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Thursday, 04 November 2010

Nov 04, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: Disparity in number of provisional ballots

Alaska: Write-in list draws little interest among Juneau voters  |  If Miller loses by one vote, blame Bristol

Arizona: Voter registration fraud rumors proven unfounded  |  Navajo candidate urges voters to file complaints  |  Election day yields few claims of fraud

California: Machine problems plague elections office  |  Ballot shortages at East Palo Alto polling sites  |  LA councilman pulls bid for instant-runoff voting  |  Voters struggled with ranked-choice voting  |  Now to find out who Oakland's mayor will be...we wait  |  Supervisors to review vote delay  |  Unprecedented number of absentee ballots dropped at polls  |  Plenty of county ballots still to be counted  |  Thousands of votes waiting to be counted in Sacramento County  |  In Santa Clara County about 135K ballots remain to be counted  |  Students again face difficulties voting on campus  |  Elections chief blames 'Oprah effect' on website crash  |  SF election worker arrested over missing ballots

Colorado: Routt County vote tallying finishes at 2:30 a.m.  |  Judge upholds voter registration rule  |  Apen voters vote to ditch IRV  |  Polling place problems cast doubt on some races

Connecticut: Bridgeport Mayor: Error in judgement made in ballot shortage  |  Poll worker killed on Election Day

Florida: Hillsborough voting system faces scrutiny after delayed vote count  |  A look at Palm Beach County's past balloting blunders  |  Palm Beach County's slow election returns draw renewed scrutiny  |  Hillsborough seeks cause for failure in voting system  |  PBC officials say they've been too busy all year to upgrade system

Georgia: Despite long lines, election chief stands by closing precincts  |  Election Day problems reported to hotline

Hawaii: Traffic tie-ups, dispute about time prevent some voters from casting ballots

Illinois: Late election results blamed on glitch in Winnebago County  |  Results delayed by glitches, worker training difficulties  |  LaSalle County voters speak out: We want those 'I voted' stickers  |  Election Day blotter: Four election judges arrested

Indiana: Ballots impounded in close House race  |  Election over, but recount looms  |  Tippecanoe to fix election database problem  |  Poll worker on the job for 75 years

Iowa: Dubuque County hopes to fix voting system  |  Two election workers dismissed for advocating removal of justices

Kansas: Kansas protects voting rights of mentally ill  |  Cherokee County commissioner hears allegations, tells secretary of state

Kentucky: Hundreds of complaints poured into the Attorney General's office

Louisiana: Dardenne wants to avoid special election  |  Dardenne delay saves $6M

Maryland: Absentee, provisional ballots may have an effect

Michigan: Some students unable to vote because of law  |  Recount of some absentee ballots has started

Minnesota: Recount redux: How this year's might look the same, and a bit different  |  Recount may be inevitable

Mississippi: Hosemann says long lines won't happen again  |  Rain, long lines greet voters at polls

Montana: Provisional ballots still being tallied

Nebraska: County workers hand-counting 455 ballots

Nevada: Results delayed at polling places  |  Couple of glitches delay state's election results

New Jersey: Voting machine glitch causes tally delay in Buena

New Mexico: Confusion over IDs quickly resolved

New York: Lack of privacy big issue with new voting machines  |  Voting machines impounded all over  |  Election brings mixed reaction to new voting machines  |  Few hiccups for new voting machines  |  Vote tally delay due to voting machines being impounded  |  Genesee's voting machine problems remain a mystery  |  New voting machines get mostly positive reviews  |  County officials say voting went well  |  County executive frustrated with election results delay  |  Ballot scanners pass first big test, for most part  |  Broome's election website fails during results rush

North Carolina: Slow results don't bother election officials  |  Madison County election official oversight forces recount  |  Voter's ID stolen?

Ohio: Outstanding ballots, recounts remain after Tuesday's election

Pennsylvania: 2 Peters voting machines tossed  |  Long lines may bring some polling places  |  Scattered problems reported at polling places  |  Missing West View election judge turns up

South Carolina: Tracking down ballots in Charleston County

Tennessee: Court backs Tennessee in felon voting rights case  |  Albert Tieche chosen as new elections administrator  |  Election remarkably glitch-free

Texas: Dead cellphone blamed for late election box  |  Collin County judge says 'vote center' system may have contributed to long Election Day  |  Almost smooth sailing in Hidalgo County  |  ePollbooks aided in faster voting

Utah: Nearly 12 percent of Salt Lake County ballots to be counted

Vermont: Election officials report handful of problems

Washington: Long lines, long wait to vote in King County  |  Last-minute voters swamp polling places

West Virginia: Machine tests, worker training among final preparations