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Monday, 14 November 2011

November 12-14, 2011

California: Adding to election costs

Colorado: Boulder jail inmate claims his efforts to vote were thwarted | Town fairs well in first IRV election | City files appeal to high court over ballot ruling

Connecticut: Cheshire vote recount today | Torrington resident irked by voting issue | Voters want stickers

Florida: Applications for U.S. citizenship usually surge in presidential election years | County recieves voting grant | In Hialeah mayoral race, more acusations of absentee-ballot issues

Georgia: Some Forest Park residents want election results thrown out | Election chief Sosebee sheds her interim title

Illinois: City council examining doing away with cumulative elections

Indiana: How will we vote in 2012? | Long count completed in Bloomington election

Maine: Dem leader opposes photo ID proposal in Maine | New effort to tighten election law

Massachusetts: Bill written by Woburn's city clerk would combine presidential, state primaries | Marlborough city council candidate targe of voter fraud investigation

Michigan: Cooke calling for voter fraud investigation

Minnesota: St. Paul's ranked-choice results: 1 wait, 1 upset, 1 surprise

New Jersey: Elections supervisor wants District 13 cartridge

New York: Voting machine troubles and countywide impounding delay vote counts | Steuben releases unofficial election results, some races still undecided | Sullivan schedules absentee ballot count | Post-election ballot count, audit to begin

North Carolina: Tie vote could be settled by chance

Ohio: Election costs down this year | Community protests closure of early voting site | Elections not cheap for county, candidates

Pennyslvania: Swarthmore man pleads guilty to election forgery

Rhode Island: Election officials mull ban on hats, t-shirts, cell phones at polling places | Doherty calls on state to commit to MOVE Act for Veterans

Tennessee: Voting precincts may decrease | Some Congressional leaders speak against voter ID law | AC, Oak Ridge voting changes on the way

Texas: Graham council agrees to pay share of election equipment

Utah: Low turnout and possible recounts sum up 2011 elections

Virginia: Preparation for Arlington board special election well under way | Electoral board still working on write-in election

West Virginia: Local voters react to election costs