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Monday, 22 November 2010

Nov 20-22, 2010

Alabama: County election officials unaware of any problems  |  Paychecks delayed for Jefferson County poll workers

Alaska: Judge says Miller ballot question belongs in state court  |  Miller wins opportunity to block vote certification

California: Election Day starts complicated process of determining winners  |  Bay Area races increase scrutiny of ranked-choice voting  |  County to consolidate polling places for January election  |  Consolidation of elections on ticket  |  Busy weekend for elections staff, final results may be in by Thanksgiving  |  GOP challenges signatures on provisional ballots  |  Intimidation alleged at some polling places

Colorado: Board brings election comlaint to BOCC  |  Election discrepencies explained

Connecticut: A few bucks for a few more ballots would have changed history  |  Election woes raise questions over Conn. elections  |  Bridgeport voting mess puts focus on local control of elections  |  Veteran registrar of voters retiring in Bozrah

Delaware: Wilmington council wants special election

Florida: Disabilities Act might force PB County to replace all voting machines by 2016  |  Escambia election officials recognized

Guam: Dems seek new election, Gutierrez-Aguon team files federal-local lawsuits

Illinois: Miller raises recount money  |  Vermillion County clerk candidate will seek recount  |  Action on voter fraud allegations yet to be taken

Indiana: Democrats file voter fraud challenge against White  |  Democrats contest White's election

Iowa: Auditor: Some satellite voting sites lack traffic

Kentucky: Coursey says only minor problems with election

Minnesota: Recount costs for rural counties irks some commissioners  |  Republicans aim to change recount ground rules  |  Minnesota election law: Clarity chased by confusion  |  Once again Minn. heads back for ballot count  |  How does ranked-choice voting work?  |  County looks to replace ballot-counting equipment  |  Counties, Dayton and Ritchie file documents refuting Emmers' claim

Missouri: Election board didn't vote on hiring security firm

New Jersey: Eatontown to undergo Election Day recount

New York: State finds no flaws with voting machines  |  Lost voting machine in 60th Senate race  |  Dems mull recount in 60th

North Dakota: More than a third of voters cast ballots before Election Day

Ohio: Board of elections receives settlement from Diebold  |  Election official suspended

Oklahoma: Voter group says law could create barrier

Pennsylvania: Swearing on Bible may have been inappropriate

Texas: Did straight-ticket voting affect Victoria County election?  |  Elecions chief in unchartered waters  |  Cameron County elections chief speaks out  |  Poll workers allege wrong-doing in judge's race

West Virginia: Howell: Constitution clear, state should hold special election  |  Citizen action group files suit to hold special election  |  W.Va. succession process a rarity among states  |  Municipal leaders oppose November special election

Wisconsin: Men deserve voting rights hear, judge says