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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jan 26, 2011

Alaska: Miller's write-in lawsuit cost state $100K  |  2010 election may inspire changes to election law  |  Election review could be done soon

Arizona: Council wants vote to be by mail-only

Colorado: Senate hearing avoids Gesslers' side work  |  Gessler dismisses call for resignation  |  County chooses mail ballots for November election

Illinois: Vote early? Maybe wait a bit official says  |  Ballot upheaval could shape early, absentee voting

Iowa: State secretary: No state fair booth this year

Maine: Sportsman group picks Matt Dunlap for interim director

Maryland: Forehand wants vote-by-mail option for special elections  |  Snow Hill addresses voting rules

Missouri: Voter ID bill under scrutiny  |  Proposed ID law draws ire of state's attorney

New Hampshire: Proposed bill bans student votes

New York: Statewide election officials gather in Rockland to critique new voting machines  |  City council sets special election, lashes out at critics  |  Four people actually want to run NYC BOE

Ohio: Keep primary in March state GOP says  |  Judge hears testimony in disputed auditor's race

Rhode Island: Burrillville legislators propose stronger election laws

South Carolina: Franklin boards consider having single voting place

Texas: Voter ID measure advances in Senate  |  Voter ID fight sets stage for legal challenge  |  Senators split on whether voter ID bill is constitutional  |  Volunteer deputy registrars graduate

Virginia: Montgomery Co. snafu prompts Nutter bill

West Virginia: Secretary of state says her office will be ready for special election  |  Is a special election too costly?  |  Tomblin introduces primary elections bill  |  Will special election affect Forest Festival plans?  |  Randolph County will face obstacles in special election

Wisconsin: Voters may need ID for April election