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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Aug 31, 2010

Alaska: Alaska Senate candidate raises voter fraud concern  |  Senate race heats up over ballot counting

Arizona: Arizona Dems allege voter fraud

California: San Joaquin considers response to grand jury report  |  Ballots redesigned for machines to verify them

Connecticut: New Web feature facilitates voting process

District of Columbia: DC residents start early voting for primary  |  Nearly 1,100 voters cast first-ever early votes in District

Florida: Close win triggers election dispute

Georgia: Ga. policy halts voting by illegal immigrants backers say  |  New elections manager starts job in Cobb County

Guam: More residents casting their ballots early

Illinois: Kendall clerk looks at cutting election judges

Indiana: Board rejects satellite voting for second time

Iowa: Mauro: Election law changes shape campaigns

Maryland: Early voting starts Friday in Md.

Massachusetts: Poor voter turnout prompts change to central polling place

New Mexico: Herrera calls for secrecy of ballots

North Carolina: Several candidates for judge mean ranked voting

Tennessee: Firing of Rutherford administrator rescinded  |  Rutherford County elections administrator put on paid leave

Texas: Harris County OKs $13.6M to purchase new voting machines  |  Plan to avert catastrophe after fire  |  Voter fraud vs. voter suppression debate returns to Texas  |  County enters agreements with voting machines supplier  |  Back to paper ballots for some of Harris County

Virginia: Statewide computer glitch still causing problems

West Virginia: Election cost $20.50 per vote

Wisconsin: Clerks prepare for primary  |  More than 66,000 voters don't match  |  18,000 could be cut from the voter rolls