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Friday, 03 December 2010

Dec 03, 2010

Alaska: Quick action sought in election challenge

California: Imperial County registrar retiring  |  The ranked-choice voting effect  |  Alleged ballot thief due in court

Colorado: SOS nixed hand-count of contested races  |  Fort Collins to consider instant-runoff voting

Connecticut: Democratic registrar of voters talks ballots

Indiana: Candidates respond to St. Joseph County recount  |  GOP halts ballot recounts

Iowa: New secretary of state may change voting rules

Kentucky: In recount, commission member wins by three votes

Maine: Secretary of state announces recount results

Massachusetts: Easton asked to close schools for statewide elections

Michigan: Garfield Township offiicals wanted 'zero votes' counted during recount

Minnesota: County finishes recount, 40 ballots go to state canvassing board  |  Dayton withdraws 'frivolous' challenges  |  Governor's recount: Frivolous challenges mount  |  Counties awaiting payment for requested election documents  |  County wraps up smooth recount  |  Area counties wrap-up recount  |  Many hands, little recount change

New Jersey: Paterson councilman arrested in vote fraud sweep  |  Court to decide if Manasquan ballots get recount

New Mexico: County names elections chief  |  Former county clerk Rita Torres dies at 79

New York: Recount finds 195K ballots were missed on election night  |  7th Senate race could be certified Saturday morning  |  Another day of counting, another increase for Bishop

North Carolina: New push for voter ID laws  |  Counties still counting instant-runoff voting

Ohio: Winners announced after recount  |  Hamilton County vote recounts delayed

Oregon: State says GOP claim of missing ballots unfounded

Pennsylvania: 110-year old voting house on the move in Derry Township  |  Simpson voting house on the move

South Carolina: Voter ID, illegal immigration up for debate

Tennessee: Election commission to choose new chairman Friday

Texas: Just 12 votes decided HD 48

Washington: Ballot recount begins in Benton County

West Virginia: Cooper files petition in gubernatorial succession