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Monday, 20 December 2010

Dec 18-20, 2010

Alaska: Miller argues appeal to Supreme Court  |  Alaska official defends absentee ballot process  |  State could certify Senate race within hours

California: Fact check: The vote-by-mail majority

Colorado: SOS issues final report on election

Georgia: Hamilton chosen for elections council

Illinois: Challengers likely to seek full recount in Vermillion County

Indiana: Four-vote victory certified  |  New county clerk ready for the challenge

Kentucky: Trial set for Magoffin County vote-fraud lawsuit

Louisiana: State purges inactive voters  |  Secretary of state says 120K inactive voters will be removed from rolls

Minnesota: County election officials: We were stiffed by GOP

Nevada: Eureka race to be decided by cut of the cards

New Jersey: Fox, Maxwell want recount in recall election

New Mexico: Two defendants in SOS case charged with tax evasion

New York: NY top court weighs vote recount with new machines  |  Top court hears last Senate race dispute today

North Carolina: Judicial results same in Lenior County  |  Perdue not sold on voter ID  |  Swearing-in stayed for 5 days

Ohio: Ex-Shelby mayor to replace Wilkinson on elections board

Oregon: State dismisses elections complaint in Clackamas County

Pennsylvania: Schneller continues to fight in court

South Carolina: County vote totals topped ballots cast

Tennessee: Admin hopefuls outline job skills  |  Election commission to select administrator on Tuesday

Texas: Republicans confident of passing voter ID bill

Virginia: School board special election worth cost?

West Virginia: Kanawha clerk already looking to 2012 elections