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Monday, 14 February 2011

Feb 12-14, 2011

National News: Harper introduces bill to terminate EAC

Overseas News: Expatriate US voters finding it easier to receive ballots

Alabama: Election Center director resigns

Arkansas: Election errors? 'You betcha'

California: Fresno County clerk says votes in danger

Colorado: Clerk's office deleted crucial data from laptop  |  Lawmakers vote to spend Gessler's money on schools

Connecticut: Clemons' ballot bill faces uphill battle  |  Alternatives emerge to assure sufficient ballots at next city polling  | Merrill, lawmakers to unveil election reform

Delaware: Area commission will allow mail-only voting

District of Columbia: D.C. voters might get no notice of special election

Florida: Tampa's election could cost almost $1M  |  Boca Raton's $100K civics lesson  |  In Lee County, an effort to rock the vote  |  Record number of Tampa voters request mail-in ballots  |  Watson wins special election after recount

Georgia: Analysis: Voting too early may not be such a good idea, legislators say  |  Special election money on hold

Indiana: Governor signs voting center bill into law

Kansas: Voter ID bill on hold in committee  |  Area election officers favor Kobach bill

Michigan: Dearborn Heights city clerk and most of staff resign

Minnesota: Andover woman charged with 2008 voter fraud

Montana: Poll: Stop same-day registration

New York: New ballots a catalyst for Staten Island voting trend  |  WFP, Conservatives sue over ballot configuration  |  Third parties lawsuit moves forward  |  18 cited in voter fraud case  |  Special election means added cost to county

Ohio: Polivka seeks to fill election board seat  |  Election board realigns city precinct over voting concerns  |  Revised precincts, polling locations for May vote

Pennsylvania: Polling places moved

Tennessee: Council ponders runoff voting system for Clarksville elections

Texas: Richardson council honors former Dallas elections administrator  |  New Dallas County elections administrator talks

Virginia: Local campaigns on hold till elections calendar set

West Virginia: Officials decide appointments for primary election workers  |  Two precinct changes approved