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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Feb 15, 2011

Alaska: Write-in bill passes state Senate

Arizona: Election day polling places listed

California: Playa del Norte election results could come quickly  |  Mail-only balloting possible for county  |  Kehoe bill would test out all-mail voting in San Diego County

Colorado: Council, mayor to decide changes to Aspen eleciton code

Connecticut: Bill gives Conn. official more election oversight  |  Merrill proposes voting by mail

Delaware: Estimated cost to implement Dewey electronic voter records lowered

Illinois: Residents vote early for mayor

Iowa: Iowa's county election offiicals oppose bill to require photo ID  |  Changes eyed for city elections in Des Moines

Massachusetts: Handicapped access ramp pitched for polling place

Missouri: Extended hours for absentee voting in postponed election  |  Absentee voters can cast ballots on Saturday

New Hampshire: Students oppose voting restrictions

New York: Lever machines may return for village elections

North Carolina: NHC elections director gives two weeks notice  |  Election critics bring case to county board

South Carolina: Voting machines at issue

South Dakota: Changes proposed for food for votes law

Tennessee: Committee to meet on Steakley/Burks election  |  Photo ID passes state Senate  |  Senate approves voter photo ID

Virginia: First shift of Lynchburg electoral board in eight years

West Virginia: Tennant to testify on MOVE Act

Wisconsin: Unusually high number of poll workers canceling ahead of Tuesday primary