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Thursday, 04 August 2011

May 25, 2011

National News: Voter ID debate ramping up again for 2012

Colorado: Pitkin County mulls fall voting by mail

Connecticut: Voter registration: A rite of passage at New Milford High School

Indiana: Vote centers planned for 2013 election  |  Lake County will recount two East Chicago council races

Maine: Clerk's leaving creates turmoil

Massachusetts: Templeton clerk says clerical error to blame for discrepancy  |  Plan to move thousands to new voting precincts

Montana: City will pay return postage on ballots

Nevada: Appeal notices filed over special election ruling

New York: Corwin moves to impound votes, no certification till Thursday  |  Corwin granted court order barring certification  | Election didn't come cheap for local counties  |  Busy day for elections commissioners

Ohio: Ohio lawmakers set to approve elections overhaul legislation  |  Senate passes ballot reforms  |  Quinn removed from ballot  |  Three votes found six months after election  |  Election fraud case goes to prosecutor

Pennsylvania: Mid-June for final count  |  Political consultant rips officials for confiscating materials

South Carolina: Beaufort elections director says voter ID bill welcomes fraud

South Dakota: Voters react to new technology, fewer poll locations  |  New technology draws praise

Tennessee: Politics permits change

Texas: Investigators: Harris County warehouse fire was accidental

Wisconsin: Walker to sign photo ID requirement into law  |  Was double vote an honest mistake