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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Feb 10, 2010

Alabama: Thousands of Madison County voters could find themselves voting at new location  |  Voting sites set for big overhaul

California: Officials weigh voting options

Connecticut: More voting, more money

Idaho: Moyle pushes voter ID

Illinois: Election judge pepper-sprayed before election  |  Election complaints down for primary

Indiana: County limiting ties to election services company

Minnesota: Primary election move expected

Mississippi: Voter ID referendum moving forward

Missouri: Missouri lawmakers debate early voting, photo ID rules  |  Newton County clerk's office recieves grant for election training

Montana: County merges city polling places to just four  |  County approves combining polling places to save money

Nebraska: Nebraska clerk wants to hand off duties

New Jersey: Provisional ballot challenges suggest racial discrimination

New Mexico: Sen. Dianna Duran to run for secretary of state  |  Election funding falls $1.2M short

Ohio: Elections board to hold hearing on consolidating voting precincts

Pennsylvania: Berks studetns honored for working polls

South Dakota: Two polling stations added

Tennessee: New bill would require proof of citizenship to register  |  Voter ID bill gets watered down

Texas: House race centers on voter ID bill  |  Military members might miss March primary

Vermont: Council holds another IRV hearing

Virginia: Bills would preserve touch-screen voting machines  |  City sets process in place to moving polling place

Washington: Election officials deploy new ballot system  |  Where to find 24-hour ballot boxes

Wisconsin: Spring cleaning comes early for Brown County voting machines