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Monday, 31 January 2011

Jan 29-31, 2011

Alabama: Shelby County will be at forefront of challenge to Voting Rights Act  |  Judge plans to use federal grant to boost county voter muscle

Arizona: State's presidential citizenship bill worries secretary of state

Arkansas: New ballots are not ready

Colorado: Gessler pushes for proof-of-citizenship  |  Under scrutiny, Gessler brushes off critics  |  State could soon have mostly mail-in elections

Florida: Elections office to register students  |  Neptune Beach election date changes

Illinois: Ballots without Emanuel's name under lock and key

Indiana: Voting centers could save Clark Counuty thousands  |  Voter bill could get House vote this week

Iowa: Proof of citizenship would be required to vote

Kentucky: County clerk: Elections board prepares for May primary  |  New secretary of state sworn in Saturday

Michigan: Former Genesee County elections official facing complaints in NC  |  Special elections costly

Missouri: County's new booths can accommodate more voters  |  Nagging problems for voter photo ID cards

Montana: Election officials: Voter fraud not a problem  |  House reverses itself, kills vote-by-mail bill  |  Racial tensions arise at vote-by-mail debate

New York: Villages in Washington County may skirt hand-count regulation  |  Deputy elections commissioner retiring  |  Two NY officials charged with voter fraud  |  Dead man on ballot: An election mystery

North Carolina: Morganton may ask county to run elections  |  Elections board members find no sexual harassment

Ohio: Butler names elections chief

Pennsylvania: School closings create special election setback

Tennessee: Rutherford County election officials reject GOP call to resign

Texas: Voter ID bill will exclude student ID cards  |  Dallas County elections commission appoints replacement to popular elections chief

Virginia: City wants 'bailout' of federal voting oversight  |  McDonnell names Florida official to head board of elections

Washington: County council may take on poll voting

West Virginia: Bill for special election clears Senate  |  Counties scramble to prepare for special election