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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

September 13, 2011

California: Bill to protect senior's voting rights signed into law

Colorado: Aspen woman sues Mesa County clerk over voting records | Aurora man faces fines, prison after being convicted of double voting

Florida: League takes legal action on new election bill | Pasco election chief fears mailers will cause confusion

Georgia: Linda Beazley, Richmond County's first elections director dies

Idaho: Idaho has to appoint new redistricting commission

Illinois: Sangamon County precinct reduction would save $800K

Indiana: Allen County voters could feel impact of 2012 budget cuts in November | GOP blocks satellite voting sites

Maine: Homeless vote a non-issue in Maine referendum

Massachusetts: Mass. pol to sue state AG over IDs at polls

Michigan: Medical marijuana clinic owner charged with election tampering

Minnesota: Special Senate primaries set for Twin Cities

New York: Voting machines that caused problems last year get second chance | Special election voting today | Tioga County primary elections to go on as scheduled | Oneida County board of elections preps for primary

Ohio: Voting for a new system | New voting machines, elections office in Mahoning

Rhode Island: RI voter law hailed at U.S. Senate hearing | RI board to reconsider redesign of voter form

Tennessee: Election commission: Voter ID law draws questions, concerns | Democratic senator attacks TN voter law

Wisconsin: Stickers may make college IDs usable under state voter ID law | Voter ID lawsuit almost ready