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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oct 13, 2010

Colorado: Commissioners defend polling places  |  Challenger criticizes clerk  |  Half a million dollar fine becomes issue in secretary of state race  |  Past problems could spur Weld to post deputies at polling places

Florida: Some Clay voters received misprinted absentee ballot return envelopes

Georgia: A closer look at Georgia's secretary of state race  |  Gwinnett $pecial election  |  Republican incumbent tries to hold off challengers in secretary of state race

Guam: Ballot counting extended for congressional seat

Idaho: Kootenai County clerk's race

Illinois: Federal holiday kicks off early voting  |  Early voting center on campus open for business  |  Voter feels clerk is campaigning at polls

Indiana: Vigo County voting machines tested  |  Vigo County rehearses vote tabulation system for Nov. 2

Iowa: Officials: Satellite voting petitions up

Kansas: County to offer early satellite voting  |  Candidates for secretary of state clash over voter fraud

Maryland: Maryland pioneers faster way to vote absentee

Missouri: Greene Countyto use electronic check-in on Election Day

Montana: Missoula County clerk/recorder faces challenge for first time

Nebraska: Clerk red-faced after gaffe

Nevada: Fact checker: No, illegal immigrants are not voting at the polls  |  Election officials says it's too late to change ballot

New Mexico: Herrera's troubles give GOP rare shot at office  |  Feds, NM reach agreement on voter violations

New York: Keeping it simple on Election Day  |  Election officials announce plan to speed reporting of results  |  Griffo calls for urgent action to fix votign flaws  |  Electronic voting gets thumbs up  |  U.S. sues to ensure military votes are counted

North Dakota: Dorgan requests review of polling place dispute

South Carolina: Would new election day aid turnout?  |  County comes through on polling place pledge

Tennessee: Election officials work on mending trust

Texas: Group of Travis voters takes e-voting case to Texas Supreme Court  |  County offers on-campus early voting  |  Dallas County commissioners call on state to monitor election for fraud  |  Time-consuming ballot will greet Keller voters

Vermont: Questions for secretary of state candidates

Virginia: Board of elections says glitch was harmless

Washington: State voter guide missing pages

West Virginia: In-person early voting starts today

Wisconsin: Voter fraud billboard causes concer for some  |  Groups protest over voter fraud ads  |  State court to rule on felon voting ban  |  Elections chief advises against using personal information on absentee ballots