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Monday, 29 November 2010

Nov 27-29, 2010

Alaska: Miller opposes Murkowski intervention in lawsuit

Arizona: 'Early' voting causes count delays

California: Ontario to reconsider using San Bernardino registrar of voters  |  San Leandro mayor won't challenge election, won't concede either  |  Q&A: Elections official at center of democracy for three decades  |  Recounts requested in two O.C. races  |  Election crews work weekend to finish

Colorado: Incoming secretary of state wants voters to show ID  |  Ranked choice voting push revived in Fort Collins

Connecticut: Recount could be a new vote on optical scanning  |  How the recount will take place  |  Registrar of voters sheds unused ballots

Florida: Is Palm Beach County's voting system too much paper?  |  In Pembroke Pines, a sense of deja vu

Georgia: The cost of voting in 2010: $695,645

Iowa: Secretary of state-elect plans to push for voter ID law

Kentucky: McCracken clerk seeks more voting booths for precincts

Minnesota: Recount to begin in governor's race  |  Cost of '08 recount, just 15 cents per ballot  |  Minnesota election tradition? Ready, set, recount  |  Recound redux: Ballot review beings across state today  |  Who's who in the recount

Mississippi: Look for polling changes Tuesday in Madison

Nevada: Miller says aging electronic voting machines must be replaced

North Carolina: County BOE begins instant runoff vote count

Tennessee: Ketron: County needs election administrator by Dec. 15  |  Commission hopes to move polling site to senior center

West Virginia: Natalie Tennant considers run for governor