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January 2011

Monday, 31 January 2011

Jan 29-31, 2011

Alabama: Shelby County will be at forefront of challenge to Voting Rights Act  |  Judge plans to use federal grant to boost county voter muscle

Arizona: State's presidential citizenship bill worries secretary of state

Arkansas: New ballots are not ready

Colorado: Gessler pushes for proof-of-citizenship  |  Under scrutiny, Gessler brushes off critics  |  State could soon have mostly mail-in elections

Florida: Elections office to register students  |  Neptune Beach election date changes

Illinois: Ballots without Emanuel's name under lock and key

Indiana: Voting centers could save Clark Counuty thousands  |  Voter bill could get House vote this week

Iowa: Proof of citizenship would be required to vote

Kentucky: County clerk: Elections board prepares for May primary  |  New secretary of state sworn in Saturday

Michigan: Former Genesee County elections official facing complaints in NC  |  Special elections costly

Missouri: County's new booths can accommodate more voters  |  Nagging problems for voter photo ID cards

Montana: Election officials: Voter fraud not a problem  |  House reverses itself, kills vote-by-mail bill  |  Racial tensions arise at vote-by-mail debate

New York: Villages in Washington County may skirt hand-count regulation  |  Deputy elections commissioner retiring  |  Two NY officials charged with voter fraud  |  Dead man on ballot: An election mystery

North Carolina: Morganton may ask county to run elections  |  Elections board members find no sexual harassment

Ohio: Butler names elections chief

Pennsylvania: School closings create special election setback

Tennessee: Rutherford County election officials reject GOP call to resign

Texas: Voter ID bill will exclude student ID cards  |  Dallas County elections commission appoints replacement to popular elections chief

Virginia: City wants 'bailout' of federal voting oversight  |  McDonnell names Florida official to head board of elections

Washington: County council may take on poll voting

West Virginia: Bill for special election clears Senate  |  Counties scramble to prepare for special election

Friday, 28 January 2011

Jan 28, 2011

Colorado: Dems quash voter-registration bill, call it costly and unconstitutional  |  Voting ID bill dies in committee  |  Secretary of state urged to release department's surplus funds  |  Proof-of-citizenship bill killed

Connecticut: UConn VoTeR center audits November elections

Florida: Alachua has rare re-vote to keep fire house as polling place

Georgia: Kemp launches elections advisory council website

Guam: Freshmen proposed modified primary ballot

Illinois: Emanuel on the ballot  |  Printing of ballots continues

Iowa: House approves voter ID bill

Kansas: Kobach proposes caucus, absentee ballot bills  |  Kobach: Kansas has no money for presidential primary  |  County discusses polling place merger

Maryland: Absentee ballot rules up for debate

Minnesota: Voter ID needed? Debate resume  |  Election bill would create provisional ballot

Montana: Vote-by-mail stirs passion in Montana legislature  |  House OKs legislation to hold Montana elections by mail  |  Mail-in ballots could be difficult for Indian community

New York: Election commissioners review new voting machines  |  Voter fraud indictment to be handed up Friday

Ohio: Appeals Court: Ballots cast aside because of poll worker error shoudl be counted

South Carolina: Franklin County election board considering two vote centers

South Dakota: Boyd sues Union County for recount or new election

Tennessee: Rutherford County elections commission cleans house  |  Walker declines to leave post  |  Election officials defiant |  Hawkins County begins search for new elections administrator

Texas: Democrats promise fight over voter ID  |  Voter ID expected to slow when it reaches House  |  State Senators differ on voter ID

Washington: Pierce County Council may come to defense of polling places

West Virginia: Lawmakers debate costs, benefits of primary elections  |  Senate committee advances primary elections bill  | Bill for special election clears Senate

Wisconsin: GOP legislators fast-track voter ID bill  |  ACLU testifies against voter ID

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Jan 27, 2011

California: Voters appear behind Brown's special election

Colorado: Voter ID bill killed  |  Harvey promises to fight on with voter registration bill  |  Denver clerk & recorder won't seek re-election

Florida: The election's off  |  Should voter information card actually tell you where to vote  |  Resignation forces city into special election

Idaho: 45 households get wrong ballot for upcoming election

Indiana: House committee to hear vote center bill  |  VCSC worried about school safety on election day

Kansas: Schilling Elementary won't be used as a polling place

Kentucky: Students learn 'real life' voting procedures

Michigan: Is online voting in the cards?

Minnesota: Republicans push for photo ID at the polls  |  Should photo ID be used at the polls?  |  Kiffmeyer presents voting reform legislation

Nebraska: 5700 ballots not yet counted

New York: Grand jury behind closed doors all day in Troy voter fraud case  |  Decision near in fraud case

North Carolina: Parties disagree on voter ID

Ohio: Niles mayor resigns from Trumbull County elections board  |  Putnam County settles with former elections director  | Provisional ballot procedures could change

Rhode Island: Cumberland council backs fewer polling places

South Carolina: Legislators approve ID requirements  |  House OKs photo IDs to vote

Tennessee: Local GOP wants 3 election commissioners to resign

Texas: Election admin acknowledges problems, progress with vote centers  |  Senate approves voter ID legislation  | Amendments to voter ID bill  |  Few South Texas elections officials back ID plan  |  Meeting sparks questions of change at Dallas elections office  |  Dallas County elections administrator to resign

West Virginia: Primary election date could save money

Wisconsin: Voter ID bill faces criticism  |  Changes to voter ID bill suggested  |  Changes to voter registration

Wyoming: Voter registration glitch checked

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jan 26, 2011

Alaska: Miller's write-in lawsuit cost state $100K  |  2010 election may inspire changes to election law  |  Election review could be done soon

Arizona: Council wants vote to be by mail-only

Colorado: Senate hearing avoids Gesslers' side work  |  Gessler dismisses call for resignation  |  County chooses mail ballots for November election

Illinois: Vote early? Maybe wait a bit official says  |  Ballot upheaval could shape early, absentee voting

Iowa: State secretary: No state fair booth this year

Maine: Sportsman group picks Matt Dunlap for interim director

Maryland: Forehand wants vote-by-mail option for special elections  |  Snow Hill addresses voting rules

Missouri: Voter ID bill under scrutiny  |  Proposed ID law draws ire of state's attorney

New Hampshire: Proposed bill bans student votes

New York: Statewide election officials gather in Rockland to critique new voting machines  |  City council sets special election, lashes out at critics  |  Four people actually want to run NYC BOE

Ohio: Keep primary in March state GOP says  |  Judge hears testimony in disputed auditor's race

Rhode Island: Burrillville legislators propose stronger election laws

South Carolina: Franklin boards consider having single voting place

Texas: Voter ID measure advances in Senate  |  Voter ID fight sets stage for legal challenge  |  Senators split on whether voter ID bill is constitutional  |  Volunteer deputy registrars graduate

Virginia: Montgomery Co. snafu prompts Nutter bill

West Virginia: Secretary of state says her office will be ready for special election  |  Is a special election too costly?  |  Tomblin introduces primary elections bill  |  Will special election affect Forest Festival plans?  |  Randolph County will face obstacles in special election

Wisconsin: Voters may need ID for April election

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Jan 25, 2011

U.S. Virgin Islands: Joint board of elections in disarray after second failure at quorum

California: County clerk-recorder asks supervisors to support vote-by-mail plan

Connecticut: Registrars bid adieu to Democratic duty

Florida: Ballot fraud case shut on former Daytona commissioner  |  City now votes in November

Illinois: Emanuel has two issues looming large for Supreme Court  |  Ballot upheaval could shape early and absentee voting

Kentucky: Hilda Legg files for secretary of state

Minnesota: GOP-backed bill seeks voter ID

Mississippi: Election contest dismissed

Missouri: Voter ID becomes big topic in legislatures  |  Missouri House pushes ahead with voter ID proposal  |  Missouri Senators debate voter ID  |  Board of elections moves to Union Station

Montana: Vote-by-mail clear first hurdle

Nebraska: Senator introduces legislation for online voter registration  |  Officials spend 40 days preparing for recall election

North Carolina: Guilford begins update of voter rolls

Ohio: Allen County elections director to take job with state  |  Voters go to court to decide auditor's race

Oregon: Unused Multnomah ballots raise a fuss

South Carolina: Legislature takes up voter ID

Texas: County elections administrator acknowledges problems, progress with vote centers  |  House slams brakes on voter ID  |  Collin County official defends elections process

Virginia: Non-standard voting in Montgomery County  |  Senate approves absentee voting changes  |  Absentee voting bills clear Senate  |  Montgomery County electoral board defends state BOE

West Virginia: Special election spurs questions  |  Special election to be different  |  County gears up for coming elections  | Vote-by-mail could cost county $15K

Monday, 24 January 2011

Friday, 21 January 2011

Jan 21, 2011

U.S. Virgin Islands: Confusion surrounds elections meeting

California: Most votes in Lodi City Council race were by mail  |  Election date effort progresses  |  Bill seeks to address special elections

District of Columbia: Ward 2 polling places for special election challenged

Florida: Lake County police chief accused of voter fraud  |  Governor's office has Indian River elections post on back burner

Indiana: Lawmakers put vote center on fast track

Iowa: Bill would require photo ID to vote

Kentucky: Third candidate enters secretary of state race  |  Democratic feud showcased in secretary of state race  |  Judge finds evidence of vote-buying but upholds election

Louisiana: Ballot questions are too long, secretary of state says  |  Election officials propose law changes

Maryland: PG lawmaker seeks to halve the days of early voting

Massachusetts: Judge to rule on Alicea case next week

Minnesota: Secretary of state Mark Ritchie supports some election changes

Montana: Opponents denounce bill for 30-day voter registration deadline in Montana

New Hampshire: Bill to bar students from voting in college towns called 'obviously unconstitutional'

North Carolina: Brown: Veto power of elections board will die in legislature

Ohio: Elections board to move to Oakhill  |  Tie-breaking coin has a worn, hidden history  |  Disputed election reaches 6th Circuit Court

Oklahoma: Commissioners approve election board move

Oregon: Voter fraud case expands to larger investigation

South Carolina: Voting vitriol: Machine's election performance criticized

Tennessee: Election commission gets favorable ruling in lawsuit  |  Non-voter verification could cost $20K

Texas: Voter ID measure on fast track in Texas  |  Senate minority keeps its clout except for voter ID bill  |  Senate will take up voter ID Monday  |  Elections approaching Allen

Virginia: Election officials accused of incompetence

West Virginia: Tennant announces candidacy for governor  |  Primary option has local backing  |  Acting governor called on to set ordered election

Wisconsin: Bill would require photo ID at polls

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Jan 20, 2011

Arkansas: Man indicted in connection with bomb found at polling place

California: Brown likely to call special election  |  Secretary of state's office evacuated  |  Gaines moves on Senate bill to cut special election costs

Colorado: Voter registration bill is a solution in search of a problem, critics say

Delaware: Delaware look sto restore felon's voting rights

District of Columbia: Cheh battling to open all precincts for special election

Florida: Voting in city elections by absentee? Better ask for another ballot

Indiana: Voter center option passes Senate, heads to House  |  Giving voters options

Iowa: Showing a photo ID to vote  |  NAACP: Branstad's voting order is 'poll tax' on black Iowans

Kansas: Kansas NAACP leader worries about elections bill  |  Opposition to Kobach's voter fraud bill

Massachusetts: Man testifies he was denied right to vote

Minnesota: Ritchie discusses improving elections  |  New voting rules near approval in St. Paul  |  All sides support new St. Paul voting standards

Nebraska: Bribing not a felony

New York: Legislators told that confustion about new voting machines still reigns  |  For next election, villages must decide between computer or paper ballots  |  Ashford Board decides to keep voting machines  |  Supervisors object to OT for county employees to work elections

North Carolina: Elections board to discuss complaints about Coffman on Friday

Ohio: Hancock County will get new voting machines  |  105K provisional ballots cast last fall  |  Democrats' bill clarifies counting of provisional ballots

Oklahoma: State awards contract for new voting system

Oregon: Man jailed for voting in name of dead relatives

Tennessee: Elections administrator says firing was political  |  Pair criticize Walker, Jones

Texas: Senate GOP advances voter ID plan, dismisses Democrats

Virginia: Count absentee ballot even if voter has died, bill says

West Virginia: Concerns over cost of special election  |  County clerks not surprised by decision  |  Morgantown prepares for new vote-by-mail system  |  Legislature weighs in on special election  |  House bill says election days in May and August

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Jan 19, 2011

Colorado: Voter ID bill proposed again  |  Ex-secretary of state Buescher to join AG's staff

Connecticut: Bysiewicz declares for U.S. Senate

Florida: Change in law could reduce absentee voting in Tampa elections  |  Make one request to get absentee ballots for two years

Indiana: Vote center bill flies through Senate  |  Senate bill would give all counties vote center option

Iowa: GOP lawmakers begin push for voter ID  |  Felons and voting rights  |  Branstad: Pay fines, restitution to get voting rights back

Kansas: Kobach seeks voter IDs, power to prosecute  |  Kobach outlines proposals to fight voter fraud

Kentucky: Fiscal court approves buying scanner-type voting machines

North Carolina: Elections board member wants new look at allegations against Coffman  |  Board seeks MIA voters to update info

Ohio: Giavasis to replace Maier on board of elections  |  Ohio case on provisional ballots may set U.S. precedent  |  Judge race in 'unchartered territory'

Oregon: State fines West Linn officials for violating election law

Tennessee: First court date in officials death

Texas: Commissioners to hear election issues

Virginia: Miller wants to let seniors vote-by-mail  |  No excuse absentee voting fails to advance in Virginia House

Washington: Lawsuit filed over district elections  |  Washington could join Oregon as vote-by-mail state  |  Two bills aimed to speed up elections  |  Huff to run again for elections director

West Virginia: Governor election in 2011  |  Tennant responds to state ruling on special election

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Jan 18, 2011

California: Placer County facing $3.25M in special election costs this year  |  Blakeslee pushes bill for election reimbursement

Colorado: Voter ID bill proposed

Connecticut: Lauretti questions delay in shortfall request by registrar  |  Thompson polling place may be moving

Florida: Snipes says she'll announced soon whether she'll run again

Georgia: Apalachee voting precinct to undergo renovations

Iowa: Branstand rescinds voting order

Louisiana: Louisiana accused of violating Voting Rights law

Michigan: An end to May elections?  |  Election consolidation urged by officials

Minnesota: New voter requirement already stirring up controversy  |  Voters to decide on ranked-choice voting in 2012 referendum

New York: Washington County villages eye new voting machines  |  Foy requests changes to state election law

North Carolina: Requiring ID could leave some behind at polls  |  Republicans oppose county veto of elections board picks  | Former elections board staffer says director made inappropriate comments

Ohio: Absentee ballot report sent to Husted  |  Absentee ballot incident defined McGary's career

Oklahoma: Oklahoma will benefit from new voting machines

South Carolina: House panel advances voter ID

Texas: Hilderbran files bill requiring votesr to show photo ID  |  Election committee considers relocating polling places

Utah: Utah pursuing improved online voter registration

Virginia: Localities seek Voting Rights Act bailout  |  Herring pushes voting rights for ex-felons  |  Bill takes aim at voter fraud  | Montgomery election officials have some explaining to do

Washington: Becker bill would speed future vote counting  |  Bill would let overseas voters cast e-mail ballot

West Virginia: Morgantown test of mail vote could prompt state use  |  Election dried up $1M in alcohol sales

Wisconsin: Harsdorf co-sponsors voter ID bill