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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Nov 10, 2010

Alabama: Registrar Harriette Ford dies at 81

Alaska: Miller still trails but makes some headway  |  Absentee tallying underway  |  Miller files complaint before write-in count  |  State regulation does allow misspelled names on some ballots

Arizona: Attorneys: Unregistered voters should have heeded state law  |  State, county lawyers warn of chaos in provisional ballot count

Arkansas: State and federal authorities staked out polling places to watch for potential bombs

California: Alleged ballot thief remains behind bars  |  Riverside registrar dismissed for slow ballot count  |  Registrar fired  |  Registrar takes heat and responds to criticism from supervisors  |  More than 18K ballots to be counted  |  Election workers make checks ballot by ballot

Colorado: Eagle County clerk working overtime to hand-count ballots  |  Hand-count of undervotes to continue

Connecticut: 68 ballots cast for wrong race due to voting mix-up  |  Connecticut's week-long election  |  Merrill, Bysiewicz to meet over ballot blunder

Delaware: Nov. 2 uneventful for elections commissioner, thankfully

Florida: Florida recount 10 years later  |  Three missing ballots bedevil election  |  Hernando recount heads into second week  |  Village Square reunites players in 2000 recount  |  Recount participants hold 10-year reunion

Hawaii: Special election slated for Honolulu city council

Illinois: Election hotline handles 60 calls  |  Voters say they were handed the wrong ballots

Indiana: Election offices will soon be allowed to resume counting

Iowa: Voting laws could change under Matt Schulz

Maine: Casino foes seek recount

Massachusetts: First Hispanic elections chief chosen

Minnesota: Students may face felonies over illegal voter vouching  |  Absentee ballots: By the numbers

New York: Court battle looms in outcome of NY House race  |  BOE auditing voting machines  |  Post-election hand-counting of ballots gets underway  |  Supervisors want election results posted sooner  |  Quinn calls out board of elections for incompetence  |  Voting was smoother on Election Day, council finds  |  Ballot by ballot, the ground war begins in absentee count  |  Election Day difficulties reviewed in Thompkins  |  Polling worker attacked, stays on job

North Dakota: Investigation looking into allegations of double voting  |  Cass County ballot count may prompt change in law

Ohio: Tea party says preliminary ruling regarding polling place rights a victory

Oklahoma: All election results except one approved

Pennsylvania: No-show election judge overslept, hired jitney

Texas: Senator files bill requiring photo ID to vote  |  Election violationin Ector County

Vermont: With election results now official, vote goes to the legislature

Washington: Ballot counting becomes an issue of speed  |  State not ready to take on online voting

Wisconsin: 2 men get weeks in jail for voter fraud