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Wednesday, 09 March 2011

Mar 09, 2011

Alaska: Felon voting rights bill passes first committee

Arizona: Scottsdale pair indicted on 15 counts of voter fraud  |  Tucson councilman proposes vote-by-mail election in 2011

California: Turnout increases in Redondo's first all-mail election  |  Meet poll inspector Nick Garcia

Colorado: Another voter ID bill pushed  |  County clerk responds to secretary of state non-citizen voter claim  |  Bill would require proof of citizenship to vote  |  Secretary of state: More than 11K registered voters may not be citizens  |  Secretary of state seeks approval to cross-check voter rolls for non-citizens

Florida: Curbside voting discontinued, not legal  |  Runoff and recount in Sarasota  |  Recount ordered in St. Pete's mayoral race  |  Waiting for West Palm Beach  |  Voting continues to be a no-waiting experience

Georgia: County requests election changes  |  Battle continues for elections board

Indiana: White faces inquiry over handling of own case

Kentucky: Former Clay officials get long sentences in vote-buying case

Minnesota: Voter fraud allegations made anew

New Hampshire: Senate weighs requiring voters to have photo ID  |  Panel to hold voter fraud hearing

New Jersey: Jury in Atlantic City vote fraud case deliberating  |  Butler, Waddington reappointed to board of elections

New Mexico: Voter ID bill as good as dead, committee chairwoman says

New York: Some villages can use old voting machines into 2012

North Carolina: Greensboro won't have citywide early voting locations this year

Ohio: Polivka can serve on elections board

Pennsylvania: Bipartisanship in Bucks County  |  Three judges to sit as elections board

Tennessee: New voting machines nixed  |  County balks at paying for more voting machines  |  New paper ballot system to be postponed due to lack of funds

Texas: Voter ID bill likely to become law in Texas  |  Cameron County elections administrator keeps job  |  City council ruling affects voting locations

Virginia: Paper trail  |  1,100 felons regain rights

Wisconsin: Going nowhere for a while? Taylor wants absentee ballot