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Friday, 04 November 2011

November 4, 2011

National News: Democrats ask all 50 states to oppose new voter ID laws | Congressional Democrats seek to curb tough state voter-screening laws | Why Tuesday? calls on president, candidates, Congress to support 'Voting Rights Act of 2012'

Alabama: Alabama County continues fight over Voting Rights Act

California: Extra ballot machines purchased in Riverside County | Air delivery | Rancho Mirage council OKs use of all-mail ballots for next election | Multilingual resources for San Franicsco voters

Colorado: Colorado Deputy Secretary of State Bill Hobbs to retire | Ortiz scales down inactive count

Connecticut: Mistake on Killingly ballot could have force revote

Florida: Snipes outlines voting changes at meeting | Nelson wants Justice Dept. to investigate new voter laws | Scott removes Madison elections supervisor

Georgia: Lewis calls voter ID laws 'a disgrace' | Georgians asked to watch out for voting fraud

Idaho: Counting on the people who count the votes

Indiana: Election officials ready for Tuesday | More absentee challenges filed in Clark County | GOP advertises its disgust with elections board publication

Kansas: Deputy named elections chief

Maine: Push on for same-day voter registration

Michigan: Clerk's office open Saturday for absentee requests

Missouri: Cape Girardeau County clerk seeks bid on major election equipment upgrades | Secretary of state candidate proposes voter ID requirement | State Rep. proposes elections overhaul

Nevada: Battery charges dismissed agains former secretary of state candidate | Complaints from disputed NLV election still winding through system

New Hampshire: New Hampshire sets primary date

New York: Fraud probe targets trio

North Carolina: First lawsuit over redistricting plan | Questions about Morrisville ballots

Ohio: Tracking absentee ballots helps campaigns target mailings | Hamilton County testing voting equipment | Nursing home residents get voting help

Oklahoma: 4,500 voters wind up in new districts

Pennsylvania: Poll workers driven by sense of civic duty to perform 'thankless job'

South Carolina: New voting machine not coming to Hart County | Polling places shift downtown | Myrtle Beach council candidate to protest election | Atlantic Beach election finalized after heated hearing

South Dakota: The history of the city special election

Tennessee: State posts video on voter ID law | Voter ID law has officials concerned about election day reaction | Voter ID a 'hot topic' but few attend forum in Clinton

Virginia: York registrar enjoys election process

Washington: Rep. Hudgins to run for secretary of state | Secretary of state holds mock election for K-12 students

West Virginia: Tennant defends redistricting

Wisconsin: Churches offering rides to get voter ID cards | New date for fall primaries heads to Governor, Senate approves on voice vote