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Friday, 28 January 2011

Jan 28, 2011

Colorado: Dems quash voter-registration bill, call it costly and unconstitutional  |  Voting ID bill dies in committee  |  Secretary of state urged to release department's surplus funds  |  Proof-of-citizenship bill killed

Connecticut: UConn VoTeR center audits November elections

Florida: Alachua has rare re-vote to keep fire house as polling place

Georgia: Kemp launches elections advisory council website

Guam: Freshmen proposed modified primary ballot

Illinois: Emanuel on the ballot  |  Printing of ballots continues

Iowa: House approves voter ID bill

Kansas: Kobach proposes caucus, absentee ballot bills  |  Kobach: Kansas has no money for presidential primary  |  County discusses polling place merger

Maryland: Absentee ballot rules up for debate

Minnesota: Voter ID needed? Debate resume  |  Election bill would create provisional ballot

Montana: Vote-by-mail stirs passion in Montana legislature  |  House OKs legislation to hold Montana elections by mail  |  Mail-in ballots could be difficult for Indian community

New York: Election commissioners review new voting machines  |  Voter fraud indictment to be handed up Friday

Ohio: Appeals Court: Ballots cast aside because of poll worker error shoudl be counted

South Carolina: Franklin County election board considering two vote centers

South Dakota: Boyd sues Union County for recount or new election

Tennessee: Rutherford County elections commission cleans house  |  Walker declines to leave post  |  Election officials defiant |  Hawkins County begins search for new elections administrator

Texas: Democrats promise fight over voter ID  |  Voter ID expected to slow when it reaches House  |  State Senators differ on voter ID

Washington: Pierce County Council may come to defense of polling places

West Virginia: Lawmakers debate costs, benefits of primary elections  |  Senate committee advances primary elections bill  | Bill for special election clears Senate

Wisconsin: GOP legislators fast-track voter ID bill  |  ACLU testifies against voter ID