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Monday, 03 October 2011

October 1-3, 2011

National News: New state rules raising hurdles at voting booth | The new voting laws and their effect | Obama says DOJ examining voter laws to ensure ballot access

Alaska: Joe Miller fights on

California: Web registering may shake up voter rolls in California | IRV gives San Francisco voters thousands of choices | Lunn: State budget risks voters' access to ballot of choice

Colorado: Reluctantly, clerk says, ballots not in the mail | Pueblo clerk backs down on ballots | Battle in Denver on who gets ballots

Florida: Primary date means cities save on election costs | Local GOPs didn't want primary date change

Illinois: Thousands of county voters get new polling places

Indiana: Familiar machines will greet voters at new vote centers

Kentucky: State, couty differ on homeless voters

Louisiana: Jindal: No endorsement in secretary of state race

Maryland: Reports say option to split precinct would carry costs

Massachusetts: Mashpee selectmen support state voter ID ballot initiative | More polls in Seekonk?

Missouri: Carnahan won't seek re-election as secretary of state

New Mexico: Fake applications confuse voter

New York: Poll practices in limelight at NY operative trial

North Carolina: Carolinas face 2012 with shrunken election budgets

Ohio: Elections board looks north

Pennsylvania: $50K budgeted for voting machine overhaul in Franklin County | Bucks Co. BOE stops candidate's company from transporting voting machines | County workers to deliver voting machines to township polling sites | Long-term Lehigh County voters honored

South Carolina: Audits spotlight 2010 election problems | Carolinas face 2012 with shrunken election budgets | Primary costs give parties, state pause

Tennessee: Some Nashville voters say precincts don't make sense

Texas: Recall costs may top normal election | Judges to ensure Texas primaries stay on schedule

Utah: Weber poll worker dismissed

Vermont: Transparency tour begins this month

West Virginia: Wood County opts out of maintenance deal | Tennant to outline election-day plans

Wisconsin: Local officials works to inform voters of new requirements at polls