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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mar 16, 2011

Arizona: Senators vote to produce government documents in English only

California: SF ranked-choice foe gets rough reception  |  Governor sets date for special election to replace Harman  |  42K outstanding ballots remain to be counted in LA council race

Colorado: Meyer denies Gessler access to ballots  |  Aspen to require photo ID at the polls  |  SOS to review ballots from Saguache election  |  SOS, clerks battle over Saguache ballots

District of Columbia: Schwartz nixes D.C. elections board seat  |  Patterson fails to qualify for D.C. ballot, Mara survives

Florida: Citing costs and turnout, Palm Coast approves voting and election-cycle changes

Illinois: New judge eto hear lawsuit about county clerk recount

Indiana: Staff shake-up at secretary of state  |  Polling places in St. Joseph County approved

Maryland: City wants to Facebook elections

Minnesota: Paper trail: Photo ID fiscal notes  |  Sen. Kelash: Where's funding for voter photo ID coming from?

Nebraska: City to pay $355,504 for recall

New Jersey: Walton sworn in to elections board

New Mexico: Committee blocks Brown's voter ID bill  |  Duran reveals possible voter fraud

New York: Pols push to hold primaries in June

North Carolina: Voter ID bill fuels passion and questions  |  City attorney: Council's early vote poll wasn't official  |  Officials spend about $2.5M on new offices for election board

Ohio: Board of elections OKs $89K service contract  |  Poll worker's hiring drawing opposition  |  17-year olds may vote in Lorain, Elyria primaries

Rhode Island: Lawmakers focus on election laws

Texas: The panhandle prepares for elections

Virginia: K.G. seeking voting variance

West Virginia: Voting bill receives mixed reactions  |  Legislature changes early voting time  |  Some still question cost of satellite voting

Wisconsin: Clerks brace for costs of potential recall elections