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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mar 10, 2011

California: SF ranked-choice voting confusing, poll says  |  Vote by mail tally reaffirms election results  |  Accessibility to Cerritos polling places questioned

Colorado: Voter registration loophole causes concern  |  Gessler wants to purge voter database

Florida: Election recount set for Friday  |  Q&A with Vicki Cannon, Nassau County's supervisor of elections  |  Florida Republicans make it harder for ex-felons to vote  |  Low turnout makes election expensive

Georgia: Battle continues for elections board

Indiana: Where is Secretary of State Charlie White?

Kansas: Senate committee hears from supporters of voter ID  |  Senate panel hears claims of voter fraud from poll worker

Kentucky: Election worker retires after 50 years

Maine: Lawmakers presses for election changes

Michigan: Two polling places relocate

New Jersey: Another day without a verdict in AC vote fraud case  |  Borough will have one polling place

New York: Election changes could be costly  |  Three villages will switch to fall voting  |  Redlich sues elections board over narrow ballot loss  |  Orange County DAs office reviewing voter-fraud case  |  Cuoma sets May 24 for special election  |  New bill ensures service members votes count

North Carolina: Early voting changes coming to Greensboro

Ohio: Three ask for consideration as deputy director

South Carolina: Bluffton council moves to reclaim election control

Tennessee: House Republicans advance bill to kill voter confidence act

Wisconsin: Special election will have voters in one location  |  State works on overseas election ballots