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Friday, 05 November 2010

Nov 05, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: Mapp camp continues to question vote counts

Alabama: Special election plans set  |  Poll worker enjoys civic duty; and the coffee

Arizona: Law broken when voters went unidentified  |  Lovejoy urges voters to file election complaints

Arkansas: Computer glitch skews Baxter County vote count  |  Marion County polls swamped with voters  |  Workers help local elections happen

California: Investigation follow-up: No charges in suspected voter fraud  |  Supervisors review vote delay, registrar  |  Lack of ballots, power outage made for unique election night  |  Solano registrar says vote counting probably won't resume until Friday  |  Ranked-choice vote tallying starts today  |  Missing ballots found in pond  |  Lawyers watch carefully as Kern counts its votes  |  Voting by mail on the rise  |  Vote counting will take longer than expected  |  Election workers still have hands full  |  Ballot interpreter fired for giving opinion to voter

Colorado: 'Family-style' voting at courthouse draws criticism

Connecticut: Cost cited with Bridgeport ballot blunder  |  Bridgeport not only place with ballot problems  |  Snafus snarl some voting in West Haven  |  Cops pulled vote-counters out of bed

Florida: Canvassing board sets recount today  |  Voting glitches like St. Lucie's miscount not uncommon  |  Walton County election process continues to change  |  Recount will cost up to $100K  |  Write-ins colorfully populate Lee County ballots  |  Voter turnout could tweak polling places  |  Indian River County voter alive and well

Georgia: Voter increase keeps BOE busy

Illinois: County waiting for late ballots  |  York students run the show on Election Day

Indiana: Vanderburgh election office impounded

Iowa: Voter ID plan a key, Schultz says  |  Mauro's home hit by burglars

Kansas: Kobach to jump on 'mandate'

Kentucky: Barr requests re-canvass in Congressional race

Maine: After two-vote loss, candidate seeks recount  |  Election results rewnew calls for election reform

Maryland: Still counting

Massachusetts: Winshester ballots inadvertently sent to Melrose polling site

Michigan: Late tallying a persistent problem in Pontiac voting  |  Voters say they were harassed at the polls

Minnesota: GOP leader: Vote-report glitch 'doesn't smell right'

Missouri: Boone County voters cite poll woes  |  A smooth end to Saline County election officials' career

Nevada: Woman ponders plea deal in election misconduct case  |  Election accomplished without major problems

New Jersey: Hudson County BOE to make criminal referrals for some mail-in ballots

New Mexico: Student voices may go unheard

New York: The issues with the new voting machines  |  Voting machines slow count  |  Ballot length the culprit for Tuesday's voting problems  |  New voting system draws praise, criticism  |  Work underway to certify results  |  Re-canvassing, counting of absentee ballots two weeks away  |  Voting ways  |  Despite doubts, new voting systems a hit  |  Nearly half of NY's counties put sample ballots online

North Carolina: Election glitch still under investigation  |  Court of Appeals race whittled from 13 to 2  |  Elections chair to face commissioners

Ohio: Voting machines suffer glitches on Election Day  |  Elections board fires convicted sex offender

Oregon: Voters weigh-in on mailing ballots vs. voting in person

Pennsylvania: Absentee ballot counting starts  |  Poll worker: Cookies in bad taste

South Carolina: Cause of voting glitch a mystery

Tennessee: Commissioners voice concern over timeliness of election results

Texas: Collin County vote method under scrutiny after delay  |  Odd polling places

Utah: 30K ballots still uncounted in Salt Lake

Washington: No ballots were counted early

West Virginia: Commissioners to push rural voting measure again

Wisconsin: Ballot shortage causes lines in Ellsworth