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Tuesday, 06 September 2011

September 3-6, 2011

Arizona: Brewer won't hold primary in January | Phoenix hopes to make November election smoother

California: Online voter registration bill hits governor's desk

Colorado: Citizens challenge SoS plan, discover ballot irregularities

Connecticut: State voting laws up for change

District of Columbia: Elections board to investigate mayor's new aide for voter fraud

Illinois: Clerk's race still up in the air

Indiana: Clerk: Voting machine change could save $100K per year | Suit surprises other clerks

Iowa: Windsor Heights will keep three precincts

Kansas: Clerk works to secure voting materials

Maine: Police still investigating database breach | Belmont student at the center of Maine voter fraud case

Mississippi: Holmes supervisor election contested

Nevada: $540K allocated for special election

New Hampshire: Clerk's association asks legislators to sustain veto for voter ID bill

New York: Three polling places moved to school | Picente seeks to avoid 2010 problems | This is where you go to vote...or is it?

North Carolina: Elections board refuses to release names in voter fraud caseSome polling places cut | County opens 8 more sites for early voting

Ohio: State and Cuyahoga County compromise on early voting | Ohio to mail ballot application to every voter next year

Oklahoma: Voter ID required at the polls next election

South Carolina: Disabled say S.C. plan for voter ID discriminates

Tennessee: Baxter looks at mail-in ballots | Campaigns begin to spread the word about voter ID law | Quirky law lets prisoners vote | Voter education gears up ahead of photo ID law

Texas: Military voting laws to change elections

Virginia: Robert M. Ostergren, long time Hanover registrar dies | Voting agreement reached

West Virginia: Council could look at nonpartisan elections tonight