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Wednesday, 09 November 2011

November 9, 2011

National News: Who can vote? Maine and Mississippi consider opposite directions | NAACP says it will protest voter ID laws nationwide beginning Dec. 10 | DOJ will 'be aggressive' in looking at changes in voting laws

Technology News: Why can't Americans vote online?

California: Electronic machines replaced at polls | Two SF supervisors seek to end ranked voting | New ranked-choice ballots baffle many San Francisco voters

Colorado: Judge warns Gessler went too far in raising campaign-finance threshold

Connecticut: Elections going smoothly, despite challenges

Florid: Turnout low, voting machine malfuntions | Scott seeking replacement for suspended elections supervisor

Georgia: Voting proceeds despite machine glitches in Fayette County

Indiana: Misplaced machines create voter confusion in St. John Twp. | Polling place loses power | Evansville voters react to new vote centers | Counting inconsistencies slow Bloomington election results | Poll worker reported for wearing firefighter t-shirt

Iowa: Ooops, woman votes twice in Marion, turns herself in for voter fraud

Kentucky: Kentucky election fraud hotline receives five calls | Grimes wins secretary of state | Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes easily wins secretary of state

Maine: Voters prefer sign-up flexibility, repeal law setting restrictions | Mainers voter to continue Election Day registration

Maryland: Officials confirm machine problems hampered write-in voting | Manchester polling place changes from elementary school to high school

Massachusetts: Election workers relieved challenging season over

Michigan: New election workers brought in after Pontiac protests over city clerk firing | Election officials face learning curve with new voter registration program

Minnesota: St. Paul enters ranked choice voting era | Ballot mistake and voter turnout among concerns Tuesday | One St. Paul race heads to 2nd round | St. Paul voters take new ranked-choice ballots in stride

Mississippi: Polling places seeing some issues | Long lines, minor problems reported at polls | Voter ID initiative passes

Montana: Gallatin County election offiials busy counting ballots

New Jersey: Voters express concerns over parking | Phillipsburg man discovers voting machine error | Phillipsburg's second malfunctioning machine taken out of service

New Mexico: At least two illegally registered to vote, Duran says

New York: Voting machine glitch in Geneva quickly repaired | Getting used to new voting machines | No key equals voting delay in McKownville | Election Day off to a smooth start, commissioner says | Voting before sunrise | Voting machines create fewer problems this year | Fire, bomb scare force students, voters from high school | Residents still adjusting to machines | No keys puts voting on hold at local poll | Candidate votes, delivers baby at polling place | Polling place relocated due to flood damage

North Carolina: Elections director worries about budget cuts ahead of 2012 | Elections officials: Candidate tried to vote twice

Ohio: Elections officials test paper balloting voting machines | Praising Trumbull's voting machines | Voting machine troubles in Mahoning County | Elections board says worker bit voter's nose

Tennessee: Administrator of elections: Returns went remarkably well

Texas: Polling places warn voters that voting will take more ID next year | Voter ID law takes effect next year | Judge order Texas court to redraw electoral lines

Virginia: Redistricting has already caused some voter confusion | Some voters affected by poll book problem | Fairfax officials facing voter confusion | Handful of Montgomery County voters say they got the wrong ballot | College students are new generation of poll workers

Washington: Late ballots keep county elections officials busy

Wisconsin: Churches teaming up to help voters get IDs now required by law | Elections board to discuss requirements for college IDs at the polls