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October 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010

Oct 29, 2010

National News: Concerns grow about election fraud and voter intimidation  |  DOJ prepares for Election Day

Technology News: Paperless voting a concern this election, say watchdogs

Alabama: Legislators weigh-in on registrar controversy  |  Election official says no delay in Tuesday's vote

Alaska: Supreme Court grants oral arguments in write-in list controversy  |  Supreme Court asked to ban write-in candidate list  |  Alaska mails more than 30K absentee ballots  |  Senate write-in candidates flood elections office

Arizona: Secretary of state speaks on voter fraud rumors

California: Voters say they didn't want to register as Republicans  |  Investigators probe possible voter fraud  |  Ranked choice voting in place

Colorado: Routt County caught up on ballot copying

Connecticut: Residents report concerns about possible voter scam

Florida: Feds ready to handle voting abuses  |  Who will be the brains behind the ballot in 2011?  |  Delay may spawn dilemma at polls  |  Absentee voting even when he doesn't want to

Idaho: U.S. Attorneys will field election-day complaints  |  Write-in may clog counts

Illinois: Low student turnout, high costs for early campus voting  |  Write-in campaigns mean more time to count ballots  |  Glitch in vote-by-mail applications may disenfranchise voters

Indiana: Candidate Charlie White faces new allegation of campaign violation

Iowa: Campaign countdown: Secretary of state candidates

Kansas: Kobach, Biggs spar over voter registration records  |  Ethics complaint filed against secretary of state candidate  |  Amendement 2 aims to protect voting rights  |  U.S. Attorney to monitor election complaints in Kansas

Maine: Clerks gear-up for write-in ballots

Massachusetts: Poll workers ready for big turnout

Minnesota: 'I.D. Me' group to test polling place law  |  Vote fraud debate escalates loudly

New Hampshire: Internet voting complaints still coming in

New Mexico: Police investigate alleged voter registration fraud

New York: Voters are encouraged to report any problems with machines  |  Board of elections: Ballots will have correct candidates  |  Bedbugs force relocation of voting site  |  Rockland elections board makes changes  |  Flawed ballot could confuse voters, experts say  |  U.S. Attorney's office to oversee election fraud complaints

North Carolina: GOP threaten suit over voting machines  |  GOP says voting machines are faulty  |  Elections board dismisses GOP concerns  |  Election workers fired after speaking to WITN  |  Judicial ballot count changed by elections board

North Dakota: Secretary of state race heats up as election nears  |  Spirit Lake Nation polling sites set

Oregon: Ballot sort begins in anticipation of Election Day

Pennsylvania: Bucks election board to hear GOP allegations of absentee voter fraud by Democrats  |  County residents raise concerns about privacy on absentee ballot requests

South Carolina: Skeptics say voting machines may not be reliable  |  Election commission comments on voting machine concerns

Tennessee: 25 prisoners escorted to elections office to vote after slip-up

Texas: S.A. lawyer credited with voting rights victory  |  Election workers claim police harassed them

Vermont: Condos accuses Gibbs of tea pary membership  |  Gibbs: Condos claim 'absurd'

Washington: Future elections may see ballots redone  |  New ballot envelopes pose no great risk to voters' privacy  |  Spencer challenges vote handling

West Virginia: Vote tallying machine repaired  |  Secretary of state clarifies Berkeley County council race voting

Wisconsin: More than 12K voters don't match  |  Voters to see procedure change at polling place

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Oct 28, 2010

Technology News: Hacking the vote  |  The current state of voting machines

Overseas News: Military ballot deadline missed  |  Justice Dept. touts overseas ballot enforcement

Alabama: Ethics complaint filed against county voter registrar chairwoman

Alaska: Poll workers can't provide write-in help  |  Alaska high court: Voters may see write-in list  |  Christine Tietjen finds rewarding nice as poll worker

Arizona: Maricopa County: Political t-shirts unwelcome  |  Secretary of state skeptical over voter fraud claims  |  Election night just the beginning for counties with piles of early ballots

California: Registrar's office: Counting won't take as long this time  |  Will ranked choice voting change the election?  |  The future of voting in LA might include instant runoff voting  |  Many votes, many headaches

Colorado: Councilman first to detect ballot mix-up  |  Boulder County: 'Human error' caused ballot language mix-up  |  Mayor Ireland to vote to repeal instant runoff voting

Florida: Supervisor launches anti-negative ad commercial  |  Lines grow longer for PBC early voters

Georgia: Kemp issues statement following Arizona court ruling

Idaho: Worker reassigned from election duty after mistake

Illinois: Officials scramble to send out vote-by-mail ballots

Indiana: Voter ID law still in effect  |  Complaint filed iwth election board over voting site scuffle  |  Clerk: Power outage shows usefulness of vote centers

Iowa: Schultz wants photo ID at polls

Kansas: Kansas GOP candidates like proof of citizenship requirement, Arizona court does not

Maine: Clerks gear up for busy absentee voting

Massachusetts: Galvin says he declined debate because it would take too long  |  Galvin faces challenge for secretary post  |  Vote and get a flu shot

Michigan: It's experience vs. passion in secretary of state race

Mississippi: Tension high for election officials  |  Secretary of state making the rounds as election nears  |  Judicial write-in voting upheld

Nevada: Secretary of state calls voter fraud allegations unsubstantiated  |  Audit resolves questions of irregularities

New Hampshire: Attorney general warns of election scam

New Mexico: Computer glitch interrupts early voting  |  Early voting returns after malfunction  |  Secretary of state's computer problems send some clerks scrambling

New York: New voting machines ready for first big test  |  How to be proactive with the new voting system

North Carolina: Voters question election official about possible machine glitch  |  Poll observers upset voters  |  Orange County early voting running smoothly despite all the yelling at the polls

North Dakota: State works to accommodate delayed military ballots

Ohio: Ohio county prepping for any possible glitches  |  Cuyahoga County bilingual election cost over $80K

Pennsylvania: Ballot war raging in Bucks  |  Proposal to ban guns at polls withdrawn

South Carolina: Numbers suggest South Carolina could set record for early voting

South Dakota: Food for vote flap draws calls for integrity

Texas: Texans casting far more early votes than 2006  |  Are poll watchers crowding some locations, ignoring others  |  County officials, voting machines ready for Election Day

Utah: Voting machines left unattended at poll site

Vermont: Stenger backs Gibbs in race for secretary

Virginia: Voting delays at the polls expected  |  Richmond registrar warns about possible voter scam

West Virginia: Judge refuses to allow man charged with murder to vote

Wisconsin: Early ballots overwhelming for some clerks

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Oct 27, 2010

National News: Poll watching efforts draw scrutiny  |  Tea party vow to fight fraud called scare tactic

Alabama: Former Pike County commissioner pleads guilty to voter fraud

Alaska: Early voters pour into Alaska election offices  |  DOE explains why write-in list at polls is necessary

Arizona: Appeals court strikes down voter ID law

Arkansas: Ballot problems for some voters in St. Francis County  |  Discovery of bomb at polling site in spring prompts warning

California: Secretary of state candidates vie for votes  |  Early voting stations ready for Saturday  |  Monterey County residents request more mail-in ballots, but returns slow  |  Los Angeles to consider election reforms  |  New machines move mail ballots faster  |  Contra Costa sample and mail ballots omitted key race  |  Elections office mailing thousands of corrected ballots  |  Election workers gear up

Colorado: Secretary of state race focused on elections  |  Boulder voters given wrong ballot lanugage on tax question

Connecticut: Candidates for secretary discuss elections  |  Secretary of state says WWE garb OK at polls

Florida: Foreclosed and out of your home? You can still vote

Georgia: 234 Fulton ballots sent out incorrectly--twice  |  Error sends out triple absentee ballots

Hawaii: Overseas troops can vote for free

Idaho: Kootenai County ballots returned postage due

Illinois: Possible glitch with vote-by-mail system  |  Absentee ballot concern a 'non-issue'  |  Representative calls for hearing on military ballots

Indiana: Under investigation, White's lead grows  |  Increased workload to blame

Iowa: Voting: No assistance required  |  Do Black Hawk officials really count absentee ballots?

Kansas: Checking Shawnee County machines before election

Massachusetts: Campbell seeks election law reform in bid for secretary

Michigan: Secretary of state candidates get lost in the fight  |  Election officials on guard to prevent voting problems

Minnesota: 34 more face vote fraud charges

Montana: Missoula fairgrounds open Saturday to serve voters

Nebraska: Rules restrict activity near polling places

Nevada: Probe launched into allegations of early voting irregularities  |  County denies voting machine problems  |  Recount process not unknown to candidates

New Mexico: U.S. Attorney appoints election officer  |  Historical quirk causes confusion in La Union voting

New York: New York City fires elections chief  |  Polling place in Messianic building changed

North Carolina: Double take: Touch-screen voting machines cast doubts with some voters  |  Gaps in voter registration process raising concerns  |  Behavior of GOP poll observers criticized

North Dakota: Absentee voters up for sale

Ohio: Federal observers to monitor county polls

Oklahoma: Should you have to show ID to vote?

Pennsylvania: 600 absentee requests tossed  |  County commission asked to ban firearms at polling places

South Carolina: Florence election commission catches up on absentee backlog  |  Can we count on machines?

Texas: Class held for poll watchers, Dems say could be intimidation  |  Campaign signs cause traffic hazards at polling sites  |  Texas says wearing Gadsden flag is not electioneering

Vermont: Secretary of state candidates air differences in debate

Virginia: Date change expected to boost turnout for township  |  Virginia's computerized voter verification system running slowly

Washington: Camera lets you see your ballot being counted

West Virginia: Kanawha voting machine breaks down during test

Wisconsin: Brown County seeks $600K for voting machine upgrades

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Oct 26, 2010

National News: Efforst to prevent voter fraud draw scrutiny

Technology News: Professor exposes more voting system flaws  |  Security debate grows over Internet voting

U.S. Virgin Islands: Testing on voting machines begins

Alabama: County OKs poll worker mileage agreement

Alaska: Touch-screen voting machines ready for write-ins  |  Judge wants more infor in Alaska election lawsuit  |  Parties dispute use of write-in list

Arizona: Yuma County clerk: Claims of voter registration fraud not true  |  Campus polling location draws large turnout

Arkansas: Candidate Q&A: Secretary of state

California: Bowen defends cautious approach to elections technology  |  Election officials to open polls on Saturday  |  Fresno County expands outreach after poll cuts

Colorado: Ballot copying underway in Routt County

Florida: Machine glitch delays early voting  |  Early voting issues resolved in Sarasota

Georgia: Military, overseas votes get speedier

Hawaii: Online ballots available to overseas voters

Illinois: Clerk says corruption is being addressed  |  Officials not happy about military ballots  |  New lawsuit costing McLean County, election commission

Indiana: Judge, councilman say there's not truth to voting complaints

Iowa: Two Story County churches allow early voting during services

Maine: Maine city weighs allowing noncitizens to vote

Maryland: Errors mar most Worcester sample ballots  |  Hyattsville: Voting rights for noncitizens?  |  Early voting popular in Harford

Massachusetts: Report faulst voter registration system  |  Secretary of state candidate supports ranked choice voting

Michigan: Race for secretary of state  |  Secretary of state race tightens, turns ugly

Minnesota: St. Louis County checks into allegations of voter fraud

Missouri: New technology will make voting faster at Greene County's busiest sites

Nevada: Voters suspicious of fraud at ballot box

New Jersey: Clerk extends hours for access to mail-in ballots

New York: Minor parties see threat in ballot quirk  |  Counties prep for election  |  BOE spends $200K on furniture

North Carolina: Officials attempt to restore faith in local election system  |  NC debuts new ballots for midterm elections

Ohio: Randolph County to be reimbursed for first electronic voting machines  |  Principal, teacher face discipline in vote outing  |  Board preps for election

Oklahoma: Long ballot  |  Oklahoma to decide if ID is necessary at the polls  |  VoterHub app offers election information

Oregon: Ballot returns sluggish

Tennessee: Election error was 'honest mistake' according to Shelby County DA

Texas: Hidalgo County race heads to court, again  |  Voting snafus can be avoided

Vermont: Secretary of state race  |  Campaign countdown: Secretary of state

Virginia: Lynchburg voters confused by districts  |  Registrar warns of computer problesm one week before election

Washington: Kitsap County recognized for work to make overseas voting easier

West Virginia: Polling place is now handicapped accessible

Monday, 25 October 2010

Oct 23-25, 2010

National News: Black Panther case reveals schism

Alabama: Secretary of state candidates focus on eliminating voter fraud

Alaska: State responds to Democrats lawsuit threat

Arkansas: Overlooked candidate caused ballot delays

California: Popularity of mail-in ballots increases as election nears  |  2500 Up Valley voters still without ballot pamphlets  |  Riverside County hires bilingual poll workers  |  Solano County prepping for Election Day  |  Community group calls for mobile voting sites  |  Elections chief vows smooth tally

Colorado: State's variety of voting methods come at a cost  |  Mail-in ballots will be delivered despite postage confusion  |  Larimer County clerk reveals ballot processing center's inner workings

Connecticut: Secretary of state warns against WWE garb at polling places

District of Columbia: Voters can stamp 'Fenty' on ballots

Georgia: 1900 plus serving in military file for absentee ballots

Illinois: Oddities provide diversion in election season  |  Justice Department agreement extends time to count overseas ballots in six counties  |  'Vote naked' campaign pushes vote-by-mail  |  Deteriorating roof forces change in polling place

Indiana: Federal funds will help with voting machine costs  |  Secretary of state race all about voting  |  Two of three secretary of state candidates debate  |  Rokita ends probe of White voter fraud allegations  |  Vote centers opening  |  Party leaders scuffle outside of polling place

Iowa: Veeder debunks election rumors  |  False rumors circling in Iowa about ballots

Kansas: Voter ID becomes an issue in secretary of state race  |  ID crackdown mulled  |  Hot-button issues becoming focus of secretary of state race

Kentucky: Voter fraud investigation

Louisiana: Concerns over Bossier Parrish schools opening on Election Day

Maine: Portland weighs allowing noncitizens to vote  |  Work necessitates change of polling place

Maryland: Early voting busy on Eastern Shore

Massachusetts: Galvin challenges opponents voting record

Michigan: Wayne to reprint ballots after Green candidates omitted

Minnesota: 2008 Senate race looms over secretary of state race  |  Dan Severson battles Mark Ritchie for secretary spot

Nebraska: Two days remain for satellite voting

Nevada: Tea party ballot mistake could throw small wrench in election

New York: Elections board trying to avoid any glitches with new voting process  |  Elex boss faces ax

North Carolina: Voter reports problem with voting machine  |  Voting irregularities discovered in Craven  |  An electoral experiment in North Carolina  |  Campbell says don't run from instant runoff  |  Elections board declines action request to remove early voting site  |  Badge causes voter confusion  |  State election official looking for ways to make voting more convenient

North Dakota: Judge orders reservation polling sites to open  |  Judge orders Benson County reservation polling sites open  |  Jaeger, Mock face off in contentious secretary of state race

Ohio: Husted says he's confident in existing voting system  |  Three vying for secretary of state

Oregon: Many Oregon voters say they need more time, details before they mail back ballots

Tennessee: Justice Dept. announces plans to combat voter fraud  |  State task force to watch for election trouble

Texas: E-voting suit reveals frailties of the ballot box  |  Twitchy touchscreens?  |  Ector County election officials addressing voting problems  |  Voting snafus can be avoided  |  Parties question election clerk appointments

Virginia: Virginia working hard to improve military voting

Washington: Ballots go missing in Franklin County  |  Watch in real time as King County election officials open ballots

Friday, 22 October 2010

Oct 22, 2010

Alaska: Democrats threaten to sue over write-in list

Arizona: Deal lets Arizona woman wear tea party t-shirt to polls

Arkansas: Poll: Races for lieutenant governor, secretary of state virtual dead heats

California: RivCo registrar of voters' office to start 24-hour operations on Friday  |  Voters to cast ranked-choice ballots for first time  |  Poll workers will nudge voters about write-ins

Colorado: Ballots disqualified after voting system glitch  |  Secretary of state candidates debate policy differences  |  Voters with double ballots should tear one up  |  Postage cost for mail-in ballots sparks confusion

Florida: Ex-cons still handcuffed during this year's election  |  UCF students learning how to be poll workers in virtual world  |  Some pastors ending services early for 'Souls to the Polls'

Georgia: New technology being used for general election  |  State successfully increasing voting opportunities for military/overseas voters

Idaho: County votes absentee--in-person

Illinois: Groups flub absentee voting applications in Chicago  |  State preprinted absentee ballot forms innaccurate

Indiana: Elections board members say their side of the satellite voting story

Iowa: ACLU leery of satellite voting at Ames churches

Maryland: Early primary voting shows no turnout rise  |  Maryland looks for improvement when early voting starts Friday

Michigan: Approaches and backgrounds differ in secretary of state candidates  |  Secretary of state race goes negative as ads hit airwaves

Minnesota: County staff ready for 2010 election  |  GOP secretary of state candidate disputes church-state split  |  Six felons charged with illegally registering, voting in '08 election  |  43K absentee ballots accepted  |  State Supreme Court to hear absentee ballot case

Montana: Butte gets new voting machines

New York: Voting machines unaffected by voter turnout  |  Elections board bungles ballot  |  Election workers not paid

North Carolina: New Hanover elections experienced early voting technical issues

South Carolina: Elections director responds to comments

South Dakota: Three running for secretary of state  |  State candidates offer differing views

Tennessee: Elections to look different under new charter

Texas: Early voting surges in Harris County, across the state  |  Harris County attorney investigates allegations of voter intimidation  |  Early voting has some East Siders in an uproar  |  New voter complaint surfaces

Virginia: U.S. Attorney appoints special prosecutor for election fraud complaints

Washington: Machine helps disabled voters

West Virginia: Cell phone calls banned in county polling places

Wisconsin: Early ballots are overwhelming for some clerks

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Oct 21, 2010

Alabama: Berry charged with voter fraud, perjury  |  Absentee voter fraud investigation opened

Alaska: State segregates 17 Homer ballots  |  Write-in candidate list mistakenly posted in voting booths

Arizona: In Arizona, illegal immigrants, felons and multi-state residents vote unabated

Colorado: Judge won't reinstate 6, 000 purged voters  |  Routt County must copy ballots after error  |  Routt County voters express trust after ballot error  |  Stripped by electioneering law

Connecticut: GOP chair alleges vote fraud

Florida: It's the law: Election ballots must be printed in two languages  |  Voters trying to beat the crowd end up in one  |  County moving polling place from church with 'vote for Jesus' sign  |  Early voters can get flu shots

Idaho: Changes you need to know before Election Day

Illinois: Board of elections and DOJ in talks over overseas ballots

Indiana: Election 101: Poll workers get training  |  Winstead and Fowler seeking job of clerk

Iowa: Election software developed in Cerro Gordo

Kentucky: Vote fraud in Kentucky  |  Officials watching for voter fraud

Maine: Portland ponders local voting by noncitizens

Maryland: Hyattsville councilmember wants to extend local voting to noncitizens

Massachusetts: Polling place consolidation considered

Minnesota: A bounty for fraud catchers

Nebraska: Secretary of state candidates speak out

New York: Onondaga County saves money by printing its own ballots  |  Election commissioners manage ballot headaches  |  Hornell polling site changed  |  Oops: November ballot is out of order

North Carolina: Runoff system draws fire  |  Elections board hears polling place squabble

North Dakota: As many as 40 percent of Burleigh County voters may cast ballot early

Ohio: Columbus attorney appointed to review absentees  |  Candidates focus on business, elections and reapportionment

Oklahoma: No problem for state military ballots

Oregon: About 1,000 Portland voters receive wrong ballot  |  Ballot delay will be investigated

Pennsylvania: Polling place changes approved

Rhode Island: Secretary of state race: Mollis cites business-friendly office  |  Secretary of state race: Taylor seeks transparency

South Carolina: Republican officials criticize Beaufort election official for complaining about application glut

Tennessee: Way to cast ballot changes again

Texas: Paperless voting to continue for a while  |  Election officials breaking in ePollbooks

Virginia: Ex-official sends letter of complaint about email

Washington: Emailed overseas ballots under fire in Washington

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Oct 20, 2010

National News: Felon voting rights expanded in 23 states

Technology News: AT&T targets voters with VoterHub iPhone app

Overseas News: Online ballots can help overseas votes count

U.S. Virgin Islands: Burglar hits VI elections system offices

Alabama: Chapman worries about election abuses

Alaska: Democrats object to posting of write-in list  |  Candidate not seeking write-in monitors

California: Incumbent secretary of state seeks another term to fulfill agenda  |  Closure of polling places leads to protest, possible lawsuit  |  Alameda County final vote count could take days  |  Ranked-choice voting may delay results  |  Ranked-choice voting explained  |  Polling place reduction causes Fresno uproar

Colorado: What does it cost to mail-in ballots?  |  Problems arise with early voting

Florida: Small army of poll workers ready for Election Day  |  More people using early voting, supervisor says

Illinois: Ballots hand-delivered to inmates while soldiers wait

Indiana: Voter card law may deal him out  |  Mobile voter registration site now available  |  Two Union County precincts to get new polling places

Iowa: Mauro puts ad on TV in secretary of state race

Kansas: Another error found on ballot  |  Talk of voter ID law  |  Brownback calls for citizenship checks for voters

Maryland: An assist for absentee voters

Massachusetts: Galvin rival: Secretary's voter info guide 'a campaign piece'

Michigan: TV ads airing in secretary of state race  |  Secretary of state hopeful a hero, villain in 2 ads

Minnesota: For some, foreclosures threaten ability to vote

Mississippi: Plaintiffs plan write-in election appeal

Nevada: Offering food or other rewards to encourage voter turnout OK

New York: Review: Lateness, privasy issues marred primary  |  Comptroller's review shows widespread complaints over voting machines  |  Elections bring voting booth changes  |  Missing deadline for military ballots, elections board hopes for best  |  Making sure polling places are accessible turning out to be quite the task

North Carolina: Voters, candidates continue to talk of voting problems

North Dakota: Tough race for a low-key job  |  Judge to rule on Benson County polling location

Ohio: Elections board requests funds  |  Avondale starts early voting shuttle service  |  Backlog of paper ballots expected to delay results

Pennsylvania: Voter mailer labeled misleading  |  Emmitsburg mayor proposes changes to how town votes

South Dakota: State probes voting 'feeds'

Tennessee: Audit faults Cumberland County election process

Texas: Polling place moved  |  Harris County warns parties to watch the poll watchers  |  State inspectors to monitor Dallas County for fraud  |  Travis County commissioners approve possible voting changes  |  County clerk launches website

Utah: Early voting begins, officials hope it helps boost turnout

Vermont: Vermont town clerks issue report card

Virginia: Complaint filed

Washington: State under fire for emailed overseas ballots  |  Judges agree that state's felon voting law is reasonable

West Virginia: Early voting keeps Jefferson County election workers busy

Wisconsin: Bigger push for absentee voting just one change  |  Felons challenge voting prohibition  |  Election fraud case becomes battleground  |  Tosa woman sentenced to prison for illegal vote

Monday, 18 October 2010

Oct 16-18, 2010

National News: How early voting is changing elections  |  Preparing for a fight over write-in ballots

Overseas News: Absentee ballots mailed late to overseas voters

Alabama: DA probes into Wilcox voter fraud  |  Polling places have changed around the county

California: Steps taken to stop snafus  |  Undeliverable ballots cost the county money

Colorado: Secretary of state Buescher hires director despite freeze

Florida: Elections supervisor Kathy Dent may not run again  |  Lake County election official test voting equipment  |  Supervisor of elections office and McDonald's partner for greater voter awareness  |  Brevard County gears up for the election despite downsizes  |  New technology makes early voting even faster

Illinois: Illinois race turns to voting concerns  |  Elections board: Fewer than 2,900 overseas ballots mailed late  |  Ex-elections official still owes victim  |  RI clerk candidates look to restore voter trust  |  Court action delays ballots  |  Polling places pop up on campus

Indiana: Gary loses precincts

Kansas: Immigration heats up race for secretary of state

Maine: Ensuring the right to vote for the blind

Maryland: Early votes might be counted earlier

Michigan: Runner Benson approaches secretary race like a marathon  |  Absentee balloting frozen after cadidate's death

Nevada: Voting booth returns to Dessler

New Jersey: GOP takes issue with placement on mail-in ballot

New Mexico: Error omits candidate from ballot  |  Allegations against incumbent could help GOP win secretary seat  |  Scandal clouds secretary of state race

New York: Many villages may switch to paper ballots for March elections  |  Orleans eletions official says new voting machines working fine  |  Overseas voters get more time, NYC voters get more info

North Carolina: Elections chief says 'no conspiracy' in voting machine glitch  |  Some experience early voting woes  |  In instant-runoff voting, your third vote's the charm

Oklahoma: Voter ID, term limits are hot issues

South Carolina: Election officials explain absentee voting

South Dakota: Election evolution

Texas: Harris County early voting  |  Last minute preps before early voting  |  Dallas County voting machines case appealed to Supreme Court  |  Election infrastructure normal as early voting begins  |  Harris County rocks the vote, costly fire not included  |  Public urged to vote early, starting today  |  Cadidates disagree on voter ID

West Virginia: Special election cost county $100K

Wisconsin: Ex-worker pleads guilty to voter fraud  |  Special election to replace Falk could cost $300K

Friday, 15 October 2010

Oct 15, 2010

National News: How mail-in ballots might confuse polls and Election Day results

Technology News: Neb. election firm reaches deal over trade secrets

Overseas News: Justice Department moves to counter overseas absentee ballot lag

U.S. Virgin Islands: Senators grill elections chief on paper ballot issue

Arizona: Secretary of state vs. lieutenant governor  |  Recorder not responsible for problems with form  |  Lawsuit over t-shirt may have broader ramifications

California: Election Day help is a click away  |  Riverside registrar says office will be ready for election  |  Added postage needed for mail-in ballots  |  Allegations of missing ballots untrue

Colorado: County clerk candidates tout experience, differ on details

Connecticut: Voter fraud complaint against Ann Coulter dismissed

Florida: Voting machines tested  |  56,000+ Duval voters may become ineligible

Georgia: Long ballot may mean long lines  |  Gwinnett special election set

Idaho: Vote by mail initiative dropped  |  GOP argues for closed primary

Illinois: Illinois candidate's name misspelled as "Whitey"  |  Many overseas soldiers get ballots late  |  Military ballots went two weeks late, St. Clair clerk says  |  Plaque to honor long-time election officials  |  Many counties missed military ballot deadline

Kansas: Advance voting ad causing controversy  |  Kansas has 7 counties late in mailing overseas ballots

Kentucky: Carroll County to use digital scan voting system in election

Massachusetts: Busy election ahead

Michigan: Clerk: Rest assured your vote will be counted

Minnesota: Group offers rewards for voter fraud convictions

Missouri: Polling place moves to new location

Nebraska: Gale urges public to report election fraud

Nevada: Foreclosure increase triggers voter concern

New Jersey: After two weeks, no jurors selected in AC vote fraud trial

New Mexico: Secretary of state seeks re-election  |  State senator runs for secretary of state

North Carolina: First day of one-stop voting a success  |  Early voting draws surprise crowd

Ohio: Lawsuit: Tea partier booted from polling place

Pennsylvania: Lancaster County may move polling places

South Carolina: Voter registration office scrambles to process 500 requests that came in one envelope

Tennessee: FBI hotline to handle election complaints

Utah: Early voting all the rage in Salt Lake County  |  Polling place bears the name of the candidate

Washington: Veteran auditor challenged for first time

West Virginia: Natalie Tennant: We were right about special election

Wisconsin: Clerk says summer special election would cost nearly $300K