleges to issue IDs so students can vote

Rhode Island: After seven races reviewed by elections board, only one stll in limbo

South Dakota: SD governor urges troops to register and vote

Texas: County reaches deal to restore state voter registration funding | Karnack residents gain local polling place | Harris County under attack for keeping 'dead' voters

Vermont: Elections chief calls for earlier primary

Virginia: Virginia officials preparing to mail abotu 4.7M new voter ID cards

Monday, 17 September 2012

September 15-17 2012

National News: Decade old e-voting wars continue in presidential election | Study: Almost 1M minority voters to be affected by voter ID laws | Time to change the Voting Rights Act?

Overseas Voting News: Voting drive attracts American citizens to Zahle

Alabama: Website may help alleviate voter confusion

California: Wyle wins $25K grant to support NIST | Applicants flood Anaheim elections committee | Mail ballots alter California campaigns

Colorado: Noncitizen voters ID'd fraction of those first alleged by Gessler | Clerk gives up subpoena fight

Connecticut: Primaries costly for small towns

Delaware: Dewey launches electronic voter registration

Florida: Groups racing against time to get voters registered | Elections office urges voting via absentee to avoid long lines at polls | Elections office preparing to mail ballots | Thousands of notices mailed out to voters in Duval County | If signatures don't match, absentee vote may not count

Georgia: Ex-convicts can learn how to restore voting rights

Illinois: County clerk seeks clearer voter laws

Indiana: Porter County opening satellite voting centers

Iowa: More legal action possible in voter registration fight | Iowa voter eligibility investigation on hold after judge issues injunction

Louisiana: Voting help available Saturday

Maryland: Some voters may use an online absentee ballot marker

Massachusetts: Analysts say close results are product of low turnout | Taunton officials learned from earlier recounts | Fall River recounts likely to put city on the hook for about $5K

Michigan: Secretary wants to remove barriers to voting

Minnesota: Voter ID law could cost Hubbard County | Ramsey County elections manager criticized over appearances

Mississippi: Democrats request paper trail return

Missouri: East St. Louis voters will decide fate of elections board again this fall

Nevada: Lawsuit prompts Nevada public assistance agencies to ramp up registration efforts

New Hampshire: Primary suggests voter ID challenges | AG's office clarifies confusion over voter ID issue

New York: Final votes to be tallied this week | Too-close-to call contest | NYC BOE on the hot seat again after primary

North Carolina: 'Test elections' coming to South Hill | Some precincts in county to merge | Early voting made easy for students | Wake Co. adds new polling place

Ohio: Fairfield County voter registrations challenged by tea party | Democrats, Husted still at odds over weekend voting | Elections board OKs polling place changes | Ohio early voting boon to voters, but can lead to problems officials say | Husted, rising GOP star, frustrated by court challenges but confident in state's elections operation | County receives six new polling places

Oklahoma: Mail-in ballots curtailed by new Oklahoma law | Tulsa judge declares winner in contentious county clerk race | Absentee ballots popular but face scrutiny

Pennsylvania: Challenge to Pa. voter ID law is a case of contradictions | Pa.'s new voter ID law sends non-drivers on a bureaucratic journey | Poll says voters support Pa.'s voter ID law | Change to ease getting voter ID

South Dakota: Scanner '100 percent accurate'

Tennessee: Who do county election administrators work for? State wants clarity

Texas: Voter rights group asks Supremes to stop Texas registration | State blocks county funding in dead voters spat | Still alive? Voters verified

Utah: Cache County issues plea for help on Election Day

Virginia: Watch the mail for your new voter ID card | How to avoid a challenge to your vote at the polls

West Virginia: Secretary of state details military, veteran, overseas voting options | Military voters can get absentee ballot online

Wisconsin: Even if ruling comes, GAB says not enough time to prep for voter ID for November | Wisconsin elections board says Walker recall election and primary cost taxpayers $13.5M | New law changes ballot