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Friday, 09 September 2011

September 9, 2011

National News: Sen. Durbin raises alarm on state laws affecting voter turnout

Florida: Voting machines play role in high school election | Early voting hours to drop | Vicky Oakes appointed supervisor of elections | Nelson criticizes new Florida election rules

Illinois: Judge: No recount in Vermilion clerk's election

Maine: People's veto of same-day voter registration ban will be Question 1 in November | Same-day voting question approved for November ballot

Maryland: Harford County voter rolls investigated | Takoma Park board of elections eliminates online absentee voting

Massachusetts: AG: No to voter ID initiative

Mississippi: Voter ID laws suppress turnout

New Hampshire: Clerks happy photo ID bill vetoed

New Jersey: Freeholder election controvery could affect council race

New York: County redistricting leads to polling place changes | Primary election: Two polling locations in Yorktown changed

Ohio: Storage of data, vote machines labeled unsafe | Elections board seeks improved storage | Opponents call for referendum on Ohio election reform law

Oklahoma: Milestone made with first election to require ID

South Carolina: Beaufort election commission balks at mandate to run primaries

Tennessee: Tennessee's voter ID law draws Congressional scrutiny

Texas: Cibolo could move elections to November | Officials prepare for primary changes

Virginia: City hopes to ward off election confusion

Wisconsin: Memo to DMV workers re-ignites voter ID controversy | Whistleblower on new voter ID law reportedly fired